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Av Ica - 25 april 2008 21:04

I just got this e-mail:

Less than two weeks left until U.S SCREAM album release on May 6th!!!
Time is flying by and we’ve almost reached Tokio Hotel’s first album release EVER in the States! The U.S album is packed with terrific and EXCLUSIVE Tokio Hotel sounds…this is what you can expect:

Standard U.S "SCREAM" Album Content - no matter where you get your album ALL of the following songs will be included!

01. Scream
02. Ready, Set, Go!
03. Monsoon
04. Love is Dead
05. Don't Jump
06. Live Every Second (U.S. EXCLUSIVE BONUS SONG)
07. On the Edge
08. Sacred
09. Break away
10. Rescue Me
11. Final Day
12. Forgotten Children
13. By Your Side
14. 1000 Oceans (Bonus Song)
15. Durch den Monsun
(BONUS Song - German Version from „SCHREI“ Studio CD)

With the different US versions, there are 5 exclusive tracks and ALL versions of the U.S album have 3 exclusive BONUS tracks!

The version of the album for sale at Hot Topic stores has 1 extra track (Raise Your Hands), for a total of four bonus songs - pre-order your copy HERE!

The version of the album for sale on iTunes has 1 extra track (Black), for a total of four bonus songs – pre-order your copy HERE!

And the Best Buy version of the album comes with a bonus DVD, featuring an exclusive Concert & Backstage Video plus LIVE performance videos of “Scream”, “Don’t Jump” & “Rescue Me”! Click HERE to pre-order.

P.S When you get the U.S “SCREAM” CD you’ll find a code enclosed in the album artwork. With this code you’ll be able to enter the Tokio Hotel V.I.P section where tons of cool stuff is waiting for you such as a VIP chat with the band, cool video footage, a concert audio stream and much more. For all the details visit - from May 6th on you’ll be able to register there with your V.I.P code to enter this very special area.

…catch Tokio Hotel LIVE!!!

Be in the MTV TRL audience on May 6th – this is how you can get YOUR ticket:
To request tickets email: with "Tokio Hotel" in the subject. Please include your name, age, phone number, address and the number of tickets you are requesting. You must be 16-25 years old and in the NYC area on May 6th. If you do not receive a confirmation ticket, come to 45th and Broadway at 1:30pm for a chance to get in on stand-by.

Catch Tokio Hotel’s IN STORE performance at Virgin Megastore – May 6th @ 6pm
The first 500 customers to purchase Tokio Hotel’s new CD “SCREAM” on Tuesday, May 6th at the Times Square location only, will receive a wristband to attend this very special event. Time and space are limited so please arrive early.

Tokio Hotel LIVE in concert @ Avalon, Hollywood, CA on May 13th
Rock out with Tokio Hotel at the Avalon in Hollywood – tickets will go on sale via on Friday, April 24th at 12pm! Click HERE to get your tickets!

Support Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg with YOUR votes!
Get Tokio Hotel’s “Ready, Set, Go!” on American TV – it’s all in your hands, so cast your votes today to get “Ready, Set, Go!”….
…in MTV’s TRL Countdown – click HERE
…on Steven’s Untitled Rockshow – click HERE
…on Fuse’s #1 Countdown – click HERE

Ready, Set, Go! on iTunes
Get Tokio Hotel’s cool track “Ready, Set, Go!” on iTunes now – click HERE!

Spread the word about Tokio Hotel to your friends!
Help spread the word about Tokio Hotel – simply forward this email to all your friends and let them know how much you love these four German fellows!

Thanks for your support!
Your Tokio Hotel WebTeam
Av Ica - 23 april 2008 18:50

Hey everyone!

We would like more people to register in our forum, to get there you simply press on the link forum on the first page. If not more people register we might close it down since no one hardly writes there.... And we really do want to keep it running!!!  To the ones that are already members keep on writing things!! We like to read news, if it's true it'll probably wind up here so.... If you've got any questions e-mail us

Av Ica - 23 april 2008 18:47

Okej, some more stuff, but don't forget about our forum!!!!

