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Av Ica - 27 juli 2008 00:06

"See a special message from the boys about this great opportunity below:


Av Ica - 27 juli 2008 00:04

August 5th: Tokio Hotel’s “Schrei LIVE” DVD release in Canada!!!
It’s time for Tokio Hotel’s first LIVE DVD in Canada! On August 5th, Tokio Hotel’s “Schrei LIVE” DVD will hit the shelves all across Canada! This DVD includes 17 awesome LIVE performances, exclusive behind the scenes footage and a cool Tokio Hotel picture gallery!!! Make sure to get your personal copy right away and check back with Tokio Hotel’s official Canadian homepage on the release date to see the cool contest we have in store for YOU!

DVD features

…performances of 17 incredible songs LIVE in concert incl. Tokio Hotel’s MEGA hit “Durch den Monsun”!

…exclusive behind the scenes footage from Tokio Hotel’s 2005/2006 tour! (subtitles available in English, French, Spanish, Polish & Russian)!

…hot Tokio Hotel picture gallery!

source: TH newsletter

Av Ica - 25 juli 2008 19:04


Av Ica - 25 juli 2008 19:03

Tokio Hotel are nominated for Coolest Live Act at this year’s Jetix Awards which will take place in Berlin on October 25th. Voting isn’t up yet but we’ll update you when it is! [Source]

Av Ica - 25 juli 2008 19:02

Vote Your Top 100 Hottest Guys over on VIVA here. It's up to personal taste now!

Av Ica - 25 juli 2008 19:01

Vote for Tokio Hotel with Don't Jump on Los40 in Argentina here. It's vital that they get lots of airplay in South America!

Av Ica - 25 juli 2008 18:53

TOPP magazine writes: Bill's favourite TV-show is 'Freunde- Das Leben Geht Weiter'.

It's a Norwegian magazine. 



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