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Av Ica - 23 juni 2008 19:49

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Tokio Hotel from Germany!" A deafening cheer breaks out in the TV studio. The girls scream, wave banners and some even have tears in their eyes. US talk-show host Conan O’Brian has never experienced so much enthusiasm for a German band in his late night show before. He mumbles "Incredible," and shakes his head. Fans had already camped outside the studio building three days before the show. For the record, the queue grew until it was two house blocks long. But only 120 fans were lucky and managed to get tickets for the show.

America in TH fever! Whether it's entrances, signings or radio interviews, the scene is similar – hysterical teenagers, clogged streets, a state of emergency! Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav have really done something none of them imagined – Tokio Hotel has taken America by storm! They even decorate front pages of newspapers, have a load of celebrity fans (e.g. Jay-Z and Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls) and are going on tour together with the Jonas Brothers in autumn – an ideal start in the land of endless possibilities! As a child, singer Bill Kaulitz (18) couldn’t imagine all this in his wildest dreams. "Before, I sat in my room in front of my Nena posters and imagined what it would be like to be a popstar. The fact that we’ve come so far is unbelievable!"

However, international success has downsides too – in their homeland Germany, Tokio Hotel is increasingly losing popularity. The critics are increasing, many supporters are disappointed about them moving away and the first fanclubs have dissolved. And Tokio Hotel is doing little to win their old followers back. A new single or album isn't in sight whatsoever. Instead, making it abroad has priority; above all in America. A new Tokio Hotel album won't appear until the beginning of 2009 – too late for many fans!


My operation changed a lot in my thoughts. Till then it was totally normal for me to sing. Now I know what kind of a gift it is. For this gift I am extremely thankful.

Bill (Tokio Hotel) – "As children my twin brother Tom and I looked more or less similar. Now if I look at photos from that time, I myself don't know which one I am from us both."

Translated by Narin @


Do you actually know Tokio Hotel?

Nick: “Of course, the boys are cool and have loads of fans in America too! We even have their CDs!”

Meaning, you’ll soon appear in Europe as TH’s opening act, and then they’ll return the favour for you in the USA?

Joe: “We don’t know anything about that. But the idea’s not bad. Who knows…”

Kevin: “It’s cool that there are also brothers there as well. People don’t often believe us that we’re really related!”

This is claiming that the Bravo rumour about Tokio Hotel touring with the Jonas Brothers is simply just a rumour!

Source same source for all of them

Av Ica - 23 juni 2008 15:51

Today there are many "video of the day" :p

9 great videos from PDP here

Found some more links to pictures and videos so here you go!



Saki @ th's hotel

An deiner seite
In die nacht" target="_blank">DDM  
Schrei " target="_blank">Totgeliebt
Wir Sterben Niemals Aus 
Leb die Sekunde 
1000 Meere   
Der Letzte Tag
Ich brech aus 

Av Ica - 23 juni 2008 15:49

Vote here!!

TH is there with Don’t Jump. You tick the box, hit grey button that says Ρίξτο στην κάλπη.

Av Ica - 22 juni 2008 23:22

From Coolbreezegirl

It's amazing that TH's show in PdP sold as many tickest as it did considering that they had played 5 shows in France just a few months before, that it was in the middle of the exam period and that it was the day of Fete de la Musique day. the guard I spoek to said they had let in 40 000 people.

The lawn might have been half full but it was basically sold out (or sold out to 95%) in the seat sections. The one I was at had not a single seat left. At the back half of the lawn they had 16 toilet booths standing and several merchandising stands or stands that sold beverages and stuff so it was obvious that the lawn was never meant to be completely full. It looked like at festivals when they have a lot fo activity in the back of the area.

My bf is 201 cm tall and he had problems fitting his legs in the seats (obviously only madxe for people under 190 cm) so he needed an empty seat in front of his seat so he would get more space for his legs, but no matter where we checked there wasn't a seat available in our whole block or the ones next to it. We sat at the 4th row near the ceiling on Tom's side, we were sooo far away from the stage, and it was a bit disappointing to me off that the ticketseller which is supposed to automaticly give you the best seat available gave us those two seats so far away while there was some empty seat availabkle on the first row cloest to the lawn near the stage on gerorg's side. It must have been a fantastic view from there. But maybe those seats were sold out and tickets up unsold on ebay. Apart from that I have no complaints.

When the opening act started playing i thought the sound was horrible, the bass overpowered everything. I don't know if my ears just got used to it or if the soudn got better but when Th played the sound was fine. i think because we were so high up close to the ceiling that we had worse sound than if you were at the lower leveles of the seating areas or at the lawn.
The pyrotechnics were spectacular and a nice surprise. I espacially loved them during Schrei. The ballon fanaction wasn't the best one once executed because at that time it was too dark to see the red and black ballons, but it's the only fanaction I thought when I heard about it for the first time was a good idea. Bill commented something during Wir Sterben Niemals Aus when everyone held up a A4 sheet with a black heart but we couldn't make out what he said. The concert in general was very tight and excellently performed, definitely the most spectacular one of the 8 ones I've seen so far (but Nijmegen is my most favourite one, but I love them all for different reasons so it is hard to pick a favourite). The boys did such a great job at PdP and I am so proud of them. they filled the shoes on the big stage and it didn't feel to big for them. Bill worked it like a true pro, espacially the catwalk. I loved how long it was.

My cellphone died at the beginning of the concert and i had sucky reception any way, so I used my bfs blackberry (second time that one has saved me on a TH event) but it ha sno camera so I couldn't send any pics or videos during the actual concert like i had originally polanned so Malinakldio coudl upload them here at THA in real time. Since I wa so far away all my videos and pics are long distance shots so I'll see if they are even worse uploading. All in all the whole Paris trip was fantastic experience. I'm in love with that city. It's teh firts time I was there for a strictly private trip with no job related stuff taking up all my time there. the french people were great and everyone was soooo nice, including the conman who ripped me off 50 EUR, hehe, and best of all they all spoke english so i didn't have to try my godawful french skills.


Av Ica - 22 juni 2008 23:17

LINK to more pictures

And for the Tom fans (he looks really into it in all the pics!!)

the last one is by moreira53

By lelenou

The fireworks look very nice here

The guys going to the stage

by isuzu

He looks so much like Bill here

Av Ica - 22 juni 2008 23:06

InTHIS one they interview fans.

1000 Meere



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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