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Ten thousand fans wild with applause for Tokio Hotel Saturday in Geneva. No injuries but many fainting.The singer Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz, is the favorite of young audiences who invaded Arena.

Icon of rock juvenile, the German group Tokio Hotel occurred Saturday evening in Geneva. The quartet has played 90 minutes before 10 000 delirious fans, mostly teenage girls. There were no injuries but 375 fainting.

"Some 90 people have vanished even before the doors open Saturday," said the organizer of the concert Michael Drieberg. "They felt such pressure ... the emotional health staff took care of all these people, handing them up. Many have returned to the room then. I am pleased that there were no injuries and no evacuation. We had a clinic with 60 beds and three ambulances. "
Suffocating heat

Some fans have camped for several days before the Arena to be safe to be at the forefront. From 15 hours, almost all the public was already at the gates of the building. In the courtroom, the air quickly becomes suffocating. While the parterre, 6000 people hurrying to the scene, the balcony much trépignent children, accompanied by their parents.

From a sudden, the lights go out and a rising clamour. The hall is more enlightened than the glow of thousands of mobile phones. The screams intensified since the emergence of young Germans.
Smile disarming

Shortly after, the singer Bill Kaulitz removes his jacket and trousers with a t-shirt and red. Behind him, on a screen, scroll including images of clouds. After three songs, it apostrophe the public: "Wie geht's euch?" (How are you?). In response, teddy bears are raining on the scene. The entire evening, the group has visibly taken pleasure to play. Their well-functioning performance left little room for improvisation. The contrast was quite surprising between the dark and look very makeup studied Bill Kaulitz and his smile disarming naturalness. He still seemed surprised at the success of his group. "This is what we could get better," said Bill in substance. "Travel and be in all cities. Thank you. "
Faces lit

The fans have regularly intoned the words with the singer. Towards the end of the concert, Tokio Hotel has issued "Durch den Monsun" (Through the monsoon) title with which he drilled in 2005. The group took leave of his fans with "An deiner Seite" (In your side).

At the end of the room, the faces were illuminated. Several spectators already visionnaient photos taken during which they will long for an event.

The concert was going to sell out. Originally scheduled for March 21, he had to be postponed because of a vocal cord singer Bill Kaulitz.


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Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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