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Av Ica - 20 april 2008 21:12

"It was truly an event to remember, when 400 crazy fans gathered around to meet and greet their favorite German rockers today!

We were thrilled to see Tom, Georg and Gustav of the incredibly cool rock band, Tokio Hotel, visit our very own Habbo Hotel today! Sadly, as most of you know, they had to postpone their Canada tour due to Bill's surgery, however, that didn't stop them from coming online and rocking out with you guys!

They had a great time, and the Tokio Hotel Lounge (which had been full for 24 hours!) was filled to the brim with dancing Habbos - and, let's not forget, 400 onlookers!

We really can't wait until they finally come to Canada to rock out on our stages again, but until then, at least we got a great dose of Tokio Hotel to tie us over!

As promised, we served them up with a handful of questions that you guys sent us, and so we bring you those right now!

Asked by Chloroform
What bands would you say helped influence your music?
There's no specific band. We all are into different music!

Asked by .Star.Princess.
Which city was your all time favorite to be in and to perform in?
We can't pick one – we played so many amazing places!

Asked by alex0013
What do you do if you have a bad day and how do you fix it?
We know each other really well and first if one of us has a bad day we just let him do his thing – or we all laugh about georg

Asked by Apple.11
I love your song “Ready, Set, Go!” I was just wondering what is that song about?
It's about going for your dream! It's about being brave and going for your dreams whatever people might say or think – it's about leaving everything behind you!

Asked by BabyFayceTM
Question for Tom: I saw in some pictures of you, in the time of Monsoon that you have a scar on your that happen? Any twins fight?
Bill gave me a hard push – I fell – and a snowboard hit me – we were 6 years old

Asked by baffling
What made you come up with the group name TokioHotel?
Well we had a different band name in former times – then we changed and we wanted a name that really fit us – so, we all love really big cities and especially Tokio. We think it sounds great and we were looking for a symbol that would represent our lives – so we thought being musicians, traveling al the time we would live in hotels all the time – so here you go: Tokio Hotel!

Asked by biega101
What do u guys like to do when you aren’t making music or touring?
We all like to relax – to eat and sleep and eat and watch tv… and sleep and sleep

Asked by Toper
If I was to start a band someday is there any advice you would give me?
Oh we hate people who give advices, people who think they know everything and need to tell you how the world is running! It's important to do your thing, that's what we always did.

Asked by Kohaul
You recently played Canada for the first time. What do you think of our Country?
We loved it! We had a really great time and the Canadian fans were really amazing – we can't wait to come back!"

Av Ica - 16 april 2008 21:16

Here is a video from the photoshoot at the casino.

Av Ica - 16 april 2008 21:16

Callie.Stardoll said:

We say a big WELCOME to Tokio Hotel

What's the funniest gossip you've heard (or read) about yourself?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: there is so much gossip going on - it's incredible. but one time there was on the internet that bill is lying dead in his hotelroom - that was quiet interesting .... ;)

Are you able to cook? If "yes"-what is your firm dish?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: bill and i cook a really great spaghetti with tomato sauce - we put secret ingrediances in it ....

What do you guys do for fun in your spare time when you're not working?

Tokio Hotel answered:

georg: except gustav who always gets up early even when we have a off day we all like to sleep and sleep and sleep!

What were you guys feeling when you found out that bill had to get surgery?

Tokio Hotel answered:

gustav: we were really shocked!

georg: we just hoped that everything would work out perfectly for him and that he would feel better really soon.

tom: we're very happy now, cause everything went so well and we can't wait to go back on stage!

hello.whats your fave thing to do.?

Tokio Hotel answered:

all: music!

tom: that's really our number one and comes before everything else.

Is it true that you are coming to America for the CD release?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: yes of course - we are planning to come over in mai! and we are so excited about coming back!

If you had powers, what superhero will you be?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: i don't know about beeing a superhero but i would love to be able to fly!

georg: i would like to be invisible.

gustav: i would like to understand women ;)

whats your favorite animal?

Tokio Hotel answered:

all: dogs!!!

georg: and i also like cats.

gustav: we all have a dog and a cat at home!

What makes you really happy?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: the life we are actually living!

georg: playing live and beeing on the road!

gustav: that's what we always dreamed about!

