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Stardoll chat with Tokio Hotel

Av Ica - 16 april 2008 21:16

Callie.Stardoll said:

We say a big WELCOME to Tokio Hotel

What's the funniest gossip you've heard (or read) about yourself?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: there is so much gossip going on - it's incredible. but one time there was on the internet that bill is lying dead in his hotelroom - that was quiet interesting .... ;)

Are you able to cook? If "yes"-what is your firm dish?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: bill and i cook a really great spaghetti with tomato sauce - we put secret ingrediances in it ....

What do you guys do for fun in your spare time when you're not working?

Tokio Hotel answered:

georg: except gustav who always gets up early even when we have a off day we all like to sleep and sleep and sleep!

What were you guys feeling when you found out that bill had to get surgery?

Tokio Hotel answered:

gustav: we were really shocked!

georg: we just hoped that everything would work out perfectly for him and that he would feel better really soon.

tom: we're very happy now, cause everything went so well and we can't wait to go back on stage!

hello.whats your fave thing to do.?

Tokio Hotel answered:

all: music!

tom: that's really our number one and comes before everything else.

Is it true that you are coming to America for the CD release?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: yes of course - we are planning to come over in mai! and we are so excited about coming back!

If you had powers, what superhero will you be?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: i don't know about beeing a superhero but i would love to be able to fly!

georg: i would like to be invisible.

gustav: i would like to understand women ;)

whats your favorite animal?

Tokio Hotel answered:

all: dogs!!!

georg: and i also like cats.

gustav: we all have a dog and a cat at home!

What makes you really happy?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: the life we are actually living!

georg: playing live and beeing on the road!

gustav: that's what we always dreamed about!

Tom,do you listen to rock music or only rap and hip hop???????

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: mostly to german hiphop but i also listen to some rock!

Tom - How many guitars have you? I have a Gibson , and i like him!

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: i guess about 30!

Whats your favorite ice cream?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: i like lemmon

georg: vanilla for me

gustav: chocolate with splits in it

have you ever seen or touched a monkey?

Tokio Hotel answered:

all: yes!

tom: and that was great - monkeys are my second favourite animal

Did you happen to get a huge pair of granny panties thrown at you during one of your New York City concerts?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: we got a lot g-strings - and we loved it! and georg actually wears them from time to time - when he is private ... ;)

What TV shows do you watch?

Tokio Hotel answered:

georg: we love tv shows - scubs

gustav: king of queens and the latest we fell for is prison break

tom: well, mine is actually the girls next door ...

Who is going to be married first?

Tokio Hotel answered:

all: tom - haha

tom: well i'm actually married twice - with my car and my guitar :)

How do you guys sleep ? ( Like on your back, side, etc )

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: depends on how much space is left in my bed ... ;)

If you could be an animal, which one would you be?

Tokio Hotel answered:

all: a dog!

tom: and georg would be an ugly frog!

What's your favorite piece of fruit?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: strawberries

gustav: plums

georg: pineapple

If your plane will crashing down in a jungle .. and have no food to live of.. who will be eating first? Why?

Tokio Hotel answered:

georg: i would eat all of them directly.

tom: and i would eat georg first cause there you get the most meat!

I think that Georg's have a farm full of turbo-chickens, am I right?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: that's right - how do you know?? ;)

what is your favorite dessert?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: a austrian one called kaiserschmarn

gustav: tiramisu

georg: ice cream

hi,if you could be any woman for the day who would it be and why?

Tokio Hotel answered:

georg: jessica alba cause she is so pretty

tom: pamela anderson

gustav: carmen electra

Do you guys have any idea how much of an impact you have on your fans? [yes, no, maybe] fyi: you have a lot. ive learned german jsut for you guys and you guys totally gotten me into samy deluxe and nena lol

Tokio Hotel answered:

all: wow, that's so amazing!

tom: thanx for your support, it's always great to hear something like this. we can't wait to come over and see you all. take care so long and we really had a great time during this chat! bye


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