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Av Ica - 25 maj 2008 16:35

Av Ica - 24 maj 2008 10:30

Here are more picutres coming from last night: (some of them might already been posted =P)

Tokio Hotel in neuem Look


Увеличенное изображение

Увеличенное изображение

 Wierdos in the crowd:

Sollten die Kaulitz-Twins mal ein Double brauchen, unter ihren Fans finden sie immer eins!

Av Ica - 24 maj 2008 10:28

Comet Awards 2008
Tokio Bill, where art thou spikes?

Ooh, did someone leave their hairspray in the USA?

They’ve only just been on their triumphal journey through the States, now in Oberhausen - to the big "Comet" awards; Tokio Bill arrived with an unusually straight hairstyle. The excitement of his fans had no stop.

The four boys practically had a "Comet" shower over them: They took four of the eight prizes home. The Viva viewers chose them amongst other categories for "Best band" and "Best live act". The ball for the "Best artist" went to scandal rapper Bushido. The nominated stars themselves awarded Herbert Grönemeyer as their "Star of stars".

La Fee, Udo Lindenberg and Bushido - The who-is-who of the music scene mingled their way through on the red carpet in front of the arena in Oberhausen.

The "Comet 2008" has been given out for the past 13 years.

"We received many letters in the past week to our record company in Berlin from fans that wished that we could be at the 'Comet' in Oberhausen. We’ll be there, promise." Bill gave away to prior to the awards.

And look: They kept their word!
Translated by Lenny


Av Ica - 24 maj 2008 09:49

Google Translation
Win the Tokio Hotel Comet!

Sensational - Tokyo hotel received the award this year VIVA Comet radiant as winner of the evening to go home. Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav are beside themselves with joy and because they had not expected such a triumph. All of this was done by you - the fans of Tokio Hotel - you made it possible. For this reason, the boys spontaneously on the VIVA Comet decided to stage one of the Comet heißbegehrten trophies to the most important people in their careers to give to you, the fans!

You have here and now a unique opportunity Comet - the boys only a few hours ago received - soon, in your hands. All you need do is fill out the form below and keep your fingers crossed.

At the Comet draw fans worldwide can participate and participation is 12 final June!

A huge thank you to this point again by Bill, Tom, Georg Gustav & Voting for your incredible support … the guys are looking forward now with you on 13 Dortmund’s Westfalen June, the hall to rock!

Gewinne einen Tokio Hotel Comet!!!

Sensationell – Tokio Hotel gingen bei der diesjährigen VIVA Comet Verleihung als strahlende Gewinner des Abends nach Hause. Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg sind außer sich vor Freude und hatten mit einem solchen Triumph überhaupt nicht gerechnet. All das habt Ihr – die Fans von Tokio Hotel – möglich gemacht. Aus diesem Grund haben sich die Jungs spontan auf der VIVA Comet Bühne dazu entschieden eine der heißbegehrten Comet Trophäen an die wichtigsten Personen in ihrer Karriere zu geben: an Euch, die Fans!
Ihr habt hier und jetzt die einmalige Chance einen Comet - den die Jungs erst vor wenigen Stunden in Empfang genommen haben - bald selbst in den Händen zu halten. Alles was ihr dafür tun müsst ist das unten stehenden Formular ausfüllen und Daumen drücken.

An der Cometverlosung können Fans weltweit teilnehmen und Teilnahmeschluss ist der 12. Juni!

Ein riesiges Dankeschön an dieser Stelle noch einmal von Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg für Euren unglaublichen Voting Support… die Jungs freuen sich jetzt schon mit Euch am 13. Juni die Dortmunder Westfalen Halle zu rocken!

From:  and

Av Ica - 23 maj 2008 23:31

Just found this one and needed to post it before I went to bed!!

Av Ica - 23 maj 2008 23:00

So here are all the awards Tokio Hotel won tonight:

  • Super Comet
  • Best Live Act
  • Best Band
  • Best Music Video 

So what do you think about this!?!? Leave a comment with your thought about this!

We are very happy about this and we're really longing for more pictures and some good videos and a lot other things around this!

Hope  you found us helpful and that Tokio Hotel had a great night!

More pictures and videos are going to be up loaded tomorrow!!



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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