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TopMusic interview 28 Juni 2008

Av Ica - 7 augusti 2008 12:00

- The motto of Rock in Rio is 'For a better world'. What would you do to make the world a better place?
- Bill: That is a really difficult question and it can't be answered with only one sentence.There's always a lot of things that can be done to make the world better. A festival like this is a good first step and participating in it as musicians too.

- How was yesterday's concert in Barcelona?
- Bill: We are verey pleased with our spanish fans. Last night we played there and it was a beautiful concert. We have a very good feeling with our spanish fans.

- Have you ever been afraid of reaching success at such a young age?
- Tom: There are things that happen to us that we still can't believe, like been able to perform at Rock in Rio. It's true that we're having success, we know we've had a lot of luck and sometimes we've needed time to assume all this.

- Are you always dressed up like that?

- Tom: We'd love to be able to always dress like this, but what happens is that we can't anymore. When we went to school we did dress like this because it's our style, but now it would be a little uncomfortable to go outside like this because everybody would recognise us.

-How are you feeling after the operation? Have you noticed any change in your voice?
-Bill: No, and I'm really happy. Now finally I can say that everything is like before, which was the aim of the operation. It is true that it was a specially low time in our career and also personally i was deeply touched. The worst was that we we're very sorry for all our fans for all the concerts we had to cancell. A vocalist is always afraid of being operated(?) on the voice, but fortunately, now i can say I'm fully recovered.

- Yesterday a concert in Barcelona, today in Madrid, tomorrow in Lisboa...How do you keep up with such an intense pace?
-Bill: Good, cause we are addicted to work, we've been nearly 3 years, almost without stopping.
We only rest for two weeks a year, but it's what we wanted, what we like.
-Tom: We arrange our agenda, we decide when and where we perform...no one decides it for us. Obviously, there's times when you think you can't take it anymore, there's days when we are in 3 different citys and sometimes you don't even know where you get up...but it's something that fills us.

-What do you think of the fan phenomena that follows you? Are you aware that one day this may be over?
-Bill: Yes, of course, but you have to know that we also started as a small group and only 4 or 5 persons would go to watch us perform, so we know what is like not having success, that's why we appreciate what we have. Bad times can always arrive, like in every job,  but we hope this lasts for a long time.

-Do you know the Jonas Brothers?
-Tom: Yes,we've heard of them, specially when we went to the US, were they are very famous.
-Bill: Now they're starting to be famous in Europe. And that is something that we have in common with them, cause we are starting in the US. Musically we don't know them very well.

- You guys are rich, single, famous...Do you have any whises left?
-Bill: (I can´t see what is written there)...a lot because success hooks you, it's like a drug, you always want more, more concerts, more tours...and you want to do better each time. And about being single, it has to be clear, that we are all single. (laughs)

- So, is it not true then that Bill is with a spanish girl?
-Bill: No, It's no true, I've been 3 years alone now. There are so many things said about us which aren't true...like that we are 'little multimillionaires'.

Translation: EdurneTH@thus


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