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Hollywood - The Avalon [13.05.08]

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These next ones are from MenahlovesTH


And these next ones are from Darkndevilish:


Photos from VIP section
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 The guys in LA

 Pictures from "Rock One"

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More from Much Music:

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Club Foxtail Aftershow party


Restaurant Ivy


 Tokio Hotel in Roling Stone's office


Av Ica - 17 maj 2008 16:02

A lesson in Dutch for Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel already has been to the Netherlands so many times, that they should already know something about our language. Do the boys know the meaning of these Dutch words?


Tom: What do you do with that?
Hitkrant: You all coincidently all wear one today
Georg: Shoes
Hitkrant: No
Tom: jeans?
Hitkrant: Yes!
Tom: So I have go to a store and ask for a "spijkerbroek" it will all be fine? Nice, I could use another one.

Bill & Georg: t-shirt
Tom: Something for on your head?
Gustav: Can we get a clue?
Hitkrant: You can eat it during new years evening. It's some kind of fried dough balls.
Bill: Something like a Berliner ball? I would like to try those!


Georg; Schraatsen?
Hitkrant: It's a sport
Tom: Soccer
Georg: No, that's almost the same as with us. Fußball, voetbal.
Bill: Basketbal maybe..
Gustav: Tennis
Hitkrant: Most people only do it in the winter
Gustav: Snowboarding
Tom: Ice skating
Georg: Why are you right again?
Tom: Oh well, I am just so clever.


Tom & Georg: Bobsleigh
Bill: potatoes!
Hitkrant: No, it has got nothing to do with food
Georg; No food?
Bill: O, your making it difficult for us!
Tom: Toilet of something? Defecating then?
Hitkrant: Shall we then just tell? It a kind of bike with a big bucket on it where you can put some stuff in.
Bill: Never heard about that before


Tom: hair loss
Gustav: Can you say that again?
Hitkrant: Hagelslag
Bill & Tom together: skin eruption!
Tom: No? It could have been, right?
Georg: I know something, if you say whole sentence with the word then we can guess better.
Hitkrant: Oke, ik eet brood met hagelslag
Tom: butter
Gustav: Marmelade
Tom: cheese
Bill: oat flakes
Georg: Ugh, who eats bread with oat flakes?
Hitkrant: they are chocolate flakes
Bill: It sounds delicious. To bad we don't have that in Germany

Tom: drop?
Georg: Are you drunk?
Tom: Bist du dropp? (all the boys are hysterically laughing)
Tom: That's something they only say in Köln when someone is really drunk
Georg: Or did something else.....
Bill: If someone asks you that in Köln you know something is really wrong!
Tom: What the Dutch word means we don't know
Hitkrant: You can eat it
Georg: Is it candy?
Hitkrant: yes

The boys will have to get back to The Netherland more often cause with the words they know now they never will make it.

Översättning - Beertje_86 @ Thus

Av Ica - 17 maj 2008 15:42

Elphaba's messages from Serena that was to see Tokio Hotel in Toronto:

(Toronto, eastern time)

"at 11:12am
driving to the train place!

at 11:50am
on the train

at 12:58am
at the venue i see tobi omg

at 12:59am
tobis smoking lol

at 1:09pm
guestimating around 200-ish people theres aweird number wristband thing going on

at 1:10pm
oh ja feel free to write back cuz im kinda bored

at 1:18pm
omg this old guy with a tokio hotel shirt walked by

at 1:20pm
wristband ppl have their own line chick called georg george iwant to punch her lol their talking bout susanne

at 1:21pm
thcanada ppl r @ the front

at 1:23pm
guy walked into the venue with swiss chalet

at 1:24pm
i see chicks with cat ears o.o

at 1:39pm
2 guys with th rhirts annoying girl taking pics of everyone

at 1:53pm
a guy with a lamb of god shirt is here lol

at 2:08pm
lotte tobi has ur letters and im totally rhaking after talking to him omg

at 2:27pm
im dying of xcitment som1 write on my wall lol tobi said dunja is not their interpreter ill write up our amazing convo when i get home

at 2:29pm
tobi had a nike sweater! 

at 2:54pm

waiting in line for TOKIO HOTEL!