Now when we are already talking about forums there is one in Chinese...  So if you know Chinese go here:
If you saw the last episode of Tokio Hotel TV you might have seen that the episode coming tonight is about Gustav and Georg going climbing. This is from carlz at :

"I found this on the italian official forum:

The G’s did the climbing in Shape Sport Club in Winsen.
Nicolas Schlüter, the manager, said that guys were very nice and simple..and very athletic
The session was done with closed doors so that they could exercise in private"

If you want this magazine you can order it here :
And if you want to you can become a Tokio Hotel VIP, but I think it's only for people in the US. Link

US Scream Release: Multiple Versions

» Standard U.S “SCREAM” Album Content

No matter where you get your album - ALL of the following songs are included on each version!

01. Scream
02. Ready, Set, Go!
03. Monsoon
04. Love is Dead
05. Don’t Jump
06. Live Every Second (U.S Exclusive)
07. On the Edge
08. Sacred
09. Break Away
10. Rescue Me
11. Final Day
12. Forgotten Children
13. By Your Side
14. 1000 Oceans (Bonus Song
15. Durch den Monsun (Bonus Song - Greman Version from “Schrei” Studio CD)

» Best Buy edition

Get the special Best Buy edition of the “SCREAM” album. incl. all of the standard U.S “SCREAM” album content

PLUS special DVD content:
- Exclusive U.S Concert & Backstage Video
- Scream Performance Video
- Don’t Jump Performance Video
- Rescue Me Performance Video

» iTunes edition

Download the special iTunes edition of the “SCREAM” album incl. all of the standard U.S “SCREAM” album content PLUS the BONUS song “Black”!

» Hot Topic edition

Get the special Hot Topic edition of the “SCREAM” album incl. all of the standard U.S “SCREAM” album content PLUS the BONUS song “Raise Your Hands”!

» edition

Standard U.S “SCREAM” Album Version

» Napster edition

Exclusive 12 song Tokio Hotel playlist with comments

Tokio Hotel are going to have a concert in Hollywood on the 13 of May , and here is a Link where you can buy tickets to see them! Tickets, go on sale Friday, April 25th at 12:00 pm PST.

( Today's news came from  and )

Tokio Hotel are also with in a magazine called Aquarian. 

Av Ica - 22 april 2008 18:53

Here are some news I just got:

Here's the chance you've been waiting for! Be there LIVE at TRL with TOKIO HOTEL!!!

Tokio Hotel will be performing "Ready, Set Go!" on MTV's TRL Tuesday, May 6th.  To request tickets email with "Tokio Hotel" in the subject.  Please include name, age, phone, location, and the number of tickets your are requesting.  Must be 16-25 and in the NYC area on May 6th.  If you do not receive a confirmation ticket, come to 45th and Broadway at 1:30pm for a chance to get in on stand-by. 


Watch MTV2 Between now and April 26th to catch bits and pieces on Tokio Hotel.
Tokio Hotel will also be featured on MTV2's "All That Rocks" on 4/26
May 6th 3:30PM MTV TRL
May 9th Live on Conan O'Brian
Keep watching FUSE - Tokio Hotel is #1 again FUSE's Viewers Choice"

Av Ica - 21 april 2008 21:05

This is taken from the Official Swedish Street Team:
It's in Swedish since it will take place in Sweden. In the end there is something in English so if you want to do this in your town tell someone that has control over a Official Street Team site or a Fansite that many people visit!!!!! If you have any questions about what it says e-mail us att

"Enorm Fan Aktion: Down the Streets for Tokio Hotel! Svenska Fans, KOLLA HÄR! Uppdaterat (9/4)

This is a Fanaktion for not only Swedish Fans, but for TH fans all over the world! But we at the Swedish street team will spread news about the Fan

Action in Sweden!
The original idea : by Italian Official Forum!

We will take this in Swedish, but the original Idea from Italy will be posted in English on the bottom of this blog.


Here it Goes!
Jag skulle vilja göra er alla Uppmärksamma på en Fan Aktion som kan växa sig Enorm!
Några av er kanske redan har hört talas om det här,
andra får ta del av det Nu!

En sida vid namn "Italian official tokio hotel's community" har tagit på sig att ordna med en Fan Aktion som sträcker sig över hela världen!
Deras orginal idé kommer att bifogas längst ner för de som känner att de vill läsa det,

Detta är den Svenska Beskrivningen:
Fan Aktionen heter Down the streets for Tokio Hotel, och går i princip ut på att man som TH fan ska visa att man älskar Tokio Hotel!
Det man ska göra är:

*Fixa ett Street Team för varje land som kan sprida Officiella Fakta om Fanaktionen! (Vilket vi redan har:
*Bestämma X antal städer i respektive land där denna Fan Aktion kan hålla hus!
*Varje Fanmöte i denna Fanaktion ska Filmas!
En person i varje stad ska vara ansvarig för att Filma just Deras Fanmöte!
Detta material ska sedan skickas till Admin för Italian official tokio hotel's community och kommer sedan sättas ihop till en DVD, som de garanterat alla att TH ska få ta del av!
*Det man ska göra i varje stad är alltså att bestämma Samlingsplats, utgå därifrån för att sedan Umgås,
Sjunga TH Sånger,
Helt enkelt på erat eget sätt visa offentligt att ni är TH fans!

