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Av Ica - 7 augusti 2008 11:30

Part 1

'For us it's so cool to be nominated,' Bill Kaulitz says.

Tokio Hotel may still be somewhat new to the American scene, but they sure have some rabid fans.

This week, the guys told MTV News about one girl who risked her life for the chance to meet the band.

"She climbed into our bedroom — it was horrible," guitarist Tom Kaulitz groaned. His brother, singer Bill, added, "It was the second floor and it was really crazy. We were like, 'Oh ... hi?' But she was so sweet. She was very nervous."

The German rockers say they can't believe they've been nominated for a Best Pop Video VMA this year, especially since it puts them in company with the likes of such big names as the Jonas Brothers, Britney Spears and Panic at the Disco.

"We don't expect it, so for us it's so cool to be nominated," Bill said. "It's really, really special for us — it's America and it's our first American award, and that's so huge."

The band said they were nervous about going up against the Jonas Brothers for the award. "I think the Jonas Brothers are really [successful] in America," Bill said. "Everyone is talking about the Jonas brothers."

The guys said they don't think they're going to win, but they're happy enough just being nominated. "It's so crazy, I mean, I still can't believe it," Bill gushed. "Last year we were nominated at the [MTV Europe Music Awards; they won one] and it was the biggest thing we had, and now it is the Video Music Awards."

That excitement — as well as some nervousness — carries over to the band's U.S tour, which kicks off in New Jersey on Thursday. "We are nervous before every concert," Bill said. "I think we are the most nervous band in the world. We are together nervous." The band plans to continue work on its next LP during the tour. "We are right now in the studio in Europe and we are producing our third record so I think there are some surprises," Bill added. "I've always have my laptop with me and a pen."

Back to the VMAs, the band has one more hope for that big night. "I think it would be so cool to meet Rihanna," Bill said, " 'cause she's so sexy."

The 25th VMAs are scheduled to take over the legendary Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood on September 7, with the Jonas Brothers already confirmed to perform. Of course, additional acts will be gracing the VMA stage this year, and those names will be unveiled in the coming weeks. British funnyman and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" co-star Russell Brand has been named the show's host.

Av Ica - 7 augusti 2008 11:22


Here's YOUR chance to meet Bill, Tom, Gustav + Georg at a U.S concert in August!!!

This is YOUR chance to meet the band in person and WIN two tickets to a Tokio Hotel U.S concert of your choice in August. Every Monday in August we’ll give away two tickets to a lucky fan (incl. M&G credentials for a chance to meet the band).

- In our first draw on Monday, Aug. 4th YOU have the chance to win tickets to Tokio Hotel's Sayreville, Cleveland or Detroit show.

- Get your hands on a chances to win Chicago, St. Paul or San Francisco tickets & M&G credentials for the draw on Aug. 11th.

- The winner for the Anaheim, Las Vegas or Denver show will be picked on Aug. 18th.

- The lucky winner for either the Houston or Dallas show will be announced on Aug. 25th.

But first things first – how can you participate in this cool contest? It’s pretty easy, all you need to do is follow the five steps below:

  • Step 1: Download the Tokio Hotel tour poster shown to your left.

  • Step 2: Print the poster as often as you want on your computer.

  • Step 3: Hang the poster print outs up in your community - please only put them up where you are allowed to!
    ( IMPORTANT: Be considerate of where you choose to post the posters! )

  • Step 4: Take some photos of yourself in action and upload your three favourite shots here on this page.

  • Step 5: Wait for us to call or write you! We will pick one winner each Monday in August (Aug. 4th, Aug. 11th, Aug. 18th & Aug. 25th). Winners will be contacted via phone or email. Only fans from the U.S are eligible to participate in this contest and contest ends on Aug. 25th!

Upload YOUR three favourite shots of where you put up the concert poster!

Pic #1: *

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Your email *

Confirm your email *

First Name *

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Do you want to sign up for the FREE and OFFICIAL Tokio Hotel newsletter to receive the latest info about the band? yes    no    
Good luck & see you soon in a city near you!!!

* = required

Source and HERE is even where you sign up!

Av Ica - 7 augusti 2008 11:18

What? Leave work without posting today’s exclusive footage from Tokio Hotel’s TRL appearance? That’d be like depriving you of precious oxygen or clean drinking water or… more footage of Tokio Hotel. Check out today’s backstage footage below, and catch backstage footage from Tuesday’s show right here.

And, of course, don’t miss their live TRL performance tomorrow at 11am EST. (Early, right? But clearly so worth it. Also, side note: um exactly HOW many of you are Bill’s wife? I’m seeing a LOT of “Mrs. Bill Kaulitzes” in the comments. He told us he’s single. Polygamy’s illegal in Germany, right? And I’m pretty sure none of you wanna share Bill. Also, if/ when Bill does get married, it should totally be live on MTV. I volunteer to live blog. Or even officiate! It’d be like sugar on mein heart!)

Av Ica - 7 augusti 2008 11:17

Missed Tokio Hotel’s triumphant return to TRL yesterday? Wait, of course you didn’t! And neither did we and our surreptitious Buzzworthy cam, which caught all the highlights from centerstage and backstage too. Check it out in this behind-the-scenes video of Tokio Hotel’s visit, and stay tuned for a clip from today’s show.

Plus, look out for an exclusive Buzzworthy interview with the band and the winner of the “Ready, Set, Fly to TRL to Meet Tokio Hotel” sweepstakes. Until then, check out more exclusive Tokio Hotel interviews shot by MTV News.

Av Ica - 7 augusti 2008 11:12

Just wondering why people that dont like Tokio Hotel go and look here or on other TH sites, isn't that a bit odd??

We've gotten a few comments that say Tokio Hotel sucks and so on... So yeah don't really know what to say but TH non-fans dont come here if so hate them?!?!

Av Ica - 6 augusti 2008 10:24


vbn vbnbvnh


n bvnbvnbvn


Very Nice =)

Av Ica - 6 augusti 2008 10:23



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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