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Av Ica - 25 juni 2008 18:52

Fotoshoot in Cannes - 2008

Black & White Amsterdam Fotoshoot - 2006

Download them here :p

Av Ica - 25 juni 2008 18:43

Here are a few pictures taken outside the airport in Paris!

Av Ica - 25 juni 2008 18:42

TH in America! Every day watching their diary!

We will be putting five episodes of the MTV Diary online - every day a new episode. At the end of the week you can win the brand new TH picture book!

On their giant success story through America, Tokio Hotel was of course followed by cameras. Sure, it doesn’t happen that often that a German band has as many fans there in the US like here by us in Germany.

Even if us fans from the first minute were a little afraid of if the boys can really take the great success while we are sad because they are so much overseas – we are still proud of Tokio Hotel.

Now has prepared five episodes of MTV Diary which was filmed in the US for you.

From Monday till Friday we will show you one episode. Keep watching as it will pay off twice, because at the end of the week, we will give away freshly printed copies of their new TH picture book “Ein Tsunami”!
Translated by beertje_86



Av Ica - 25 juni 2008 10:51


From Evelyn Proud TH-fan @


The photo of the double Bill Kaulitz, singer of the band Tokio Hotel, is on the net! Even mind that Bill, with his makeup, his hair brown tapered, his cute little smile in the corner… That's not him? What do you think?

They are really very similar! It's like in the comics, you never know who is and who is Boule Bill!

How to distinguish them, to be sure it was good to be true to? That is perhaps Tom, his twin brother who has grimé to make a game?

Tokio Hotel should perhaps contact was magnificent double if Bill would still have a problem of votes! It would become famous and the fans that there would be fire, is not it? And you, you know one thing for sure whether this Bill will always be that you see?

We at Staragora, it was a clue to know that the right, uh no, the left one, is a double: y 'is one that has teeth white. Eh ben yes, Bill Kaulitz is a smoker Gallic is known, so it has teeth yellow. Inevitably. 

Av Ica - 25 juni 2008 10:42

Source  (

Here is the entire document if a download in case you are interested - this link will open Adobe Acrobat Reader

Thanks to Schnee @ THA

"The set of exams you do in ireland before you can go to college/university are known as the leaving certificate.In the french ordinary level exam this year there was a comprehension on the boys.I was so jealous cos i do higher level but really happy at the same time cos it shows they are getting more recognition over here. The link will take you to the exam paper,then just scroll down to find them "

Av Ica - 25 juni 2008 10:24

Click HERE to check you match with Bill Kaulitz!!

Tell us what you got!!











Gonna see if I can find the other ones too!!



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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