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Av Ica - 7 augusti 2008 23:33

Don´t miss out on YOUR chance to meet the band tomorrow, Aug 8th at the HotTopic in store signing session in Freehold NJ!
> HotTopic - Freehold, NJ
Friday August 8th @ 3pm
Freehold Raceway Mall
3710 Route 9 / (732) 577-1621
Get the Tokio Hotel CD SCREAM or any Tokio Hotel T-Shirt from the Freehold Hot Topic location and receive a wristband that guarantees YOU a place in line to meet Tokio Hotel! (One wristband per person. Space is limited. No cameras allowed and one autograph per person.)

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Av Ica - 7 augusti 2008 20:20

So tonight is the first concert of the USA SUMMERTOUR!!

Updates and pictures will hopefully be up tomorrow if I get a chance to fix that ; )

Thats all for tonight have a great evening ; )

Av Ica - 7 augusti 2008 19:33

Soo many of you know that Tokio Hotel have been on the Happy Meal here and there at McDonalds.

We now know that soon all the McD's in Europe will have Tokio Hotel in their Happy Meal's ; )

This is what we all want:

Av Ica - 7 augusti 2008 19:30


EXCLU VOICI ! Le leader du groupe allemand a été reįu au permis et s'est offert sa toute premičre voiture....

Bill Kaulitz, il est beau, il chante bien, il a du style, il est riche, il est...
Bref, il ne lui manquait qu'une chose pour parfaire le tableau : pouvoir fouler le bitume ā bord d'un bon gros bolide qui en jette. Mais le problčme, c'est qu'alors que tous les membres de TH ont réussi l'examen, Bill, lui l'a raté lorsqu'il l'a passé la premičre fois...

Mais aprčs quelques semaines de cours de conduite supplémentaires, Bill de Tokio Hotel a finalement assuré comme une bęte et obtenu son permis de conduire il y a deux jours, mercredi dernier, ā la deuxičme tentative donc.

Une fois le sésame en poche, restait plus qu'ā choisir l'engin de ses ręves. Lā, Bill a opté pour une marque allemande en s'offrant une BMW grise série 6 cabriolet (voir ā quoi įa ressemble ici)... Montant du petit bijou ? 90.000 euros environ. C'est le prix ā payer pour aérer sa chevelure avec classe...

Translated by Ines

Exclusive VOICE! The leader of the German band received his driver's license and has offered himself his first car.

Bill Kaulitz, he is beautiful, he sings well, he has style, he is rich, he is...

In short, just one thing was missing to complete the board: be able to ride the asphalt aboard of a good large car which would stand out.

But the problem was that while all members of TH have passed the exam, Bill has failed to pass it the first time...

But after a few weeks of additional driving lessons, Bill of Tokio Hotel has finally gained confidence and got his driver's license two days ago, last Wednesday, his second attempt then.

Once with the sesame seeds in his pocket, it was only missing to choose the engine of his dreams. Here, Bill opted for a German brand by offering himself a grey BMW 6 Series convertible... Price of the small jewel? 90,000 euros. This is the price to pay to ventilate his hair with class...


Av Ica - 7 augusti 2008 12:02

The excotic style of Tokio Hotel!

This German band is all the hype in Europe and its four members have already started breaking hearts in our country. Are you ready to fall in love with them? You’ll surely do- By Diana Matozo

The leaders of Tokio Hotel are twin brothers Bill (lead singer) and Tom (guitar) Kaulitz. Despite the fact that they are identical twins, they have very different and distinctive personalities. They talked to our magazine (TU) about their music and they also shared some secrets of their love life with us. Find out everything about it!

TU: How do you feel now that your music is known in our country?
Tom: Once we dreamt about international success but we never really thought that it would happen. People in our country know about us but crossing borders is not only amazing, it’s also weird! We’ve never been in Mexico but our music is being played there…it’s a great satisfaction. We would love to visit your country.

TU: Do you have girlfriends? How’s your ideal girl?
Tom: I don’t have a girlfriend and I can’t really say that I have an ‘ideal’ girl. I can’t say that I prefer blond girls over brunettes or redheads, all I can say is that there are a lot of beautiful girls everywhere.

(Pic: ‘Georg and Gustav are a little behind on the girl topic’- Bill)

TU: Is dating easier when you’re in this career?

Tom: Of course music helps. In school, it’s the kids that are musicians the ones that tend to be very popular and have great success! That’s why I decided early on that I’d play guitar (laughs). No, honestly, I have never had ‘girl trouble’ and I have never used my fame to get with a girl.
Bill: In my case, music has definitely helped, I had my first girlfriend when I started singing but in this business, there’s little time for a serious relationship.

TU: Who’s your favorite (female) singer or actress?
Tom: I love Jessica Alba, she’s my favorite!
Bill: For me, it has to be Nena, the German singer, I was very influenced by her. I saw one of her concerts on TV and it was a moment that left a mark on me. I was very young and right after that, I started writing my own songs. It was clear to me that I had to be on a stage one day.

TU: Being twins, have you ever tried making a move on the same girl?

