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Av Ica - 9 juli 2008 15:05

Picture the scene - you're in McDonalds, buying your Happy Meal, you turn around the box, and TOKIO HOTEL are on the back cover! Well, that's what a Czech fan experienced. Take a look here.


Av Ica - 9 juli 2008 14:35

Vote for Tokio Hotel over Avril Lavigne here

Av Ica - 9 juli 2008 14:34

Could you ever use Bill Kaulitz as an insult?! Well, according to Bethany, one of our readers:

"Basically, I was adding the 'Hug Me' application to my facebook and I wanted to do something horrible to someone so I clicked on the Naughty link and I found that I could throw Bill Kaulitz at someone. Obviously I didn't do that because that's just mean!!! Well it wouldn't be so much if someone threw him at me! :]"



Av Ica - 9 juli 2008 14:31

They’re about to conquer the world, and yesterday Tokio Hotel delivered in Rome in front of 18,000 fans. We met up with the four before the concert.

The young Italian girls have fluently prepared the most important German vocabulary...

Girl: “Bill, I love you!”

...More or less successfully. They’ve presumably fallen in love. The young band knows we’re meeting them backstage shortly before they appear. The chance to get close is completely welcomed, mainly by Tom.

Tom: “The other three boys haven’t pulled anything in any country we’ve been to, so they haven’t enjoyed or had anything to do with girls in any countries. I’ve already done so around the world, because you’re restricting yourself otherwise. Actually, you have to say, I can pull very well everywhere in the world.”

Worldwide success, and not only with women either. Whether it’s Paris in March, LA in May, or Rome in front of 18,000 fans yesterday, the pictures show that the Magdeburgers’ pulling power is incredible. But meanwhile, their bank account must truly be fit to burst.

Bill: “We’re still far from being millionaires, and I believe that we really make money for record companies, otherwise to be seriously rich we would really have to be footballers.”

So they’re not millionaires just yet. Nevertheless, they’re already living the typical jet set lifestyle. For example, they lose track of where they’re located in the world.

Bill: “I don’t often know, usually I’m just sitting there and forget it.”

Tom: “Well, I personally always like that. I ask the girls with whom I’m in bed in the morning where I exactly am and they know most of the time - “Where do you actually come from?” - “I’m just in France” - “OK, I see.””

Whether one of these ladies was courteous with this information this morning will certainly be explained by Tom next time.

Translation by "Narin @"



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