Tom,do you listen to rock music or only rap and hip hop???????

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: mostly to german hiphop but i also listen to some rock!

Tom - How many guitars have you? I have a Gibson , and i like him!

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: i guess about 30!

Whats your favorite ice cream?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: i like lemmon

georg: vanilla for me

gustav: chocolate with splits in it

have you ever seen or touched a monkey?

Tokio Hotel answered:

all: yes!

tom: and that was great - monkeys are my second favourite animal

Did you happen to get a huge pair of granny panties thrown at you during one of your New York City concerts?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: we got a lot g-strings - and we loved it! and georg actually wears them from time to time - when he is private ... ;)

What TV shows do you watch?

Tokio Hotel answered:

georg: we love tv shows - scubs

gustav: king of queens and the latest we fell for is prison break

tom: well, mine is actually the girls next door ...

Who is going to be married first?

Tokio Hotel answered:

all: tom - haha

tom: well i'm actually married twice - with my car and my guitar :)

How do you guys sleep ? ( Like on your back, side, etc )

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: depends on how much space is left in my bed ... ;)

If you could be an animal, which one would you be?

Tokio Hotel answered:

all: a dog!

tom: and georg would be an ugly frog!

What's your favorite piece of fruit?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: strawberries

gustav: plums

georg: pineapple

If your plane will crashing down in a jungle .. and have no food to live of.. who will be eating first? Why?

Tokio Hotel answered:

georg: i would eat all of them directly.

tom: and i would eat georg first cause there you get the most meat!

I think that Georg's have a farm full of turbo-chickens, am I right?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: that's right - how do you know?? ;)

what is your favorite dessert?

Tokio Hotel answered:

tom: a austrian one called kaiserschmarn

gustav: tiramisu

georg: ice cream

hi,if you could be any woman for the day who would it be and why?

Tokio Hotel answered:

georg: jessica alba cause she is so pretty

tom: pamela anderson

gustav: carmen electra

Do you guys have any idea how much of an impact you have on your fans? [yes, no, maybe] fyi: you have a lot. ive learned german jsut for you guys and you guys totally gotten me into samy deluxe and nena lol

Tokio Hotel answered:

all: wow, that's so amazing!

tom: thanx for your support, it's always great to hear something like this. we can't wait to come over and see you all. take care so long and we really had a great time during this chat! bye

Av Ica - 16 april 2008 21:15

Here is a handwritten letter from Bill

Source :

Av Ica - 15 april 2008 21:17

You can start with voting here

Here you can find the most amazing pictures that is taken by Christopher Häring(from Germany). I bet you haven't seen many!!!

This is how the cover for Heilig is gonna look like:

Av Ica - 15 april 2008 21:17

First picture of Bill after his operation 16 days ago.

He has pulled down his cap over his face and is hiding his eyes behind massive sunglasses.

We are seeing the first picture of Rockstar Bill Kaulitz (18) after his surgery 16 days ago. The singer of the successful band “Tokio Hotel” is escorted by two security guards from his Hamburger house to a limo. Then his driver takes him off to Berlin.

“Bill is going back and forth between his Hamburg and Berlin house at the moment,” tells his producer and manager David Jost. And his fans can soon finally breathe again. His voice is coming back!

David Jost: “His voice rehabilitation is going according to plan. After doing some voice exercises for the last couple of days, Bill has hummed his first tune.”

When will Bill be able to get back on stage?

David Jost: “On May 3rd, Bill will sing his first concert at a festival in New York since the surgery.” In America it is going sensational for Tokio Hotel.

On the big music channel MTV, the band is having the most played video since two weeks with their English version of the hit: ‘Ubers ende der welt” (Ready, Set, Go!). In the Canadian charts, the album has gone into the top ten.

David Jost: “Bill can’t wait to get back on stage again. He has never had such a long singing break. He is totally going crazy from impatience.”

Av Ica - 13 april 2008 21:18

Here are some pictures from when the guys where in Sweden 2007.

Av Ica - 13 april 2008 21:17

HERE is the trailer for Prom Night!! We know that Prom Night will be out 8/5 in Sweden!!



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