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this is a FAKE cover.

it's made by a girl in France. it's on youtube

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Hi everyone! We really had tons of fun performing on Sunday at the Werchter Boutique Festival in Belgium. It was terrific to see how many of you Tokio Hotel fans came out to watch us LIVE! Unfortunately there was an incident that soured the whole experience – at the end of our performance we were not allowed to play an encore and we were forced by the officials to leave the stage! You can´t imagine how sad and angry it made us not being able to say a proper goodbye to you guys.
We are very much looking forward to return to Belgium and to do a much longer show.
See you guys soon and all the best to you! Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg

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200 security forces such as nurses and Samaritans were offered at the sold-out Tokio Hotel concert in Geneva – and they were needed, too.

The German rock band played for 90 minutes in front of 10,000 fans at the Geneva Arena and the medical staff had their hands full. They had to be called out up to 250 times in order to nurse the young girls who became unwell back to health.


The run-up to the concert caused some confusion due to the tickets. Originally, the Magdeburg band’s concert was announced for March. However, because the 18-year-old singer Bill Kaulitz had to be subjected to a vocal chord operation early on in the year, some concerts were cancelled, including the one in Geneva.

As a result, the organisers planned to let Tokio Hotel appear at the Stade de Genève this Saturday. But then this venue, with its 25,000 places, was out of the organisers’ league. The tickets for the Stade de Genève were valid for the Geneva Arena. The ones for the cancelled concert in March weren’t, though.

___________________________________________________________________ "We have seen little of Modena, but we felt the warmth from the public, it's a great emotion." These were the first words of Tokio Hotel, during their interview on TV by TRL (directly from Pescara, with live connection to Modena) last night, two hours before the concert at Park Novi Sad. The band showed itself really available and tuned with the 18 thousand fans who waited hours before for them, and greeted them screaming inside the venue.

Did you have the chance to visit Modena? "We haven't had a lot of time, today it was a hot day, we arrived by last and in this case, it's difficult to visit the city", each word from the band is\par received by the delirious crowd.

During the interview, Bill Kaulitz and his band have received the award won at the TRL Awards, for the Best Band category: "We're very happy", he said. "We found a lot of love and enthusiasm. How would we split the award? Well, we're four, we'll see how to do it, there's too much joy and the Italian public is fantastic."

Do you have already new songs? "We can't tell for sure when the new album will be out", they said, "we can only tell you that we're working on new songs and soon you'll know some news about it."

To delight of their fans, Tokio Hotel have time to talk about their connection with the audience: "We see a lot of people every time, it's difficult to distinguish just one amongst the crowd. However, we can tell that it has happened several times, noticing in some fans in particular when they're standing in the first row, by the way they get involved in the show and by the way they sing all our songs, those are truly intense moments."

"A life for music", this could be the right motto to identify the band Tokio Hotel: "Definitively, I can't imagine our life without music, it's part of us, a real symbiosis."




Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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