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Av Ica - 17 juli 2008 14:35

 By Karlatissa

Av Ica - 17 juli 2008 14:33

Av Ica - 17 juli 2008 14:29

WELT ONLINE has led to the style icons choice - and fierce debates among readers triggered. Every 50 German women and men were the elections, the displeasure of many commentators Tokio hotel. Their critics must now brave. And hopefully, with the women's choice not a problem.

Who does it in style? Who makes the world beautiful, cool, modern? The ONLINE WORLD wanted by the readers know, thousands have joined. Men and women of all ages, we had to vote in the Lords about as serious celebrities like Roger Cicero and Wolfgang Joop. Tokyo hotel we had with the recommendation "because hundreds of thousands of teenagers can not be wrong" on the list. And lo and behold: The youth has triumphed, with an enormous distance Kaulitz the brothers landed in 1st place Kajalstift, Stinktiermähne, dreadlocks - as is now so stylistically.
(Sorry, it's Google Translated :/ But it's the 'important' Part of the whole article, the rest is boring XD~)

the article in German



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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