at 3:08pm
lol ja i did he wanted to know how i knew who they were and itold him the internet and he wanted to know what was written on the net it's kind of 2 long 2 write here

at 3:20pm
i think he went into the parking lot or something capers catering is here so ithink ther either here or are coming soon ithink they might have done soudcheck

at 3:31pm
haha hi shannon! theres 2 seperate lines wristbands were given out yesterday i would say im 75 to 100 in line thfres a huge line behind me

at 3:38pm
my mom got a pic of me handing the letters to tobi!

at 3:49pm
i say hi to THA put the heart smiley here lol i promise to take lots of pics and vids!

at 4:23pm
the venue guy is asking around 4 the m and g people

at 4:46pm
the hot dog stand says avalon spring water on it

at 4:46pm

at 5:19pm
theres been bars up since i got here lol

at 9:54pm
omg just got out im soaked with the gs water im going to die of happiness write review at home!"

Serena's review:

"Ok, so here's my review! We left my house at around 11:00 to catch the 11:47 train, it arrived at Union Station at 12:37 and we took a cab to the Sound Academy because we couldn't figure out the bus thing and it was cheaper and way less confusing. So we got to the venue around 1:00, there wasn't that big of a line up but there was at least 100 ish people in front of me, my mom and my sister left to go get some food for lunch at the Asian Market a while down the road. There were 2 seperate lines, 1 for wristband people, who got them by showing up the day before or something and one for normal people. Around 1:30 they come back and I ate my lunch. I also got pocky (I have a major love affair with pocky) : D So after that we kind of sat around for a while and did nothing, the line got really big around 2:00 I saw 2 guys that had the "Rockin' North America in 2008, and I was there!" shirts, looked like a father and son that also had a daughter, I'm not really sure. There was quite a few guys it was surprising, a lot of them were just dads/boyfriends but it was cool anyways A bit after 2:00 I saw Tobi just standing there leaning in the corner of a barrier staring into space, so I remembered Charlotte's letters and though to go give them to him! So I went up and everyone's looking at me thinking "what the f*** is she doing?" and I'm like "" and I'm shaking, he didn't answer but kept staring the opposite direction from me, so I fiddled with my envelopes for a good 5 seconds out of nervousness wondering if it actually was Tobi. It was really embarassing because of the people watching me xD "Tobi." he turns around "Whaaa?" in a way that made it clear he heard me the first time. Here's the rest of the convo:

Me: Uhh could you....give these to Saki and Dunja for me from my friend Charlotte.... (fiddle with letters nervously)
Tobi: Who are they?
Me: Uhh...Saki is the other awesome guy from the VSD who's their bodyguard...and Dunja is their interpreter person...
Tobi: How would you know that?
Me: Umm the internet?
Tobi: What's written on the internet? Come over here, I want to talk to you. (I'm spazzing out inside my mind practically shitting my pants, we move over a few feet)
Tobi: So what is written on the internet, don't worry I'm not going to hurt you I'm the good guy
Me: Oh I know, the VSD is awesome. (but very quietly 'cause I have no idea what to say)
Me: Uhh mostly just how awesome they are... and stuff
Tobi: Well Dunja is not their interpreter, but she helps
Me: Oh...ok (I feel stupid xD )
Tobi: Let me see those. (I hold them facing him so he can see that they say "Saki Pelka" and "Dunja Pechner" Ohh... (he looks kind of surprised we knew their last names)
Tobi: Who are they from again?
Me: My friend Charlotte
Tobi: What exactly is in the letters?
Me: (gahhhofnekdsvbeujkdsgnm;av ) I don't know, she mailed them to me from California because she can't get to any of the concerts
Tobi: I like California, nice place...I'll think abou-no I will do it give them to me.
Me: (AQHNCKSMHB Q>HNVLSDJKHXNV OMG passes letters to Tobi) Thank you so much!
Tobi: (I actually don't remember what he says, but he puts them in his pocket)

Then I walk back, I am shaking like CRAZY and I found out my mom TOOK A PICTURE exactly when I was handing him the letters, it's so cool, now I have one with Saki&Tobi I'll post it soon.

After that it was just a lot of waiting like crazy and it was really boring. There was a large group of Russian (I think they were Russian) girls in front of me who I recognized from the last concert, they were the ones dressed...well lets just say they were dressed to go clubbing, not a concert. They had a Russian version of Monsoon, which was really cool I think. They had a lot of food from the market (someone would run down there every 5 minutes) and some alchohol I think. (They were underaged so wtf? xD ) There was also a lot of people smoking, now smoking doesn't bother me when it's not BLOWN IN MY FACE > : ( I think the amount of smoke I inhaled last night was like the equivalent of me smoking 5 cigarettes!

