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A lesson in Dutch for Tokio Hotel

Av Ica - 17 maj 2008 16:02

A lesson in Dutch for Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel already has been to the Netherlands so many times, that they should already know something about our language. Do the boys know the meaning of these Dutch words?


Tom: What do you do with that?
Hitkrant: You all coincidently all wear one today
Georg: Shoes
Hitkrant: No
Tom: jeans?
Hitkrant: Yes!
Tom: So I have go to a store and ask for a "spijkerbroek" it will all be fine? Nice, I could use another one.

Bill & Georg: t-shirt
Tom: Something for on your head?
Gustav: Can we get a clue?
Hitkrant: You can eat it during new years evening. It's some kind of fried dough balls.
Bill: Something like a Berliner ball? I would like to try those!


Georg; Schraatsen?
Hitkrant: It's a sport
Tom: Soccer
Georg: No, that's almost the same as with us. Fußball, voetbal.
Bill: Basketbal maybe..
Gustav: Tennis
Hitkrant: Most people only do it in the winter
Gustav: Snowboarding
Tom: Ice skating
Georg: Why are you right again?
Tom: Oh well, I am just so clever.


Tom & Georg: Bobsleigh
Bill: potatoes!
Hitkrant: No, it has got nothing to do with food
Georg; No food?
Bill: O, your making it difficult for us!
Tom: Toilet of something? Defecating then?
Hitkrant: Shall we then just tell? It a kind of bike with a big bucket on it where you can put some stuff in.
Bill: Never heard about that before


Tom: hair loss
Gustav: Can you say that again?
Hitkrant: Hagelslag
Bill & Tom together: skin eruption!
Tom: No? It could have been, right?
Georg: I know something, if you say whole sentence with the word then we can guess better.
Hitkrant: Oke, ik eet brood met hagelslag
Tom: butter
Gustav: Marmelade
Tom: cheese
Bill: oat flakes
Georg: Ugh, who eats bread with oat flakes?
Hitkrant: they are chocolate flakes
Bill: It sounds delicious. To bad we don't have that in Germany

Tom: drop?
Georg: Are you drunk?
Tom: Bist du dropp? (all the boys are hysterically laughing)
Tom: That's something they only say in Köln when someone is really drunk
Georg: Or did something else.....
Bill: If someone asks you that in Köln you know something is really wrong!
Tom: What the Dutch word means we don't know
Hitkrant: You can eat it
Georg: Is it candy?
Hitkrant: yes

The boys will have to get back to The Netherland more often cause with the words they know now they never will make it.

Översättning - Beertje_86 @ Thus


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