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Tokio Hotel could also win!

Av Ica - 31 juli 2008 19:45

Yam.de has posted an article about Tokio Hotel and the MTV VMAs. They say that Tokio Hotel still have a chance to win a VMA, but you all have to vote!

In September, one of the hottest music events of all time takes place again. The MTV Video Awards will occur. Top acts like the Jonas Bothers perform on stage it will and it will bring some prizes. If everything runs well, Tokio Hotel can also swipe the international prize.

Now, MTV has listed all possibilities in the “Best Pop Video” categoriy. The pre-voting decides who will make the nomination list in the end. Up to now, the trend goes against Bill, Tom, Gustav, and Georg.

Under the most viewed videos, Monsoon is not in the top 20 on the nomination list. Here, up to now, Jordin Sparks, Mariah Carey, and Chris Brown dominate. At the beginning of August it will be certain which acts made it into the nominations list.

Here, you can vote for Tokio Hotel (unfortunately, only by logging in).

In the categories “Best Female Artists” and “Best Male Artist”, the nominations stand ready: Mariah Carey (Touch My Body), Katy Perry (I Kissed A Girl), Rihanna (Take A Bow), Jordin Sparks (No Air) und Britney Spears (Piece Of Me) are there.

Alongside the boys, Chris Brown (With You), Flo Rida (Low), Lil Wayne (Lollipop), T.I (No Matter What) und Usher (Love Is In The Club) are on the list.


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