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Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel celebrates his driver's license with a latest scream cabriolet

King of the asphalt

Exclusive VOICE! The leader of the german band received his driver's license and has offered himself his first car.

Bill Kaulitz, he is beautiful, he sings well, he has style, he is rich, he is ...
In short, just one thing was missing to complete the board: be able to ride the asphalt aboard of a good large car which stands out.
But the problem was that while all members of TH have passed the exam, Bill has failed to pass it the first time ...

But after a few weeks course of additional driving lessons, Bill of Tokio Hotel has finally gained confidence and got his driver's license two days ago, last Wednesday, his second attempt then.

Once with the sesame seeds in his pocket, it was only missing to choose the engine of his dreams. Here, Bill opted for a german brand by offering himself a grey BMW 6 Series convertible (see what it looks like here) ... Price of the small jewel? 90,000 euros. This is the price to pay to ventilate his hair with class ...

Translated by Stern @ THA Source

Av Ica - 4 augusti 2008 18:22

A young man from the South of France pretended to be the singer of the German Teen band Tokio Hotel on the internet and with that victimized several girls. The 18 year old pretended to be Bill Kaulitz in several chatrooms and persuaded vulnerable girls to send him naked pictures of themselves, that’s what the police in Perpignan in the Southwest of the country told. Some of the girls can be seen in very sexual poses; even eleven year olds have written him. The Frenchman was arrested on Tuesday and now has to defend himself in court.
Tokio Hotel also has many fans in France and Switzerland.
Translated by beertje_86


Av Ica - 4 augusti 2008 18:19

According to their Mexican Fanclub, they will be playing an event for radio station 97.7 and fans can phone in to win tickets. All we know so far is "the end of the month", there is no confirmed date.

Here is the google translation and the original Spanish of the news:

Well girls this was an open secret what I was good but it's time to confirm that Tokyo Hotel will be in our country at the end of the month to play at an event with the private radio station 97.7

Here are leaving the phones to begin to draw and win their tickets:


52 59 01 57
52 59 11 97
Toll Free:
01 800 70 70 97 7
52 59 17 13

Girls we succeed thanks to all of you TH will be in Mexico in a very short time so we already know to call as crazy to win tickets, good luck to all!

Note: I think it will also have an event with Alfa Radio so we are very outstanding, when you have something safe passage to leave the phones of the station.

Bueno chicas esto era un secreto a voces yo lo se bien pero es hora de confirmar que Tokio Hotel estara en Nuestro pais a fin de mes para tocar en un evento privado con la estacion de radio 97.7

Aqui les dejo los telefonos para comenzar a llamar y ganar sus boletos:


52 59 01 57
52 59 11 97
Lada sin costo:
01 800 70 70 97 7
52 59 17 13

Chicas lo logramos gracias a todas ustedes TH estara en Mexico en muy poco tiempo asi que ya saben a llamar como locas para ganar boletos, mucha suerte a todas !!

Nota : Me parece que tambien tendran un evento con Alfa Radio asi que esten muy pendientes, cuando haya algo seguro, paso a dejarles los telefonos de la estacion.


Av Ica - 4 augusti 2008 18:18

Hitkrant Translation!

credit to beertje_86...

Tokio Hotel is quitting…...for the rest of the year

Exclusive: The last show of the year

After two awesome concert in Holland this year it is becoming quiet around Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav. What will the boys be doing?

The photos you see here are made on 13 July in Belgium. There Tokio Hotel performed at the festival Werchter Boutique. We didn't want to keep these from you, because it was Tokio Hotel's last show from there European open air tour en with that also the last show they did this year in Europe.

Off course the boys won't be twisting there thumbs the rest of 2008 either, they keep being busy. Bill and his boys are leaving in the beginning of Augustus to the United States to give live shows there the rest of the month and with that build a name for themselves in America. Because also America is becoming more and more TH-"minded".
In May Time Square was already decorated with huge images of Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav that were hanging in the outside of the MTV-studio's there. There single and album Scream are released there and the fans response is very enthusiastic.

Gone forever?
You can't off course blame Tokio Hotel for trying to break through in the States; that's the biggest dream from about any artist. But that doesn't mean that they are gone forever now. Are you crazy! There are already plans for a new album that will be released in Germany, our little Netherlands and other parts of Europe. That will be the third Tokio Hotel album. Rumours say it will be a German record again. When it will be released isn't clear yet, but it will probably be somewhere in 2009.

Bill has already started with writing new songs. Everywhere he goes he is writing lyrics. He prefers his laptop but if he doesn't have it with him he quickly writes something on a coaster or saves it in his phone. Earlier this year the singer has been through some rough times, with problems with his voice and even surgery on his vocal cords. Bill is getting a lot of inspiration out of this difficult time.

Are you Tokio Hotel fan, then you will have to be patient until something new from your german heroes is released. But the good news is: they are working on it!



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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