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Av Ica - 1 juli 2008 09:37

 Tokio Hotel Wallpaper Challenge

Each month at Portrait we run a wallpaper competition as a way for you talented Portrait Readers and buding graphic artists to show off your talents. Wallpaper Entries can be submitted up until the 15th at which time voting will open and Portrait readers can handpick their favorite wallpaper. The first, second and third place winners, as well as the 'Editors pick' will be displayed in the Portrait Wallpapers hall of fame and the winning wallpaper will be showcased in the next issue of Portrait Magazine!

German Rock Band, Tokio Hotel is this month's theme. Your wallpaper can feature any single member of the band, all four or lyrics from their songs.

  • Wallpaper must be 1024x768 or 800x600 pixels
  • You can submit a maximum of two wallpapers
  • After the competition the wallpapers will be featured in the Portrait Wallpapers collection and you will receive full credit.

    If you have any questions you can e-mail me at

    We can't wait to see your entrees!

    Submit a wallpaper:
    You can submit your wallpaper via the form below or e-mail it to with the subject 'Tokio Hotel Wallpaper'

    E-mail Address:
    Entry #1:
    Entry # 2 (Optional):
     Entry # 3 (Optional):
  • Av Ica - 1 juli 2008 09:34

    Sorry for not reminding you guys about the VIP chat yesterday, I myself missed it which Im not happy about!! But I just read on this:

    "The chat is something that was given by the record label and the band as part of the VIP promotion for people who purchased the CD. When you signed up for VIP access, you agreed that what is contained in the VIP section will not be copied or distributed in any way.

    That means we will not post the transcript and you cannot post it in comments, ask for it in comments, post your email address to send it to people, etc."


    Hope you can understand and take this, Im in the same position as you that have missed it since both me and Hanna did that... =(



    Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
     Doesn't matter, both were good

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