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Av Ica - 29 maj 2008 19:24

Here is and article about Tom when he bought his car..

Tom Kaulitz Chooses Cadillac Escalade

· Tokio Hotel guitarist celebrates his 18th birthday with a Cadillac Escalade
· First kilometres under the supervision of former racing driver Klaus Niedzwiedz
· Kaulitz: "An ideal car for touring"

Tom Kaulitz Chooses Cadillac Escalade

Finding heaven in a Cadillac is part of the world of pop, certainly since Hot Chocolate's 1976 number "Heaven is in the back seat of my Cadillac". Tom Kaulitz also hopes to discover the heavenly qualities of a Cadillac. The guitarist with Tokio Hotel, one of Germany's most successful pop groups at the moment, received the keys to an Escalade Sport Luxury at Cadillac dealer Autohaus Dello in Hamburg. They were given to him by Ulrich Mehling, managing director of Cadillac, Corvette & HUMMER Deutschland GmbH, and Michael Babick, manager of the Hamburg dealership.

Tom and his twin brother Bill, leader and singer of the band, celebrated their 18th birthday on 1 September. To prepare for driving the luxury SUV, Tom was given lessons at an ADAC training ground by TV presenter and former racing driver Klaus Niedzwiedz. Tom Kaulitz said of his first car: "The Cadillac Escalade provides the highest levels of safety and comfort. It is the ideal vehicle for touring with the band. We can really relax in it, even over long distances."

Commercially speaking, Tokio Hotel is the most successful band in recent years. The group was founded by teenagers Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing (bass) and Gustav Schäfer (drums) in Magdeburg in 2001, and was called 'Develish' at the time. The band made its breakthrough under the name of Tokio Hotel in 2005 with its hit single 'Durch den Monsun'.

The Cadillac Escalade is also a top artist among the large SUVs in America. The all-aluminium V8 engine has a capacity of 6.2 litres. It has variable valve timing and delivers 301 kW (409 hp) and a maximum torque of 565 Nm to the road through a six-speed automatic gearbox and four-wheel drive.

The extensive standard equipment consists of items such as an electrically-operated lift gate, parking assistance with an LED display for the camera at the rear, three-zone controllable air conditioning, a DVD audio system, 6-CD changer, Discrete Surround™ sound system with ten loudspeakers, leather upholstery (electrically-heated in the first and second rows) and electrically-adjustable front seats with a memory function for two driver's seat configurations.

The Sport Luxury version chosen by Kaulitz also has a number of accessories that provide additional luxury and comfort, such as an electrically-operated sliding roof, heated and cooled front seats, and a heated steering wheel. Other features include a roof-mounted DVD entertainment console with an 8-inch widescreen and electrically-folding rear seats. Safety is guaranteed by the StabiliTrak traction control, the electronic suspension fitted as standard, side and head airbags on all rows of seats and the seat belt tensioners in the front seats connected to the vehicle's sensor system.

Av Ica - 29 maj 2008 19:19

Here are some links and pictures of when he bought his car =p

Av Ica - 29 maj 2008 19:06

So here is a old video but we haven't posted it for some strange reason  xD

Av Ica - 29 maj 2008 18:36

Official Facebook here

Av Ica - 29 maj 2008 18:27

Jan Westmark - Celebrity News Service

Los Angeles, CA (CNS) - Boys bands have often created hysteria among young girl fans, and the group Tokio Hotel is no exception. Now the Kaulitz twins, the 18-year-old members of the German glam pop quartet Tokio Hotel, are causing quite a commotion among the ladies.

In addition to the twins, the band is also made up of bassist Georg Listing, 20, and drummer Gustav Schafer, 19. So far the group has sold close to three million CDs and DVDs in their country, and are hoping to replicate their rabid fan base in the United States.

According to the Associated Press, the look of the Kaulitz twins is just as important as the sound of the band. Bill Kaulitz has adopted an anime look: straightened, teased black hair; heavy eye makeup that accentuates his delicate, androgynous, doll-like features; chain necklaces and vintage rock and roll T-shirts. Bill is so thin that his on-stage appearance becomes almost one dimensional, adding to the cartoon-like appeal. Bill claims that his look is not anime from Japan, but more vampire from Transylvania.

Bill said he dressed as a vampire for Halloween when he was ten-years-old, and after that adopted the style year-round.

"After that, I started to color my hair and polish my nails. I started to wear makeup and stuff. I'd never heard of (anime)," Bill told the Associated Press in an interview at the Avalon Hollywood before going to the group's sold-out show in Los Angeles.

Tom Kaulitz, the older brother by ten minutes, developed his hip-hop/dreads look when he was seven or eight, in part as a way to differentiate himself from his identical twin. "When we were six, we looked the same," Tom said. "We had sweat shirts with (the names) Bill and Tom so that teachers had a chance to know who's who."


Av Ica - 29 maj 2008 18:26

He seems to have lost this ring at the awards last week...


Av Ica - 29 maj 2008 07:29

Tokio Hotel TV

Av Ica - 28 maj 2008 22:33


These four young guys from Germany have taken two ridiculously successful German language albums and put together what is sure to be a hot-selling English debut. Right now Tokio Hotel is doing the rock/emo vibe better than anyone else, and they’ve become incredibly popular world-wide as a result, with legions of loyal fans attending every show or autograph signing. On Scream, Tokio Hotel shows how polished they are for being young musicians. They pump up the crowd with energetic, rhythm heavy songs like “Ready, Set, Go!”, get a little darker in Scream, and the rock ballads Monsoon and Rescue Me, and put the emo into emotion with “Sacred” and “Forgotten Children”. Cheers to the boys and especially Bill who worked very hard to pull off singing his strong vocals in English. Though they’ve received a lot of hype world-wide, the boys of Tokio Hotel proved that they rock, no matter what country you might live in.

Fun Facts

• Scream contains English versions of songs from previous albums Schrei and Zimmer 483
• The US version of Scream has two bonus tracks, “Black” and “Raise Your Hands”, plus the world premiere of “1000 Oceans”.
• In Germany, Tokio Hotel have released four number one singles and two number one albums.
• “By Your Side” appears in the 2008 thriller Prom Night.

Hot Tracks
Ready, Set, Go!” “Monsoon“, “Scream“, “Rescue Me“.





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