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Av Ica - 12 maj 2008 21:59

Yes, you read right! In only two hours the news has spread - all the way to America! They've gotten mails from all over the world and actually gotten mails from American fans who write that they support European fans. This is GREAT news! Till now, they've gotten 43 signatures, but it's more on the way!

Kristin-Anita and Marita are really happy 'bout this! remember to spread this news!

Av Ica - 12 maj 2008 21:56

Det er nå blitt bekreftet at guttene skal retunere til Amerika i sommer etter alle sommer festivalene i Europa. Ingen konsert datoer har blitt satt for det nye Amerika besøket.

It's been confirmed that the boys are going BACK to America AFTER all the concerts this summer in Europe. America hasn't gotten the new dates yet.

No hope for us it seems like then =/.

Av Ica - 12 maj 2008 21:07

Here are some gifs from backstage : )

Twins.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Tom3.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Tom2.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Tom1.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Tom.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Gustav2.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Gustav1.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Gustav.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Groupe1.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Groupe.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Georg1.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Georg.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Bill7.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Bill6.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Bill5.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Bill4.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Bill2.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Bill.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Bill1.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26
Av Ica - 12 maj 2008 21:05

The booklet for the album Scream!!

HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink

Av Ica - 12 maj 2008 21:03

Av Ica - 12 maj 2008 20:16

To celebrate the U.S release of “Scream” on May 6th TOKIO HOTEL wants to see your video mix for “Ready, Set, Go!”.

The best mix will earn a featured spot on Tokio Hotel’s official MySpace page.

The winner will also get a Tokio Hotel prize pack complete with T-shirt, poster and CD!!

Pre-order “Scream” from iTunes or from Amazon

Here’s what you gotta do:

1. Click the Start Mixing button to add the videos and single to your account and start mixing
2. Just Drag and Drop your favorite clips from their music video
3. Upload your own photos and vids
4. Drag the audio track into the timeline and start mixin’


Av Ica - 12 maj 2008 20:15

PLUS a chance to meet Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg!!!

This is YOUR chance to meet the band in person and WIN two tickets to the Montreal show (Stade Uniprix) or Toronto show (Sound Academy). This is how YOU can make it happen: fill out the form below and you’ll automatically be entered into the raffle.

There are three prize packs given away, each includes 2 concert tickets plus 2 Meet&Greet credentials. Winners will be notified via phone on Wednesday, May 14th @ 6pm (EST)…so make sure you’re close to your phone at that time!

This contest is only open to fans in Canada or the U.S Please enter the contest only if you can attend the Toronto or Montreal concert.
Good luck and thanks for your help in spreading the word about Tokio Hotel in Canada!


Av Ica - 12 maj 2008 17:39

Here are some pics I didn't posted before



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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