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Av Ica - 3 maj 2008 23:19

Latest info about the festival...

14.31: They saw David Jost.

17:24: Drum sound check.

17:27: Bass sound check.

17:37: On stage!!! Playing RSG!!

17:39: Bill's hair is fluffy and he's got black and white leather jacket.

17:41: Second song Break Away.

17:45: Bill talks to the audience.

17:50: Short video.

17:52: Tokio Hotel's part is over. They played 3 songs, Ready Set Go, Break Away and Monsoon

That's all folks. More videos will be up tomorrow!! ;);)

Av Ica - 3 maj 2008 12:47

Heey everyone!!

We would like some people that can translate from german to english/swedish!! Or some other language that isn't swedish or english!! ;)

Send to us :



Yeah thats about all we want to know about you. If you've got more questions just e-mail us and ask!!If you're lucky you might get to help us post news later on!! ;)

Av Ica - 3 maj 2008 12:41

I just felt like posting a picture of these 3 guys at the car racing thing =)

Av Ica - 3 maj 2008 12:37

Today I found a translation of the article about Gustav's tattoos i found yesterday:

(Bravo nr. 19)

For a while now the Tokio Hotel fans have been confused: Does drummer Gustav have a tattoo or not?
Now it is out: He has one! And two right away! Exclusive in the Bravo, Gustav shows his huge back tattoo and a small one on the arm. And now? The one that always claimed in interviews that he would never get a tattoo?!

Secretly I always have thought about it,” he admits, “but I was waiting for the perfect image. First I wanted two birds on my shoulder, with a wreath and a sword in their beak. But what kind of mini sword would that be?” the drummer laughs. Then finally my saving came: “I met this really good tattoo guy and told him about my birds-with-sword problem. After that he sent me some sketches.” The 19 year old liked them so much, that even before the rehearsals of the 1000 Hotels European tour had finished in February, he’d run into the tattoo studio to have them done!
It was really spontaneous, two people from our team went along with me. I didn’t tell the others at first,” he smiles. Seven hours is how long his first tattoo took: four hours for the lines, three hours for the shades and even after that: “It still isn’t totally ready.” The star tattoo on his arm went quicker. “That only took two and a half hours, Gustav tells.

Did it hurt?Oh yes, it was really painful! The one on his back was especially painful”; according to Gustav. “We had to pause constantly. To stand all the pain I was most of the time biting on my own shirt.” But the suffering paid off. On Gustav’s back you can now see two wings, a sword and a wreath.

And what does the artist want to say with that?
The wings stand for freedom. The sword is for all the bad things that have happened to me – or maybe will even happen in the future. The wreath stands for all the good things and positive achievements: the happiness with the band and my family for example” Gustav explains. Of all people his family was the one that had to get used to the piece of “body jewellery”: “My parents were always against tattoo’s. That’s why I didn’t tell them anything, when I was getting my star on my arm done. But now they like it.

And what do the other Tokio Hotel rockers say?
They really like it: Bill has gone through the pain himself. He immediately has taken a good look at it. Only Tom warned me: “Man, you know that will never come off?!” Though, that won’t shock the drummer – contrary: he just got a taste for it and wants more tattoo’s: “I will definitely take one more, but what, I won’t tell yet,” Now Gustav is preparing for the trip to the USA. Bill has recovered well from his vocal cord surgery: “during his vocal rehabilitation he is singing his own songs again – and is accompanied on the guitar by Tom,” band manager David Jost tells. How it looks now the band will be on a plane to the USA on 1 May.
Translated by beertje_86


Av Ica - 3 maj 2008 12:27

Today's video of the day is the first interview with Bill after his operation, tomorrow we'll have all the videos we can find from their concert today!! ;)

Today's video you have to visit to see it..

Translation follows by Lucky at

He had scared his fans, for weeks he couldn’t speak. But Now it’s back, the voice of the successful band Tokio Hotel. In the exclusive interview with BILD singer Bill tells us what he went through.

Bill: It was just like this with me. Nothing worked. And they said, “alright, if we don’t remove this it’ll keep coming back and then it won’t be possible to go on singing”, and that was a real shock-news after that week… all the going back and forth. After the better news in the middle and all the setbacks. That was the point where one knew, allright now one is out of order for at least four weeks.

Bill: The most afraid one was… because of the surgery, general anesthesia and stuff, that brings you down quite a lot. And beforehand I had watched a horror movie. And there, there was a man… I don’t even remember the name of it… anyways there was such a man and he was under general anesthesia but he still noticed everything, but he couldn’t tell. That means he really was lieing there and the doctors thought everything was fine – he had to undergo a surgery on his heart – and they cut him open and he notices everything and actually wants to tell them, but he can’t because he can’t move…
And I watched such things of course beforehand, and thought to myself, ok the most important thing is that I fall asleep and don’t notice anything of it. That was really the most important thing for me.

For 4 weeks he was out of order. The musician wasn’t even allowed to listen to his own music. The 18-year-old spent alone in front of the TV, and wrote enthusiastically and additionally was worrying about his fans.

Bill: It is incredible what came from the fans, how they reacted. I was really thinking “Omg, hopefully no one will be mad at me because of this” and it really helped to see that somehow everybody is worried and that everybody is somehow there and all go this way with me and don’t leave me behind. That was anyhow really helpful during that time. There were really cute thing amongst it… one(girl) sent a ruff/tobey collar because she of course didn’t exactly know what was wrong with me. But in any case, there were also inhaling machines and much more… well it was incredible. I really have one side of the fridge full with things that I have(???) and then there are really boxes with doubles. So it is really incredible. Lots of stuff has arrived, and I think I couldn’t really see everything, but in any case the bigger part of it.

Bill: Uhm… I think I’m looking forward to seeing the stage, seeing the people, from the crew, to really see all those people again. And most of all the fans. Really to see that I can stand there again with a microphone in my hand, and something comes out. And I can really make the people, the audience happy. That was the worst for me that the tour had to be cancelled that all the disappointed fans had to go home, who really had already been waiting in front of the venue. And that had been looking forward to the concert for so long. And I can imagine really well how much that sucks, and yeah I was incredibly sorry for everything. I really am looking forward to standing there again and to being able to make all the people happy.

Already on Thursday Tokio Hotel are leaving for America. Here they want to present their new record “Scream”. What remains is to hope, that Bill doesn’t lose his voice again.


Av Ica - 3 maj 2008 12:11

Get the latest news, gossip, and trends! Tokio Hotel

We've been totally crushing on German band Tokio Hotel ever since we first heard their melodic rock music and saw their killer hairstyles! The band's been rocking Europe for years, and now that they've crossed over to the States, Tokio Hotel's ready to take over the world! They've certainly taken over our stereo with Scream, their English debut album released last year. Check out the video for the single "Ready, Set, Go!" to get a taste of the band!

So, what could Tokio Hotel do to make us love them even more? Send a personalized video to Seventeen, of course!

Can't get enough of these hot German guys? Want to learn more about them and hear some awesome rock tracks before the band hits it big in the U.S.? Click here now! 

See what the guys had to say in a message to the mag:

Av Ica - 3 maj 2008 12:09


See Tokio Hotel TWICE in one day!!!! Come to 45th and Broadview in NYC on May 6th at 1:30 pm for your chance to get on stand-by in the MTV TRL audience to see Tokio Hotel perform Ready, Set, Go! After that head over to the Times Square location of Virgin Megastore for the second highlight of the day: A chance to be part of Tokio Hotel´s in-store performance and the exclusive "SCREAM" CD signing session with Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg. The Virgin event starts at 6pm.




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