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Do you think Tokio Hotel's frontman, Bill, looks like a girl?

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Av Ica - 20 juli 2008 18:15

From *Rolling Stone turkey*

A New Wave From Germany

Tokio Hotel craziness in Europe has eventually arrived the other side of the Ocean. We talked to Bill & Tom twins who rocked the USA with Scream (album) about fame and dreams.. [interviewed by Nicole Freshee]

On a sturday morning In New Jersey, a hundred of guys wearing raincoats dont ignore the rain and mud, and they are sitting at the car park of Meadowlands. Crowded which doesnt care the danger of crushing, is trying to announce their voice to Tokio Hotel and a poor girl is laying herself out: "Bill, i wanna make ur hair! " . Bill kaulitz is the soloist,18 year-old, of the German band Tokio Hotel. While screaming is keeping on, guitarist Tom (Bills twin) who has dreadlocks is starting by playing Ready Set go and the concert is starting ..

Girls are keeping on screaming but Bill doesn't seem like he cares. If he would try to answer the girls like her, then his hair like hedgehog wouldn't be important that much, right ? So that he is turning right by shaking his hips, holding his biff up and starting to sing!

Tokio Hotels album called Scream was published on may 6th in America and this German emo band has been the favourite of MTV since that day. They give full house concerts in NY and LA.
"When we played at Irving Plaza in NY in february, everybody sang our songs, even German ones too!" says Bill. "We are used to giving concerts in Europe but attention in Amerika makes us surprised! "

A few years ago, Bill and Tom , were playing to only a few people in Madgeburg. "Every weekend, we were playing to 15 people at the same club." Says Tom who started to play guitar when he was 7. And Bill says that he decided to become a star at this time too. "On Tv, I came across a Nena concert, she was singing "99 red ballons". And i said 'I wanna sing on the stage too!!' ". Tokio Hotel is completely founded with joining Gustav (drum) and Georg (bass) in 2001. "We thought, someone must help this band" says Listing by laughing.

Scream is the first English album of Tokio Hotel which consists of the english versions of German songs in German albums. "We have correlated with every song. " says Bill who was affected for his new style by wearing a vampire costume on Hallowen . "In the fact, Ready,Set,Go! tells our stories. Well, we say 'Follow your dreams and dont be afraid to start a new life' ".

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