I Sverige är det två tjejer som valt att hålla i och ordna med denna Fan Aktion: Emelie & Hanna!
Det vi på det Officiella Street Teamet kommer göra i detta projekt är att sprida det Officiella Fakta som dessa två tjejer kommer fram till!
Med detta menas att vi sprider det till övriga TH källor här i Sverige!

Denna Fan Aktion är just nu i Planerings Stadiet!

För er som vill komma med ideer, såsom:
*Städer där allt ska hålla hus!
*De som ska filma i respektive stad!
kan ni nämna dom här:

Där kan ni även diskutera med andra Svenska Fans och bolla ideer!
Emelie & Hanna kommer sedan att sätta ihop något Slutgiltigt!

Det Svenska Street Teamets roll är sedan att sprida det Officiella Faktat, så att ingen Förvirring orsakas!

För er som blir Valda att filma i just Er stad, här är lite Information om vad Filmen ska Innehålla:

*En presentation av Er som gjort filmen, såsom Namn på Er, Er Stad, Varför Ni gillar Tokio Hotel!
*Välj en TH låt som representerar just Er video!
*Filma väl valda delar av Er stad!
*Filma Fanaktionen naturligtvis

Har ni Frågor?
Maila då de som Planerar Aktionen, Emelie & Hanna:

Det jag nu vill att Ni ska göra, är att gå in Här för att Diskutera:
Detta kommer främst uppmärksammas av Italienska Universal, eftersom "Italian official tokio hotel's community" har meddelat dom om detta!

Håll koll på Svenska Street Team sidan för att få det Officiella Faktat, och även på andra Tokio Hotel Fan Sidor i Sverige dit vi kommer skicka Information med tiden!

Jag bifogar nu Original Mailet samt Original Idén från det Italienska Forumet:

I'd like to explain to you, the mother idea from which everything was born..
me and SAbrina, was thinking about the street team day that tokk place in every city here in italy.
it was a big day in which fans went down the streets of every city for tokio hotel.
It had a great success!!many teen-magazine was interested in this project, and at the end, was BIG who wrote a wonderful article about us, and put our photos on the pages!
we were very pround of it!
so... what if we could organize a big street team day in every country they are famous in?
my God.. i laughed. i thought it was impossible.. too many people, too many countries...

but i was so curious!!

i registered myself in every official community by universal..and i wrote to every moderators... and they were interested!!

well, this is the idea:

.each country who wants to partecipate, must create a team, which i could refer to. a gropup of people who wants to organize their country.ther's no fixed number..but i think it would be better that in every team there would be someone who speaks english or a foreign language.

The final product will be a DVD in which there will be every video you'll do in your country.

1)street team.
'down the streets for tokio hotel.'
do you know what a street team is?
in a street team you can organize in groups, you meet in your city,
with stickers, posters, streamers, you can sing along the road, and stop people to make them singing. the most important thing is that you do photos and videos that we can sent also to magazines.

2)presentation of the group.

say who you are, where do you came from, and what are you going to do.

3)some takes of the most beautiful sightseen of your city.

this is only the skeleton of this project, i need your help and your ideas.
and i have created this community in which every country has an area to discuss.

every idea couold be a great idea!!

we need your help!
good work!

ps:if you want paretecipate, but you don't have an area of discussion, please, contact me, and i will create it!!!

i will contact the universal italia, and i hope they will help us, as they have already did!


Uppdatering (9/4):

*Emelie & Hanna har nu satt ett datum för Meet Up och Filmning i STOCKHOLM!
Den kommer äga rum 10-11 MAJ!

*Sovplatser för de som behöver är på gång att ordnas.
Inne på Forumet ( ) hittar ni en tråd som heter "Sovplatsakuten" där man kan anmäla sig om man antingen behöver Sovplats eller kan tänka sig att ta erbjuda sovplats!

