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Av Ica - 25 juni 2008 10:22

cerdit to Schnee

In the new issue of the journal Joepie (Belgium) printed an interview with Tom Kaulitz. Tom talked about his love for holidays, about revenge and the luxury of living rock star.

Tokio Hotel experienced a tense time: behind the tours of Europe and the U.S conquest. It is summer… and of course the boys will have little time for the holidays. Tom Kaulitz tells about his plans, big love to do and much more!

- Tom, summer nastepilo. What you comes to mind first when you slyshishi word "vacation"?
Volume: Uninhabited island, the sun, beautiful beaches, blue sea and a lot of time for sleep. Amazing!

- Holidays for you always linked to "flirt"?
Tom: I can not remember a single summer, when I had not met with one or even many of the girls. After all, before we went with Bill to countries where there were many tourists. For example, in Spain. There has always been incredibly mnooogo girls and there was no difficulty in that couple seduce girls. (grin)

- Do you think Resort novel may be prolonged?
Tom: I think that summer, much less holiday, created to rest and relax and not think of anything. This refers to the novel and the spa, too. This is even more interesting: you're far away from home, open to all new… Then it all goes well, each make their own path .. At least with me has never been anything lengthy.

- Do you think, boy and girl can be just friends?
Tom: Yes, but I know for sure that this friendship, as a rule. It is very fragile. For example, if you fell in love with one another and have to want to be something more in the relationship. So I am more inclined to ensure that such relations are very complex.

- Just Do you his girlfriend if she you with someone change?
Tom: No, I can not tolerate betrayal. I can just only three people: my brother Bill, mother and best friend Andreas. If someone would do something behind me, I no longer give this man no chance.

- Budesh Do you take revenge, if you offend?
Tom: Of course! I always mschu when necessary!

- For example?
Volume: To love this has nothing to do with. In high school I was fond of hooligans and do what was forbidden. And of course always been a couple of "well", who knock on my teachers. Here's IM, I always mstil. I hate these people!

- What are you doing this, that was banned?
Tom: Yes, in principle, do not worry. I hooligans, but that there was nothing criminal. Most often, I podtrunival over teachers: they shed on the stele ink, adhesive plaster and painted door handles on the school benches.

- All that time you spend with Bilom, Gustav and George. Are any of them have any feature, which shows you from yourself?
Tom: Yes. Georg terribly lazy! I, too, of course laziness is there, but Georg compared with me simply fearsome! When we come into a new country and going on trips, Georg always sleep in bed.

Spell-their best character traits.
Tom: faith in themselves. I am confident in themselves and live, not thinking about anything. My friends and relatives always come to me for advice. And I am pleased to fulfil its role counselor. (laughs)

- Millions of girls around the world aspire to hold a night with you. How do you apply to such success?
Tom: First, it was quite funny when you constantly monitored for, but gradually used to this. Have fun people, pay attention to fans, give interviews. I have all this leads unrealistic! I am incredibly similar to the mind of such glory, and a luxurious life rock star!

- Oplya! Such claims only to the super-stars who usually make a lot of requirements. What is your list?
Tom: Yes nothing special! This is not all about us! This does not concern me either, neither Bill nor Gustave nor George. When we speak somewhere, asking only drinks, chips and pizza. Large unusual requests and wishes for a better America really big stars!

Av Ica - 25 juni 2008 10:19

Thanks to ihearttokihotel @

"I went to my homepage and I saw a link about Tokio Hotel.
I thought I would share it with everyone, sorry if it's been posted already!"

Av Ica - 25 juni 2008 10:14

from nicoletagenoveva @

credit to ELPHABA!

German Rock Band Tokio Hotel Making “Scream” Music Buzz
Written by: Claudine Paul

Tokio Hotel makes a buzz in America.

Not too many music bands make the front pages of the New York Times; however, not every band is the Rock German quartet known as Tokio Hotel.

The Associated Press reports that the international famed boy band have started to create a frenzied teen buzz here in the States. Recently having completed a successful U.S promotional tour in support of their first American CD release, Scream, the band hopes to replicate their worldwide popularity and music sales which currently totals over two million.

Being the first German band to enter the U.S Billboard charts in over 20 years, the band's public awareness can be mostly attributed to the Internet, where, for example, they are currently the top searched music band signed to a label on YouTube. Besides having over 100,000 videos on the Internet, the band also features weekly filmed updates on the Web, are visually diverse in appearance, and are all under the age of 20.

Having formed in 2001, with over seven years in the music business, Tokio Hotel have now set their sites and hopes on becoming successful in America. 

Av Ica - 25 juni 2008 10:09

Thanks to ShaileeOMGyourDEAD

Reply with quote Tokio Hotel living on the edge !

you can watch 'on the edge' live in MSN israeli page also

if you are login to you MSN MESSENGER this pops up:

and if you are opening the MSN israelo website:

Av Ica - 25 juni 2008 10:03

From Schnee @

The club fans have much to learn from fans of Tokio Hotel, which is apparent from Tokio Hotel concert at the Parc des Princes on 21 June 2008, on the occasion of the Feast of Music. Ambiance survoltée, fan actions made by the fans in agreement with the organizers of the event, impeccable logistics that enabled the realization of their balloons project ... Everything went perfectly well!

While Tokio Hotel offers books of German, fans could they not offer courses of "fan"?

Tokio Hotel au Parc des Princes : des fans exemplaires

Les fans club ont beaucoup à apprendre des fans de Tokio Hotel, c'est qui ressort du concert de Tokio Hotel au parc des Princes du 21 juin 2008 à l'occasion de la fête de la musique. Ambiance survoltée, animations réalisées par les fans en accord avec les organisateurs de l'évènement, logistique impeccable ayant permis la réalisation de leurs projets de ballons... Tout s'est parfaitement bien passé.
Alors que Tokio Hotel propose des livres de cours d'allemand, les fans ne pourraient-ils pas proposer des cours de "fan"?


Av Ica - 25 juni 2008 09:57

From jenn xo @

It's the Summer 2008 issue with the Jonas Brothers on the cover.
(yeah, yeah. i know, i know.)

(i'm sorry for the bad quality of photos)

Pg: 31
Spin This.
Refuel your music collection with some old favorites and a few up n' comers.

Tokio Hotel: These multi-platinum German rockers are poised to take over the US music scene. Give a listen to their disc, Scream, already in stores.

Pg: 112
Did you pay attention? (quiz)

#2: Where is the band Tokio hotel from?
A) Japan
B) Germany.

Av Ica - 25 juni 2008 09:37

Direct from

'Following the jump, the myspace bulletin! Here's the link to the US Homepage VIP Section! VIP Codes are available in all versions of Scream released in the USA!

Official Tokio Hotel Myspace Bulletin:

"The Tokio Hotel VIP chat has been announced! The band will take part in a special chat in the VIP section of the U.S homepage. To become a VIP member and access the chat, use the code provided with the U.S standard version of "Scream". The chat will begin at 4:00 PM EST on Monday June 30th and will last for 30 minutes.

Don't miss it!" '



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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