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Av Ica - 26 juni 2008 19:04

Av Ica - 26 juni 2008 19:02


 Credit to Evule

Av Ica - 26 juni 2008 18:30

Do you remember the Kerrang Reader's Poll last year?  Remember how they completely ignored us even though we were by far the most active and dedicated voters?  Before we crashed the site, Tokio Hotel were way ahead of the game.

 Well, now it's time to crash their site again!

Let's get them back for ignoring us!  Lets show them that they can't ignore Tokio Hotel again this year!  Time to get those voting fingers working!

To vote, use the following links:

Best Live Band
Best Album (vote for Scream)
Best International Band

Spread the banner and vote!  This is really important for Tokio Hotel in the UK!


Av Ica - 26 juni 2008 18:28

You can see fans have already started to camp for their concert 29th of June!!

A few pictures:

Av Ica - 26 juni 2008 18:15

Thanks so much to Beck for this translation from the Danish magazine Vi Unge.

Bill Kaulitz is a guy to be friends with!

It’s from the Danish magazine called “Vi Unge”. The article is about guys to be friends with, and the magazine chosed Bill to be one of them.

I’ll just translate it:

Bill is the sensitive kind of friend and you can share everything with him. He will always be there for you when your boyfriend takes off or when your parents are stupid. He’s a dreamer, and it’s for sure that he want’s you to listen to his new poems. He’s totally loyal so if you win his friendship you’ll have it forever.

POSITIV: Bill started wearing make-up when he was 10 years old, so he can for sure help you with your eyeliner and make it perfect. And a bonus is, that he can help you learning German.

NEGATIV: It’s for sure that you’ll get killer-mails from millions of fans, who would like to see you dead, so THEY can become Bill’s new best friend.

BILL SAYS (the boble): “I don’t think I have gotten any new friends the last five years. Unfortunately I have met many people who went to the press about me. That’s why I don’t easily trust people”.

DID YOU KNOW: That Bill’s best friend is Andreas, and that Andreas also is best friends with Bill’s twinbrother, Tom?

That was it. Hope you print it


Av Ica - 26 juni 2008 10:15

Today most updates will come in later today so stay tuned ;)

Av Ica - 25 juni 2008 20:52

Just saw a thing! That today we've hade over 500 visitors and thats a lot for us!! Thanks to everyone that reads the news here! You keep us going!!

Av Ica - 25 juni 2008 20:01

Translated by JennyTH @

[Source] "Lead singer of Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz, tries to surprise us with some new crazy hairstyle, but it's not necessarily pretty."



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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