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Av Ica - 11 maj 2008 22:21

Bill: Laryngeal-surgery
The end of Tokio Hotel?

Shock for the fans! Bill of Tokio Hotel have to be operated on the vocal cords! Exclusive in BRAVO is the singer talking about this drama!

It is probably the worst thing what for a singer can ever happen: He stands on the stage - and suddenly the voice break down! The truely horror became for Bill Kaulitz (1Cool of Tokio Hotel on the concert in Marseille / France for reality!
Bill fought, but there was no sound anymore - the show had to be aborted! "I stood on the stage and had suddenly hardly a voice. I didn't know what happened!", reveals the singer in the exclusive BRAVO-Interview. His twin brother Tom supplemented: "Bill stood with tears in his eyes in front of me. He was totally in despair! I've made myself serious worries!"
It was a big shock for the fans - and a even bigger shock for Bill! He was directly brought to the doctor. Diagnosis: a zyst on the vocal cords. Bill have to be operated soon, isn't allowed to sing for the next time! A total of 16 concerts had been cancelled!
Especially tragic for the german fans: Also the only german concert date in Dortmund was cancelled. A big disappointment for the many fans, who have been camping there since days. Bills surgery is necessary, but also dangerous for his voice! Will he ever sing like before the surgery? And how does it go on with Tokio Hotel?
Exclusive in BRAVO is Bill speaking about his fears and hopes!

BRAVO: How do you feel now?
BILL: I don't feel very well. I have fear because of the surgery and make myself big reproaches , that I've disappointed the fans. I'm totally sorry to all those, who ware sad now...
BRAVO: What kind of illnes do you have exactly - and which ailments does it take with it?
BILL: Oh, I do have heard so much technical terms .. But in my own words, easy and understandable expressed, it is an swelling on the vocal cords. Because of this swelling, the vocal cords are not able to vibrate evenly anymore. So that I can really sing again, it needs to be removed!
BRAVO: What exactly will be done on the surgery?
BILL: I don't really want to think about this! I just can say: It's totally disgusting! The doctors will slide, for me under general anesthesia, a metal rail into the mouth to operate my vocal cords. They will cut then away the swelling. This isn't a simple surgery - the surgery takes circa an hour can only carried out by an specialist. I do really have fear because of the surgery. But it have to be done. And the quicker I have it behind me, the sooner I can be back on stage!
BRAVO: What would happen, if you wouldn't get operated?
BILL: the doctors said, that the voice can be permanently damaged - and I could also lost my voice.
BRAVO: Do you have fear because of your voice?
BILL: Yes, of course! My voice is EVERYTHING for me! Without my voice and my music, I would no longer be the same Bill!
BRAVO: How long will it take before you can sing again?
BILL: That comes to the healing process. It's is different from person to person. Normally several weeks break. After the surgery I have to rest myself extremely. At least ten days I'm not allowed to talk. Then are following daily follow-up examinations and voice training - so to speak a rehab. The voice must be re-trained every day.
BRAVO: Does this drama initiate, or does it came sudden?
BILL: I don't know it exactly. It isn't directly associated with pain. It was discovered during the tour when I've had an infection.
BRAVO: What have you let done about you so far?
BILL: When I was back in Germany, I was driving from the one specialist to the next. We wanted to be in the diagnosis quite sure and accurate. Until now I have daily doctor visits, unpleasant inquiries, syringes and drugs behind me. I thin this will go one in the next time...
BRAVO: Wo cares now about you?
BILL: Actually, all for me. Tommy is already there for me, Georg and Gustav are also visiting me very often. With the doctors, I am in constant contact. And the family, friends and our entire team are of course also for me there.
BRAVO: The only german concert in Dortmund had to be cancelled - just like the rest of the European tour. Will it be sometime later?
BILL: It isn't clear yet! But we hope so!
BRAVO: How can take care about your voice in the future, so that this will never happen again?
BILL: This doesn't work. I'm using my voice of course more than the others, because of this, is the injury risc by msyelf higher. I really take care about my voice. I even have had singing lessons in the past! I didn't like it, but before each show, I'm doing singing exercises, singing me warm. But this can ever happen again. Surely I will learn at the after treatment some more specific training methods which I should use...
BRAVO: Have you simply too much expected?
BILL: We were very much on the road - the first shows in the United States, then the tour samples and the tour start. That was probably too much for my voice. I'm a perfectionist and wants to give always the best. I always challenge myself anew, just want, that every show will be perfect and maybe I ignore the signs of a common cold, because I don't want to see them!
BRAVO: How did the other guys react when they realized that your voice is no longer playing?
BILL: They have all made themselves big worries. They didn't know as much as I had known, how it will go on. And we were waiting all together for the first feedback from the doctor. We were all totally in the air.
BRAVO: How many concerts have to be cancelled because of this now?
BILL: All after Lisbon. This is in total 16 concerts. A real disaster!
BRAVO: Is now the entire tour including the United States at risk?
BILL: We can't say that at the moment! We know that maybe in a few weeks!
BRAVO: Are the concert organizers and fans angry now?
BILL: I had to accept this first, that the illness wasn't my fault. This was really difficult for me, and I made myself very big reproaches! The organizers are not angry, but all are of course disappointed! We were so much happy to tour through Europe! I received so much letters from our fans. All are wishing me, that everything will be very fast okay! It does me good and helps me a lot! I thank them very sincerely, that they are supporting me also in that bad time. I can't say often enough, that I am extremely sorry, how everything has come. And I hope that the fans are not disappointed. I would immediately change if I could! I hope, that we can make everything okay in summer, at our festival tour...

from nettby

Av Ica - 11 maj 2008 22:18

Many of you have probably noticed that Tokio Hotel are touring a lot in America these days. Concerts in Europe this year have been cancelled, and instead of giving us new dates, they plan on going to America again.

We think they are starting to treat the European fans unfair, and we are worried about TH staying in America for good, forgetting all about Europe.

We are now asking everyone who agree with us to sign our list. All you need to do is to send us an Email with your name (for name and surname, please) and we will send it to Universal Music in Berlin June 1st. Send your Email to this address; " "

Along with the list of names we will write a long letter and complain about the treatment, and tell them how much we want them to tour in Europe too.

Please help us!

Regards Kristin-Anita and Marita.

Av Ica - 11 maj 2008 20:46

This is odd, Tokio Hotel's song Ready Set Go! is with on some baseball news show.


Av Ica - 11 maj 2008 20:35

In the end you can see all the countries they are  going to visit this summer.

Av Ica - 11 maj 2008 19:07

Tokio Hotel in Entertainment Weekly

Av Ica - 11 maj 2008 19:02

At the Hitkrankt Awards, they won:
"Best Concert Act"
"Best Mood Song" [Monsoon]
"Catchiest Song" [Monsoon]
"Hottest Guy" and "Scariest Guy" were both won by the lovely Bill Kaulitz!

pic pic pic

Av Ica - 11 maj 2008 19:01

Ooh, Bill wears Gucci!

pic pic

Av Ica - 11 maj 2008 19:00

Tokio Hotel appeared on the late night Conan O'Brien Show yesterday:




Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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