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Av Ica - 27 maj 2008 21:11

So I decided to post it today cause I wont find the link tomorrow xD

Av Ica - 27 maj 2008 21:03

Bushido talking about Bill =P Got another one for tomorrow =P

Av Ica - 27 maj 2008 20:40

Here are some more pictures from Comet...:



Some more on Bill...

Av Ica - 27 maj 2008 07:16

I saw this and i got really hurt ;(;(

Sry guys its in Swedish but their just saying how bad Tokio Hotel are =(=(=(

Av Ica - 26 maj 2008 21:18

Av Ica - 26 maj 2008 21:06

Just saw that Tokio Hotel are nominated for a MuchMusic Award!!

You can't vote yet, will be back with this later, I promise ;);)

Av Ica - 26 maj 2008 21:05

"Okay guys, we have to spread Tokio Hotel's popularity and music in Lebanon. Go here
and request their song Monsoon, if all of you will do that, Tokio Hotel will deffinitly enter the top 20 charts on Radio One, it's a Lebanese radio, and yes they have played Monsoon before, but we want more! Because we want them to be in the top 20 chart, and Tokio Hotel will sure hear about this! So please all of you reuqest Monsoon!

You will find a box when you press on the link:

From:You put you're name.
Email:You put you're email.
To:You put "Mid-Day Hits".
Song:You put "Monsoon".
Artist:You put "Tokio Hotel".
Comments:Write your comment.

Please guys do it for Tokio Hotel now! Support from foreign fans will be just great! "

Av Ica - 26 maj 2008 19:53

Just wanted to say sorry for not keeping up with Video of the day =/

We're REALLY sorry about this gonna try to keep it going better in the future ;)

But you got your video of the day to day ;)



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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