Around 5 the meet&greet people and THC mods (yes they get meet and greets) got to go in to meet the bbs! Then there was this huge gap in the line randomly so a bunch of people just ran forward and the Russian chicks lost all their food Then Tobi came over and was like "Everyone back, and that's not a question!" so everyone kind of moved back. We waited in that spot forever then around 6 it got very squishy and everyone moved forward. They let people in at like 7:15, everyone was pushing so the security guy is like "No pushing or you're not getting in and I dont' care if you miss the concert!" so anyways we finally got in and I ran to the merch table.

Surprisingly there wasn't a huge lineup, I was angry to see they had upped the prices from last time, t-shirts were $30 and the sweater was $50. I got the Scream hoodie and the "Rockin' NA blah blah blah" one and the Bill one for my sister. Then I ran to the concert area thing and found my sister to give her her shirt and ran off to a spot in between the right side and the middle. We waited there for honestly like 1:30 and like the oher reviews said Gustav kept teasing us with his drums > : ( I heard a lot of interesting things while waiting, the people next to us knew a gay guy that was madly in love with Tom! Apparently he though he was "ghetto" I'm like Apparently at that time a security guard gave my mom and my sister their own special spot because my sister's only like 11. Even before the show started a gazillion girls got pulled out, one of the Russian chicks one of them, all I could here around me was "haha the slut got pulled out!" even my mom was happy! I think I'm the only person that felt kind of bad

So the show starts. IT WAS F*CKING NUTS. During RSG and Final Day I could hardly breathe, everyone was just squishing each other and moving from side to side, I almost fell over like 5 times. Thank God everyone got tired and just stood in their own spot after. The concert was great, I was disapointed in the setlist because itu was the same as last time, but what cna you do? During Monsoon, there was a guy behind me, who I don't think was gay (just incase you were wondering) who was totally singing EVERY WORD. I got a video of it I don't know if you can here it well though, I though that was the coolest thing ever! The whole concert I practically only looked at Georg, and a bit Bill and Gustav, I think I looked at Tom for a total of like 5 seconds xD It was really fun and I ended up really close to front row withought even trying! I got splashed a tiny bit by Bill's water that he actually drank out of, he was introducing the next song and he's like "You want some water?!" and threw it Then I got SOAKED with the 2 Gs water, I feel holy now

After the concert ended I left as fast as I could because I was really tired and wanted to go to bed xD"

Review from aokiyai on livejournal

"TO Concert report
Oh man it was intense~

So I cut fifth and got there at around three, called Kat, got my half of the glowsticks and a huge thing of change. After my initial confusion of "who the f*** pays in TTC tokens?" and "O LOL LIONCASH~," went around to go sell them. Which was a little daunting at first; some of the girls were a little...hostile looking. O_O

They all sold and blah blah blah blah line up blah blah blah boring blah blah blah really short meet & greet for the people who won and the THC mods blah blah blah OKAY WE'RE FINALLY IN.

It was srsly like 483 times more intense than last time, I swear. A huge amount of people had to be taken out before the show even started--not sure of the exact number, I've heard twelve, I've heard fifteen, I've even heard twenty. XD

But oh man, it was seriously SO squished. Everyone was up against each other and it was so hot and sweaty and there were a lot of girls who in between screaming for/at TH were yelling "I CAN'T f***ING BREATHE/GET YOUR ELBOW OUT OF MY THROAT/STOP f***ING PUSHING." Or something of the sort. A LOT of the people I knew were on their toes for a large part of the show because they just couldn't see.


So TH came on after one and half or so hours after we got let into the venue. Gustav (I think) was just messing around with the drums, and every time we heard a beat we screamed. Srsly.

Then they finally came on, starting off with, as usual, Ready Set Go. This time, they were all there from the start because there was a curtain over them that raised up when they started playing.

