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From A to Z- Tom Kaulitz

Av Ica - 29 maj 2008 20:03

Fun thing I found.

A is for Aerosmith, cause that's the first album he bought( nice choice Tom!!!)

B is for BILL. Just couldn't resist!!! :P

C is for Cadillac. I wanna ride too Tom ;) hehe...mmmmmmmmmm

D is for dreadlocks, couldn't imagine how he would look wothout them!!!

E is for Eva Longoria-one of his fave actresses

F is for flirting, wohooo go Tom go!!! We have all watched the interview where he plays with his lip piercing...  is it hot in here or is it me? :D

G is for groupies. We all know why....

H is for hats, lots and lots of hats...tooooo many hats...haha

I is I guess for interviews, cause he always says something funny in the interviews, and sometimes things he should NEVER, repeat NEVER say...

J is fooor, what for? Lost this one, awww.... :(

K is for...uuuu OK it's for Kasimir (like the K at Bill's list)

L is for Litsche. OK again like the Bill list but c'mon they are brothers(even twins) sooo yeah...

M is for Mach man. Hahahhahahhaa you should check it in youtube!!! Sooo cool!! Mach macho maaaan... And also for Die Maldiven, naja WUNDERBAR!!!!

N is for Nicole Scherzinger. He likes her, oops no loves her, soo... Did  you see the interview with Bushido at the german MTV when they put on the phone Bill and Tom??? No? Then don't!!!!!! Cause first Tom says something about Nicole, then Bushido, then Tom again and then I was like-  NOOOO HE DIDN'T SAAAYYY THAAAT, POOR NICOLE....

O is for one night stand, don't need to comment that!!!

P is for pizza-his fave. Aslo for piercing and partys

Q is for, well for nothing, I hate Q

R is for Reden. You could say that that's Tom's song!!!

S is for Sexgott, his nickname(oooooo) Well, he says so.. Also for Samy Deluxe

T is for Tom's Teddy(aaawwww) sooo sweet!!!

U is for.... damn it I don't know..

V is for Virgo- his( and Bill's) sign. Also for vodka( I love vodka)hahahahahahahahahah

W is for WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE MY  t-shirt. I love that shirt!!!

X is for XXL. NO not that XXL you perve!! XXL is Tom's size. No not that size you perve, for his clothes!!!!

Y is for yep, no idea!!!

Z is for zipper. Cause when he plays live, his zipper is ahhhm... you got it! Just lets say that if go up on stage, you could easily take his pants off(oooo ja ja!!!) hihi

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2 november 2009 03:55

J is for Jessica Alba! XD or Jessica could be^^ :P
U is for "U, me, my room, now."
Y is for "Yeah sure." What he says when a hot girl talks to him. *o*


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