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Av Ica - 11 juli 2008 19:59

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 ♥ Zac Efron (High school musical)
Richie Stringini (US5)
Joe Jonas (The Jonas Brothers)
John Mayer (länk)
Corbin Bleu (High school musical)
Bill Kaulitz (Tokio Hotel)
Matt Pokora (länk)
Chris Watrin (US5)

Av Ica - 11 juli 2008 19:27
Av Ica - 11 juli 2008 19:26

Love : Intense Feeling containing the tenderness and the physical love between two persons. It is the subject of preference of every artist and the oldest subject of all the story of the humanity. The TH is at the very beginning of their collection.

Bill : If I fall in love about a girl with whom I think of having no chance, I reveal nothing. On the other hand, when the feelings are mutual, I open my heart without held. To say " I love you " doesn't frighten me. I'm thoughtful, possessive, terribly romantic, also fascinated. When I love somebody, it's always in a way fusionnelle. (Bill and the girl must love each other). I need to be with the elected representative of my heart all the time, to share everything with her.

Tom : I don't believe in the big Love. I believe that a long story results in the routine. And I hate the routine! I break easily and often by telephone. But that doesn't prevent you from trying your luck, girls! I find that cool a girl who makes the first step.

Gustav : When the occasion appears, some flicker of this of there, but nothing very serious! I would like to meet a sexy, well done girl, but especially with beautiful eyes! And above all, she has to be affectionate. The group doesn't allow us to have a true relation. We are often absent and occupied by the music.

And : Georg not esprime not on the topic. He loves the girls sexy as Angelina Jolie but we don't know about it more. Tom says on his subject: " if you cross Georg, don't hesitate to jump him above, Georg will never dare him to jump on you!


Av Ica - 11 juli 2008 19:20

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BRAVO No. 29

Longingly the Tokio-Hotel-fans are waiting for new music by Bill (18), Tom (18) and Co. TH-producer David Jost now exclusively in BRAVO: “We are working on new material. Bill writes so intensely on new songs like never before. But probably a new album will come in the early 2009.


Av Ica - 11 juli 2008 19:17

Tokio Hotel will be live on MTV TRL before the Modena’s gig on Friday July 11. There will be the opportunity to deliver directly to them the TRL Awards won last May, and to satisfy many fans who haven’t had the opportunity to see them in concert in Rome or in Modena. Meeting Friday, July 11, at 7 pm, the only reason to lost that is to be at the concert!




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 Doesn't matter, both were good

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