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Av Ica - 8 juli 2008 18:30
Av Ica - 8 juli 2008 18:26

Georg sings! look, look! ;-p

Av Ica - 8 juli 2008 15:28

Great Tokio Hotel fans, Ana Isabel and Vera, both 14 years old, didn't rest until they convinced Vera's parents to go to Lisbon to see the german band. On the way home, on monday at 4:00 o'3lock in the morning, what had been a great day of partying for the young girls, ended up in a tragedy with Ana's death, on A4, in Valongo.
Ana Isabel Soares, 14 years old, died instatly after the car that she was in with other 4 people hit a tree. The driver, António Babe, 53 years old, fell asleep and after leaving the high way, hit a tree. The girl suffered a cardiorespiratory stop and didn't resist.

She emigrated two years ago with her parents to Estrasburg, France, Ana had came to Portugal for a week to visit her family, especially Vera. "She never wanted to go to to France, she missed her friend", her aunt said to the CM.

Ana left her house saturday in direction of Lisbon. She caught a ride with António and Maria Manuela, Vera's parents and Ruben and her dream was fulfilled right after seeing the concert. Yesterday, at 4:00, she lost her life. The other minors survived with light injures. Vera's parents are in S. João's Hospital, with great heath care.



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Av Ica - 8 juli 2008 11:23

pic 1

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any comments?

Jenny :)  



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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