I swear, Bill has learned a new dance move. It's some sort of like...swaying hip thing. AND IT WAS SO AMAZING TO WATCH I LOVED IT~

The SA people were f***tards. No food or drinks, or sharpies, or "professional" cameras (my dad had a Leica & that wasn't allowed in) or pens. No flash on your cameras (WAY TO KILL HALF MY PICTURES KTHX) and no videos either (BECAUSE I'M SO SURE PEOPLE WOULD RATHER WATCH SHITTY SCREAMY YOUTUBE UPLOADS THAN PROFESSIONAL ONES.).

Ready Set Go finished, Scream started. This time he didn't speak into the megaphone, but into the microphone THANK GOD because it was SO hard to hear through the megaphone.

[insert description of Scream, Break Away and Final Day here because I couldn't see a thing FML.]

More people fainting I think.


I can't really remember much of Don't Jump, although I was glad that this time no technical errors occurred. And also, Bill's little speech that he gave us totally made me vow to never kill myself ever. (which I needed). They are AMAZING like that~

I was a little surprised that during Totgeliebt he didn't draw out the whole "Es ist vorbei, bei, bei" line out like he did in Z483. I can't remember if he did last time in TO, though. Haha. Bad memory ftw.

Let's skip to Monsoon. The best part of it was watching Tom mouth the lines while Bill was singing~ This time, Bill seemed SO much more active. Like, actually seeing people and stuff. More gestures and things too, he was SO cute.

On to Raise Your Hands. Since Scream US came out around ten days ago, I think a lot more of the girls knew the lyrics than before. I know that last time I wasn't the only one singing Wo sind Eure Hande instead. I must say, Bill has this way of making you want to do whatever the hell he's doing. "Raise your hands together" and everyone damn well did. Jumping during Final Day and everyone (who wasn't getting squished to death) did. That weird arm thing that he always does during Stich ins Gluck/On the edge and everyone did~


He sounds just as good as before~ Absolutely no audible problem with singing; even with those powerful notes in BYS. There was a little break thing in between the "Turn around/turn around I am here..." part, but hey I'm not complaining.

So they go off and say bye. I shout "DAS IST GELOGEN!" after them. Nobody who hears gets it. ):

We see them putting three chairs on stage and someone bringing out Tom's acoustic. OH IDK ABOUT YOU BUT I THINK THEY'RE COMING BACK. And they do, and start with Rescue Me. Despite the fact that a lot of people forgot that they modified it from the album version, it was so amazing to sing along to~

UM KAY DDM NOW. I LOVED it; DDM/Monsoon live is such a rhythmic song. & also our fanaction was planned for DDM too. IDK how it went, but it was so fun just imagining what it would look like~ Bill sounds as good as ever, and it was an amazing ending song. Despite the fact that I think BYS makes a better closer than DDM, it was still SUCH a nice ending. <3

So they clear off and since everyone was expecting it, nobody's all like "WTF NO IT"S OVER?!" A lot of people stay to try and hunt down guitar picks from the floor (it's how I found Georg's!) and then we leave after finding out the outrageous price of WATER at the Sound Academy.

Amazing concert~ Completely, absolutely makes up for all the bodily harm that happened to people that night. Hopefully I won't forget it as quick this time~

Pictures from Sapphire at English Board


From RenaSunflash:

"I'm uploading a video of part of Totgeliebt for you all right now. =) ((I'm a new member to the boards by the way. Hi!)) I recorded the video with the intention of showing just my sister, who didn't want to go, but I thought I could share at least one of my videos until some better ones come up. I'm short so it was hard to get a good video since I couldn't actually see and I was standing on my toes, but the sound is good. ^.^

It was so full in there! I could hardly breathe! And people kept shoving, until I got a bit closer to the front and then everyone really just wanted to take pictures there so less pushing. The concert started at about 8:45 and doors opened at 7:30, I'm pretty sure, because the line wasn't moving at all before then. The boys all sounded great and the show was fun but there was too much shoving and all the tall people were standing in front of shorter people so it was hard for a lot of people to see. =( I almost got Tom's water bottle though.

Oh, the video finished uploading now! Here:" target="_blank">"

A picture of Bill:


A little bit of Scream

Durch den Monsun

Av Ica - 17 maj 2008 15:39

So now the guys are on 5th place!!

Av Ica - 17 maj 2008 15:35

All the pictures are hers!!!  But she has not put copyright  vbmenu_register("postmenu_92663", true); on all of them though...

Av Ica - 17 maj 2008 11:44

Just so you know we'll post all the news for today a bit later so be sure to surf back here in a couple of hours ;)



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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