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Dortmund report!

Av Ica - 14 juni 2008 21:16

Hi, this is my first comment here, but I thought you'd like to have a quick summary of the concert. And I wont only tell you about the good parts...
So first off, the screaming: this is a sound that you cant, I repeat, you simply cant describe to someone who has not been to a TH concert. (It was my first one) I have never ever heard anything like it my whole life. They were screaming so loud that I though my eardrums would start bleeding any minute. I'm not joking here. You could barely hear the music or Bill's singing. It was an amazing concert and Bill was in top form, his voice is totally back, and I was so relieved to hear him singing the high notes perfectly, so the guys were doing an amazing job. It's just that this screaming drowned out everything. They had to put on the volume to the max and it almost made it impossible to enjoy.
The cutest moment undoubtedly was when Bill introduced the others. I hope there will be videos of the big screens where you can see his facial expressions, bc he simply was adorable.
And yes, they f***ed up Vergessene Kinder. I think there was some problem with the bass, it was so loud that the whole arena was literally shaking plus I'm sure Tom f***ed it up with his intro and for a moment Bill and Tom and the Georg were completely out of sync, people noticed too, they stopped screaming and singing, but then they sort of found each other again, but really this song was terrible, all you could hear was this booming sound. And it was not playback. Neither was ADS, there was just some additional vocal which they added to the song.
Gustav's solo and the way he riled the audience up was just great.
And now for the really really bad part. I know a lot of people wont agree with me, but despite the teasing between BIll and the others there was just something off here. I missed the interaction during In die Nacht, Tom barely acknowledged Bill, after ADS the boys didnt come forward and bowed together,Bill simply dashed off stage, he was gone in like 5 seconds, Tom didnt come forward to ADS when the glitter was blown in the air only like half a minute later which was very strange...These are small things, but they made the whole experience really strange for me. Plus, I missed Bill's bringing a fan up to the stage and generally he didnt speak too much with the audience. It was a quick succession of songs after one another. Oh, and you couldnt hear the first two lines of Ich brech aus bc Bill's mic wasnt switched on.
I hope you dont mind that this summary is not all like 'How amazing! Perfect!' I tried to be realistic here. I will never forget this night and it was great, and Bill was great, but these things happened. I travelled there from Hungary just to see them, so I was a bit pissed off with the screaming people. I could have enjoyed this a lot more if I had heard more of Bill and the music than of the audience.
Okay, now tear me into tiny little pieces...:)

from Chayenne7


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