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Av Ica - 6 maj 2008 22:19

It's getting late here in Sweden and I've gotta go to bed, but as soon as I wake up I'll post all the stuff that has happened!!!



Av Ica - 6 maj 2008 22:14

Not such good quality

Av Ica - 6 maj 2008 21:35

So here is the commerical clip for todays TRL show!!!

Av Ica - 6 maj 2008 19:15

Special post for the latest from Virgin Records.

This is from people that are at the signing.

 (remember all the times are in "US" time)


"We're Official"

@7:31 am
We just saw a police escort. Wt think the was the boys. Suburban, Police and a van....

coming from hotel...

don't know though

@7:52 pm
We are totally the oldest peeps here besides parents....

8:35 pm - Per Virgin staff...

250-300 bands have been passed out

@8:36 pm - Oh, and the Claymates.... scary shit.

@8:52 pm - Claymates are scary, scary kind.


@9:40 am
OMG, I'm dyin'.

Not yet.

But I'll keep you postted. I can't believe I have been out here for 12 hours.

@10:25 am
Girl, the pics in the CD? Making grown wimmins lose they shit. Hehe.

@ 11:18 am
I have one bar of battery left. I may be texting from a different phone later.

@ 11:30 am
Screaming across the street at MTV

@ 1:56pm
They went into TRL a few minutes ago & Everyone went insane of course.

There's only like 100 people tho, not even They STILL have more people are coming now & getting wristbands I feel bad more didn't show up.

@ 2:18pm

"Nope, I'm not @ TRL cos the guards said whoever leaves the line @ Virgin has to get to the back of the line... Kiila went to TRL tho!"

Av Ica - 6 maj 2008 19:09

Here are some pictures of how it look outside Virgin Records, Time Square.



Av Ica - 6 maj 2008 19:07

Pictures from the TRL show today. More are gonna be posted as they come...

Av Ica - 6 maj 2008 16:48

Here is todays video.

Av Ica - 6 maj 2008 16:37

News about the album SCREAM that is relased today!!! So everyone go and buy it!!!! ;);)

So today Tokio Hotel's version of "Scream" is relased and available everywhere in the States. There is also a lot of  EXCLUSIVE FEATURES on this album!

  Across all the U.S album versions there are 5 EXCLUSIVE BONUS TRACKS and ALL versions of the U.S album have at least three of them!

  The album booklet got an awesome makeover and includes never before seen pics!  

  With each SCREAM CD comes a unique code to enter Tokio Hotel’s V.I.P section where even more exclusive cool stuff is waiting for you. This includes band blogs, never seen before videos, a chance to chat with Tokio Hotel and much more – for full details visit

BestBuy, iTunes & Hot Topic each carry their very own special version of the U.S
Scream album – check below what they have in store for you !




Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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