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Av Ica - 14 juni 2008 20:03

I will put together everything she could tell me:

- Bill gave Georg a "hug: before Heilig [somehow put his arm around him, but I did not underestand because everybody screamed in the camera (phone?)] , I did not really understand why he did this but it had to do with the announcement

- Bill gave Georg a big Micky Maus stuffed animal, that had flown on stage,Gerog then put it in front of him and took it with him after the song ended. (this was probably Rette Mich?)

- Fanaction supposedly/apparantly worked amazingly- Bill also said thank you for it that we always have such creative ideas.

- The interior room (?) "only" had 3 barriers , behind the 3 behind them was apparantly very empty (?) but anyway the mood was still good

What the boys wore ....

Bill : "touroutfits" [Like in Brüssel etc].
Tom : Shes not exactly sure, but w/ purple Cap and a shirt could be right.
Georg: black Shirt w/ white stuff on it
Gustav: shorts ;; white sleevless shirt

Can't think of anything else will edit if I do
source: german forum


Just came back from concert into hotel and am totally happy! It was sooo geil and the boys were super!!! Also Playback it definately was not, nope all live!!!!

Bill hat again made his joke w/ Georg and introduced his"Guest Musician" While doing this he bounced so cutely!! huggable!! (lol) Gustav at the end again soat down to his drums and play some more, that was geil!!!!

But what am I saying....it was absolutely all geil!!!!!!

I made so many + 3 Videos. but my cam batteries are emptpy. mabye I put them up later though Videos are of "Geh", "Durch den Monsun" and the announcement where Bill makes fun of Georg 

from Elphaba


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Av Ica - 19 maj 2010 21:09

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Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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