Tom: I had a girlfriend and when we broke up, I tried to talk her into giving my brother his first kiss. I wanted him to live that experience because (until then) Bill had never had a girlfriend. It was a way of showing how much I cared.

TU: Is there a message behind your look?
Tom: We have never wanted to create a fake image. This is part of our personality, this is what we feel, this is who we are. If you see pictures of us before being a band, you would see that the change hasn’t really been a drastic one.

TU: Would you get a girlfriend’s name tattooed?
Tom: If the relationship isn’t serious, I don’t think I would, I don’t think it’s worth it (laughs); if it were something a little more serious…I don’t think I’d do it either! I am not a big fan of tattoos.
Bill: I love tattoos! And if I were really in love, why not? I think I would do it.

TU: Are you guys faithful (when in a relationship)?
Tom: When you are in love, it’s important to be faithful and feel that the other person is being faithful too, it’s basic.
Bill: For me, this is something fundamental. Besides, if I am in love, I don’t really feel like accepting any other ‘offers’. With me, you don’t have to worry about cheating, I believe in being faithful and that’s what I practice but… I haven’t really been with a girl for quite some time now.

TU: How do you feel about your fans getting so crazy sometimes?
Bill: We’re really proud of the fans that we have, they support us so much, they are always waiting for our concerts, they sing our songs, they have an amazing level of energy and that’s contagious. They make us feel the need to continue doing what we are doing.

(We love to see all the fan signs and banners at our concerts!)

What every fan should know:

*They were born in Magdeburg, Germany. There they are listed as part of the ‘Town’s Most Beloved Sons’.
*Tom is older than Bill…10 minutes older only!
*When they were little kids, the twins would wear t-shirts with their names on them so that people wouldn’t get confused.
*These brothers have a philosophy in life: ‘Follow your dreams’
*Gustav started playing drums when he was only 4 years old!
*Georg is a Fall Out Boy and Green Day fan
*When they recorded their first album, two of them were just 13 (Bill and Tom)

For more information about the band:

Translation: Neely @ thus

Av Ica - 7 augusti 2008 12:01

 Š Haley88

Av Ica - 7 augusti 2008 12:00

- The motto of Rock in Rio is 'For a better world'. What would you do to make the world a better place?
- Bill: That is a really difficult question and it can't be answered with only one sentence.There's always a lot of things that can be done to make the world better. A festival like this is a good first step and participating in it as musicians too.

- How was yesterday's concert in Barcelona?
- Bill: We are verey pleased with our spanish fans. Last night we played there and it was a beautiful concert. We have a very good feeling with our spanish fans.

- Have you ever been afraid of reaching success at such a young age?
- Tom: There are things that happen to us that we still can't believe, like been able to perform at Rock in Rio. It's true that we're having success, we know we've had a lot of luck and sometimes we've needed time to assume all this.

- Are you always dressed up like that?

- Tom: We'd love to be able to always dress like this, but what happens is that we can't anymore. When we went to school we did dress like this because it's our style, but now it would be a little uncomfortable to go outside like this because everybody would recognise us.

-How are you feeling after the operation? Have you noticed any change in your voice?
-Bill: No, and I'm really happy. Now finally I can say that everything is like before, which was the aim of the operation. It is true that it was a specially low time in our career and also personally i was deeply touched. The worst was that we we're very sorry for all our fans for all the concerts we had to cancell. A vocalist is always afraid of being operated(?) on the voice, but fortunately, now i can say I'm fully recovered.

- Yesterday a concert in Barcelona, today in Madrid, tomorrow in Lisboa...How do you keep up with such an intense pace?
-Bill: Good, cause we are addicted to work, we've been nearly 3 years, almost without stopping.
We only rest for two weeks a year, but it's what we wanted, what we like.
-Tom: We arrange our agenda, we decide when and where we one decides it for us. Obviously, there's times when you think you can't take it anymore, there's days when we are in 3 different citys and sometimes you don't even know where you get up...but it's something that fills us.

-What do you think of the fan phenomena that follows you? Are you aware that one day this may be over?
-Bill: Yes, of course, but you have to know that we also started as a small group and only 4 or 5 persons would go to watch us perform, so we know what is like not having success, that's why we appreciate what we have. Bad times can always arrive, like in every job,  but we hope this lasts for a long time.

-Do you know the Jonas Brothers?
-Tom: Yes,we've heard of them, specially when we went to the US, were they are very famous.
-Bill: Now they're starting to be famous in Europe. And that is something that we have in common with them, cause we are starting in the US. Musically we don't know them very well.

- You guys are rich, single, famous...Do you have any whises left?
-Bill: (I can´t see what is written there)...a lot because success hooks you, it's like a drug, you always want more, more concerts, more tours...and you want to do better each time. And about being single, it has to be clear, that we are all single. (laughs)

- So, is it not true then that Bill is with a spanish girl?
-Bill: No, It's no true, I've been 3 years alone now. There are so many things said about us which aren't that we are 'little multimillionaires'.

Translation: EdurneTH@thus



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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