*Omröstningar ,om dels vilken låt som ska representera Sverige samt vilka idéer som ska bli filmade, är nu igång!
Omröstningarna är öppna fram till den 22/4!

*Sen har Emelie & Hanna ett meddelande till de som känner att de vill dra ihop något i sin egen stad:
"Vi har även börjat få lite folk som frågar om de kan få ordna något i sin stad. Vi ser givetvis positivt på detta, men vi vill helst att de ska vara myndiga så att föräldrarna kan känna sig trygga. Sedan vore de bra om ni som känner att ni vill ta tag i detta i just Er stad, kunde presentera egna idéer ni vill filma!
Ni kan skriva i Forumet:

eller maila oss: "

The Official Street Team
Av Ica - 21 april 2008 19:05

I got this interview from (there is no link so I've got to post the hole thing-.-')

To see the article direct from the magazine go <a href="">here</a>

Translation by purplehaze at <a href="">


In their suite…

While touring, the TH have opened the doors of their suites to STAR Club for an interview of half an hour. Relaxed but already tired, they later had to cancel the appointment of Douai because Bill was… (not readable) That evening, nevertheless, the TH have told us how they are preparing for the Parc des Princes in Paris. They jitter, the greats!

Bill: “That other bands leave us alone!”

STAR Club: How are you doing? Does this tour go well?
Bill: Yes, it does. We are still a little bit tired. We’ve just got up, it is 14:30, but it’s ok.

Did you party yesterday?
Tom: We would have loved … But no. On tour, it is concert, dinner and beddy-byes (sleep) … We have to keep up with the stress of the concerts. After that, we stay up rather late, we are among us talking. We do not go to bed before 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning. We are night owls.

You are on stage in the evening, fans arrive in the morning. Does that surprise you?
Bill: We hallucinate, you mean! It seems that some girls have slept outside at Bercy, to be closer.
Tom: They should have been freezing to death because I was cold even under the duvet.

You have renounced singing in English?
Bill: In France, we only sing in German because our fans do not like our English versions. But in Brussels, we sing everything in English. In other countries, we mix English and German. It is quite complicated and one is always afraid to mix brushes. But we make it!

Does it happen to you to have lapse of memory?
Bill: No!
Tom: Yeah? And the Zenith of Paris?
Bill: Yeah, it’s true; I sang twice the same couplet of a song.
Georg: Anyway, when he has a lapse, he only has to move the microphone to the public and girls sing in his stead.

And the approaching of the Parc des Princes, does it give you stage fright?
Bill: We do not stop thinking about it. We are very impatient to be enormous there. For us, this is an immense honour to make such a huge venue. We will make it a very special evening for our fans. But you will not know anything more before June 21!

In fact, your French fans get a lot of things: the date change for the Parc des Princes because of exams, an extra concert in their region…

Bill: It’s great! We have an added concert in Dijon and that is thanks to our fans. Ditto in the West. However, we have already gone there during our last tour. And we would come back for the next!
Tom: Continue to make demonstrations and petitions. That’s how we love you. You are too strong and too rebellious! (He raises his fist…) Fight for your rights.

Tom: “On tour, it is concert, dinner and beddy-byes …”

You are going to release a new album. That’s going to be pressure?
Bill: No, we are not afraid. Not because we are sure of ourselves, but because we know that if we put pressure, we won’t work well.
Tom: It sucks to be afraid and trying to work too quickly. We do not work in the rush. We will take the time for this third album. We want to get out of the studio with something that looks like ours as much as the previous two albums.
Bill: Anyway, the pressure was much stronger for the second because after the success of the first, it was necessary to prove that it was not a one shot.

picture of Bill
Lost/Broken voice! They love the stage and whoop it up,
hence the problems of the vocal chords of Bill.
Prompt recovery to him…

Do you release one last single before?
Bill: It’s possible. We talk about it but it is not yet sure … But there will be no clip, because we will not have time.

Considering the time to do this album, would you be able to disappear from the newspapers for six months?
Tom: Frankly? We would love to!
Bill: There is no need to give interviews to be in the press. It’s enough to be on holiday for three weeks in the Maldives!
Tom: That would give us a little rest to do nothing else than our album!
Bill: There will always be a hidden photographer or a new story. In Germany, without interview for three months, the magazines were full of invented ones.
Georg: Anyway, as the recording of the album will coincide with our promo in new countries, we will not disappear completely.

