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Av Ica - 31 maj 2008 10:18

Pictures from Oberhausen:


Av Ica - 31 maj 2008 10:15

This is the belt Bill had on during the Comet Awards

Bill Kaulitz Fashion

Av Ica - 31 maj 2008 10:12

Direct from tokiohotelamerica

"Issue 1054. June 12th 2008
Eddie van Halen, Jimmy Page, BB King, and Omar Rodríguez-López on the cover
Via us street team at myspace

So Carol just called me to inform me that Bill is in the newest issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

She says: "Bill’s got a big picture in the brand new Rolling Stone. He’s out on Hollywood Blvd. in this bright green jacket. It says:

Feeling Green: Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz cruised Hollywood Blvd. in this mod-green leather biker jacket which totally compliments his freakish 'do. If you'd like to separate yourself from $3,350 dollars, pick one up at select Paul Smith stores."

She continued on to say: "It's [the picture] half a page high, a third of the page wide. It's awesome! I can't believe he got such a huge picture in Rolling Stone!"

She had the magazine with her, but she's at work. I totally don't have the scan, and just wanted to give everyone a heads-up, but maybe one of you can keep an eye out for the issue. But that’s so completely awesome. $3,350 dollars is a lot for a jacket. I’m so glad they’re getting so much attention from Rolling Stone, both online and in the magazine."

Av Ica - 30 maj 2008 22:06


How cute they are in the last picture!!

Av Ica - 30 maj 2008 22:04

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Av Ica - 30 maj 2008 18:57

Im the one that loves Tom so here are a few nice pictures of him =D





Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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