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Brazillian magazine Capricho

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The German band proves there's attitude and good rock n' roll in any corner of the world.

My phone rings and I get a call in German, directly from Hamburg. For a few seconds, I was quite scared. I do English interviews all the time, but in that language it would be new to me. Glad someone on the line eases me identifying herself as the Portuguese-German translator. Uff! That way it would be easier to talk with Tom Kaulitz, the guitarist of the band Tokio Hotel. Along with his twin brother, Bill, the scandal vocalist, he leads the band that sold more than 3 million Cd's and DVD's, only in their homeland. During the interview Tom was very nice and gave out that he is a player. Right away, he revealed the desire to come to Brazil and, of course, to know by close the Brazilian girls. He spoke to me directly from a studio in Germany, where they're recording their 3rd album.

You play since children. How did you conciliate school and music?
In the beginning, it was easier for Bill and me. We only did shows on weekends. So it was peaceful to attend school. At the same time, it was fun because we were 12, 13 years old and we played in places where the most audience was over 30! Then, with 15, we released our first single, Durch den Monsun and, it was a success here in Germany. From then on, attending school became pretty difficult. We chose to study at distance. We just finish medium school.

You and your brother are identical twins, but you have very different looks. Is it on purpose?
It’s nothing on purpose. In fact, till 6 years old, we wore identical clothes and hair! If you see our photos, you’ll understand, that as years passed by, our style became naturally distinct.

How is it to be a rock star?
The most rewarding things for the band are playing live, going on tour and seeing our fans close by. And, speaking for myself, I love to know all the cities in the world and make out with all the beautiful women too.(laughs)

It’s been a while since I had a serious relationship. Normally, what happens are one night stands. But answering your question: yes, I really like to stay with fans.(laughs)

Do you have time to know the cities where you perform?
Lacks time to see all I would like to in the cities where we go. But I will be very happy if I have time to know Brazil when Tokio performs there.

Which was the coolest place you did a show?
That’s pretty hard to answer. All of us, in the band, love big cities. We like very much New York, Los Angeles and Moscow – which is a wonderful city to party. So as we like Paris, Rome and many others. It’s really difficult to choose only one place.

You recorded in English and German. Which language do you prefer?
In English or in German the songs have the same Tokio Hotel’s essence. The important thing is the feeling when we're playing. In the beginning, it was a bit strange for us to sing in English, but now it’s more normal.

What do you know about Brazil?
I don’t know much. So, I really want to go to Brazil and make my own opinion. You listen much about the carnival, of course. I have a great will to see those beautiful women from who we hear so much people talking about. Moreover, knowing that they nearly wear any clothes! (laughs)

Do you intend to come here?
Of course we have plans to go to Brazil! We just don’t have any specific date yet. But anyway we will go there to play live. Just wait!

Which are Tokio Hotel’s plans?
So, we’re going to release our third studio album, which will be recorded in German and English. That’s why, inclusively, that we’re here in Hamburg. In August, we’re going on tour in the USA. I hope to play in Brazil soon too.

Own Style! [PINK BOX]

From where the vocalist, Bill Kaulitz, took his extravagant look

1. PUNK: the spiky hair, the rivet belt, the black leather jacket are inspired by a movement that began in the late 70's.
2. MANGA: the make-up and the half anime figure leaves the vocalist with the face of the Japanese heroes: white skin, marked eyes and pinky well drawn mouth.
3. ANDROGYNOUS: seeing Bill, many people ask themselves: is it a boy or a girl? The outward belly, the small waist and the way to stop has androgynous inspiration - style that mixes masculine and feminine references in the making of the look.

Favorites - about Scream

German Invasion

The first Tokio Hotel's CD to reach Brazil, Scream, brings the 12 biggest hits of the Kaulitz twins’ band and, the best part, in English. The highlight goes to the track Monsoon, maybe their biggest success until now. Durch den Monsun, original version of the song recorded in 2003, is also there for those who want to risk to learn a bit of German. With Scream, the band shows that, besides a modern and cool look, they know how to make good music. And the boys don't even have 20 years old completed!

Lucio's Column


Because we are brothers!

Ok, attending to requests, we're going back to that issue... If you're between 13 and 18 years old, nothing seems to matter more in your life than the bands Jonas Brothers and Tokio Hotel. My e-mail box says it. So, let's see what I, that dedicated 25 years of my life to rock, have to say about them:

1) How come the biggest present female hysteria is caused by a band from former East Germany?
2) And the JoBros, so? They formed the band in New Jersey! That's not even the most incredible city in the world!
3) I began to respect Tokio Hotel when I knew that, last year, in front of a hotel in Paris, the screams and cries of French girls were measured by earthquake sensors. Hysterical scream in the Richter scale. It's true.
4) And the Jonas Brothers are cover of the American Rolling Stone magazine. I bring you an extract here - look how friend I am of the Jonas Brothers fans: "With an album that promises to sell millions, Jonas Brothers want to be seen as a real band."
5) The reader Mariel, from Brasilia, saw a Tokio Hotel concert in Spain and wrote me to tell me about it. "I was going to Rock in Rio to see Shakira. But then it was postponed and I ended up seeing Tokio Hotel. My tympanum blew out. Bill, Tom and Gustav are cute."
6) Back to Rolling Stone, a part of the text gives out that Jonas Brothers always take a group from the crowd and bring them to see the show closer to stage. In all the performances. Kinda of a ritual.


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