There are no new rumours about you?
Bill: We avoid reading them and we don’t have time. New rumours, we hear about them in interviews. Are there any new ones in France?

Nothing… Unless you are in love?
All: No!

Could you change your look for the next album?
Bill: Our looks are not made according to our albums. Rather, according to our wishes. So we will see …
Tom: If actually, Georg will have a new haircut at the Parc (des Princes) or he will be naked!

It is said that you are making rock music for girls. Do you want to broaden your audience?
Bill: Those are jealous people! If all bands could have fans as special as ours, they would leave us alone a little bit!
Tom: When it is a critique on our music, we listen. But you do not criticise our fans! They are the best. But I understand… If I were them, I would be jealous too!

Interview: N. Crespeau

Av Ica - 20 april 2008 21:13


Tokio Hotel have now decided to give out an official book about them selves.

Pages: About 112

Pictures: About 150 in color

Text: About 20 000 words (weird thing to tell xD)

Paperback, 25x25cm

Some info about the things happening in the US.

Thanks to for this

"CONAN O’BRIEN: Tickets for Conan O’Brien tend to be on back order for up to 2 months. Meaning, as of right now it is probably impossible to get tickets for the 9th BUT if you’d like to give it a shot call this number: (212) 664-3056/3057 Monday-Friday from 10 - 5pm. There is also something called Stand-By. BEAR IN MIND YOU MUST BE 16 YEARS OR OLDER WITH AN ID TO ENTER THE STUDIO. If you want to try for tickets I recommend getting to the studio at about 6AM and waiting in line for something called stand-by. About 20 to 25 people are basically given entrance from the street. So, yeah, waiting on stand-by if you’re one of the first 20 - 25 is usually a good idea. If you’ve decided not to try for tickets I recommend waiting outside. I doubt that the band will be garaged (a term for when they are literally taken through the garage so as not to be bombarded) especially with it being so soon after the release of the album, they want all the fan love/publicity they can go. So for that go to 30 Rockefeller Plaza. It will be fairly easy to meet them afterwards, I imagine. It usually is if management isn’t being tough.


1540 Broadway
Level 2
New York, NY 10036
(212) 921-1020

After a number of Megastore signings I can faithfully say that I am most likely the master of Virgin signings. First of all, Virgin is located in Times Sq. From Port Authority you just walk up an ave, make a right and head down until you see Times Sq. Walk a bit further and it’ll be right there on your right. *FOR EVERY VIRGIN SIGNING I HAVE BEEN TO I HAVE GOTTEN THERE NO LATER THAN 3AM. The doors to the store open at 7. You walk in, purchase your CDs and recieve wristbands. There are usually TWO colored bands. One to ensure you make it to the performance AND the signing. And the other to ensure that you get into the store and might make it to the signing, depending on when they decide to cut it off. Usually, either which way, they do the entire signing. But, once again, I don’t know what management is thinking so I suggest you get there early and get the first wristbands. After getting the wristband you will be escorted BACK outside and get into line AGAIN. You will wait another 10 hours until about 7pm and then you will be let in IN LINE and taken down the 2 escalators to the bottom floor where IN LINE you will watch the performance. You will then make your way down the line to the left and meet the boys who will be sitting down at a table. NO PICTURES WITH THEM. AND USUALLY NO GETTING ANYTHING OTHER THAN YOUR CD SIGNED. *USUALLY* Any questions about the signing feel free to ask me. ***FOR PEOPLE INTERESTED IN GOING TO TRL - ONCE YOU GET YOUR WRISTBAND, IF YOU RECIEVE ONE OF THE FIRST 500 COLORED ONES YOU ARE ABLE TO LEAVE THE LINE BEARING IN MIND THAT IF THERE IS A PERFORMANCE YOU WILL BE AT THE BACK OF THE ROOM FOR IT (THE ROOM IS ABOUT THE SIZE OF A CONCERT HALL, YOU CAN SEE FROM ANYWHERE AND THE SET IS USUALLY ONLY ABOUT 3 - 4 SONGS SO IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL…) SO YES… YOU CAN GET OFF OF THE LINE AFTER RECIEVING YOUR WRISTBANDS AND GO TO TRL. YOU WON’T MISS ANYTHING BECAUSE THERE WILL BE NOTHING TO MISS WHAT WITH THE GUYS BEING INSIDE THE TRL STUDIOS. TRL IS LOCATED LEGIT RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM VIRGIN.

BAMBOOZLE: This is probably the event people will have the most questions about. Doors open at 11:30AM (I believe, I could be wrong, once again this is off of the top of my head… so double check that.) There is NO NEED to sleep out for this. Bamboozle is in the parking lot of Continental Arena (Or the Izod if you’re one of those new kids…) and it is MASSIVE. There are approx 10 stages with something like 65,000 acts. (That’s a joke. Laugh.) TOKIO HOTEL’S STAGE HAS NOT YET BEEN ANNOUNCED. Do not die. There will be a sheet that you can print off with times and stages when the date gets nearer. THIS SHEET ALSO TENDS TO LIE VICIOUSLY ABOUT TIMES. Make sure you continue to check back at their stage to see if they’re a few acts behind or running a couple thousand hours ahead. (Which has happened to me and I’ve missed complete acts of favorite bands. Not fun.) YOU WILL NOT DIE IN THE BAMBOOZLE CROWD. Chances are there will be roughly 30 people at the Tokio Hotel stage and it will be one of the side stages towards the back of the parking lot. Chances are these 30 people will be 25 girls and 5 mothers. I could be exageratting but for 60$ I don’t think too many people are going to show up JUST for TH. You also don’t need to wait at the stage all day if you don’t want to. But, be weary of the fact that most times security gets snippy and makes you get into lines and then you have about 5 minutes passing time between acts. IF THIS IS HAPPENING I SUGGEST YOU STAY IN THE AREA OF THE PARKING LOT WITH TOKIO HOTELS STAGE. Also, sometimes acts are walking around/at other venues watching other acts. I doubt this will happen since Saki can’t bring his sniper rifle on the airplane, but still… if it does… I don’t know what to tell you other than enjoy."

Av Ica - 20 april 2008 21:12

"It was truly an event to remember, when 400 crazy fans gathered around to meet and greet their favorite German rockers today!

We were thrilled to see Tom, Georgand Gustav of the incredibly cool rock band, Tokio Hotel, visit ourvery own Habbo Hotel today! Sadly, as most of you know, they had topostpone their Canada tour due to Bill's surgery, however, that didn'tstop them from coming online and rocking out with you guys!

They had a great time, and theTokio Hotel Lounge (which had been full for 24 hours!) was filled tothe brim with dancing Habbos - and, let's not forget, 400 onlookers!

We really can't wait until theyfinally come to Canada to rock out on our stages again, but until then,at least we got a great dose of Tokio Hotel to tie us over!

As promised, we served them up with a handful of questions that you guys sent us, and so we bring you those right now!

Asked by Chloroform
What bands would you say helped influence your music?
There's no specific band. We all are into different music!

Asked by .Star.Princess.
Which city was your all time favorite to be in and to perform in?
We can't pick one – we played so many amazing places!

Asked by alex0013
What do you do if you have a bad day and how do you fix it?
We know each other really well and first if one of us has a bad day we just let him do his thing – or we all laugh about georg

Asked by Apple.11
I love your song “Ready, Set, Go!” I was just wondering what is that song about?
It'sabout going for your dream! It's about being brave and going for yourdreams whatever people might say or think – it's about leavingeverything behind you!

Asked by BabyFayceTM
Questionfor Tom: I saw in some pictures of you, in the time of Monsoon that youhave a scar on your that happen? Any twins fight?
Bill gave me a hard push – I fell – and a snowboard hit me – we were 6 years old

Asked by baffling
What made you come up with the group name TokioHotel?
Well we had a different band name in former times – then we changed andwe wanted a name that really fit us – so, we all love really big citiesand especially Tokio. We think it sounds great and we were looking fora symbol that would represent our lives – so we thought beingmusicians, traveling al the time we would live in hotels all the time –so here you go: Tokio Hotel!

Asked by biega101
What do u guys like to do when you aren’t making music or touring?
We all like to relax – to eat and sleep and eat and watch tv… and sleep and sleep

Asked by Toper
If I was to start a band someday is there any advice you would give me?
Ohwe hate people who give advices, people who think they know everythingand need to tell you how the world is running! It's important to doyour thing, that's what we always did.

Asked by Kohaul
You recently played Canada for the first time. What do you think of our Country?
We loved it! We had a really great time and the Canadian fans were really amazing – we can't wait to come back!"



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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