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INTERVIEW; WOW Magazine: Interview with Tokio Hotel (much reading)

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WORTH reading!

Only three years are enough to conquer the market of their country and gradually have joined fans worldwide that are folded unconditionally style. The most surprising is that they have become the phenomenon that nobody had heard of until now. They are Tokio Hotel, the German quartet which aims to tear down prejudices based on pure pop rock.

Not leading the rankings as the European and American hip-hop numbers, nor are they part of some community groups that have been catapulted to fame. No. But I have made a meteoric career, especially counting the age of each of its members: the twins Tom and Bill Kaulitz have only 18 years, reaching 19 Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing, the highest, 21, and if we Since its debut in 2005, has sold more than five million copies of her three jobs, “Schrei”, “Zimmer 483″ and “Scream”-the latter, a compilation of his previous two albums, but translated into English, it is not surprising that have come strongly to the American market. So if you’ve never heard the name of this band, You better not lose track.

Despite his vocalist Bill Kaulitz comparisons strongly dislike him, for a unique and unparalleled, the roots of Tokio Hotel are in Green Day and Nena (German singer labeled under the new wave and pop); but also confess a particular closeness to the music of Fall Out Boy and Yellowcard. Also, within the same search for an unparalleled style, aesthetics Tokyo Hotel shows the personality and tastes of each of its members. Georg, the bassist, made clear his preference for the punk and pop artists like Billy Talent and Sum 41, Gustav, battery, is the heaviest of tastes, having among its favorite Metallica and System of a Down, Tom, guitarist, prefers hip hop and Bill includes a favorite Placebo, Coldplay and Nena.

Not for nothing did the eye-catching and different images of each of the boys, especially its frontman, causing much controversy even within his own fans, and burlesque, in the music press. But they do not give too much importance: they know that their fans identify with those diverse identities and do not try to hide … “Tokio Hotel is the only thing we have in common,” states Tom. The label Universal knew immediately, so that after the expiry of his contract with Sony BMG, the band changed its name to Tokio Hotel and Devilish prepared for the massive invasion.

But the story begins long before. The twins were involved in music since they were children, declaring his passionate love for her command of the guitar and voice and even tocatas performing in bars and clubs. “One night we played in a club called Groninger Bad where Georg and Gustav, which was known from school, we were watching from the public. Obviously we begged to be part of the band, so that way we got to play together,” Tom said about the beginnings of Tokio Hotel.

It will not take long since left behind the name Devilish to record his first album, “Schrei”, which immediately won the German public, consistent with the rapid departure of “Zimmer 483″. But neither of them would have expected a contingent of fans in the United States, which were forced to write in English a collection of songs from her two albums, entitled “Scream”, which was launched only a few months ago in North America.

The task was complicated, since none of the boys handled the language with perfection and strive to translate their lyrics literally terms Anglos not to lose a word of content they wanted to express. However, the heaviest task took Bill, since he was the only one who had to return to the studio to create these new versions.

“Our lyrics are very important to us and we want everyone to understand, said the singer.” When people from other countries began to listen to our music, we believe in making an English version of certain songs … I had to return to the studio, I wanted to play perfect, as a native speaker. I did not want someone who apparently was trying to sing in English. It took a while, but I’m happy with the outcome. ”
The reaction that has caused the market gringo was better than expected. “It’s very difficult to have fans in other countries, especially in the United States because it is such a place, so big, which is known to be complicated. We are thrilled merely having people who will follow us. In America, we see a fan and say : ‘we are so proud! We have a fan! “, said Bill. Actually, Tokio Hotel had a live appearance on TRL from Times Square in New York and filled the Roxy Theater in Hollywood, in its first show in the land of Uncle Sam.
“We return to Europe to start recording a new album and then we will do it in English. Later, we return to the United States for a tour,” said Tom. The specific response of some of his followers has not been discreet: band members say that a star christened with the name Tokio Hotel and even a girl designed a Mini Cooper with the multi-style group.

That’s why the Germans do not want to lose the opportunity to establish contact with people who passionately listening to his songs. With an exclusive channel on YouTube and his own MySpace site, state that “this is the way we connect with the world. We try to know and when we go to their countries, and played all our shows, we see them in person . But Bill makes it clear that “we do not have private accounts on MySpace, we found only in the official chats, so if anyone is going through us, you do not have.
But what is behind the music of Tokio Hotel? What attracts so many people, beyond appearances? The singer said that “what we want is that people feel we played with. I write about our lives and things that you experience or have become our friends. For us one of the most important things in life is to be free and do whatever we want, but avoid the rules. We’re trying to live our dreams and not give up, without expressing the views of the rest. ”

After all this outbreak of passionate fanaticism by the Germans, and many wonder if this is reduced to only a media phenomenon, industry or the era. The truth is that they do not want to know: are enjoying the best years of his life. “The only thing we do is show, being on stage and play as long as we can, I hope it is forever,” says Bill. It has always been our dream and I’m focused on making this a reality. ”
Right in the middle of their crazy tour of Europe, we had the opportunity to speak by telephone with vocalist Bill Kaulitz, who declared his unconditional fans briefly and told us some important details to better understand Tokio Hotel.

Well, first of all I would like to congratulate them for the tremendous success we have achieved world … You started making music at an early age. How were the comments from people close to you as your friends or your family, in terms of progress they have lived since his early days as a band so far?
“Well, family and friends support us a lot, they are all very happy for us. This is obviously not easy because we travel all the time and very little at home. We started very young, with 15 years to start our first Steps and the truth is that for all was a big change. ”

In adolescence is sometimes not very clear which way to go or how to define, but you seemed very confident at the time of that music was his lifestyle. How did they get to make that decision so crucial?
“Yes, it is true that we decided very early, but as we have progressed, we realized that the decision was correct. We do this as long as we can and be on stage … and the truth is that we have to thank our fans for everything. ”

Initially, the band called Devilish, what made them change their name to Tokio Hotel?
“What happened was that we needed a name that was appropriate to the four that make up the group and chose Tokyo because it is a great metropolis, a great city and we are all people who likes the city. And we wanted a symbol that was representative our home, that’s why we chose the hotel. ”

One aspect that causes most controversial Tokyo Hotel, even within the same fans, is the aesthetic of the band. Do you always planned to have an appealing appearance?
“Yes, when you look at the pictures of the group, it is clear that there are four different styles. We are like that. What is your personality is reflected in the image of the band, is not that we represent a role at all, but that what you see is what we are. ”

Few bands have achieved success in Germany at the global level, Rammstein is perhaps the last that we have witnessed. What are the models to follow music Tokio Hotel?
“Well, the truth is that we have no model, because from the beginning we wanted to follow our own style. We have not made any version of any band we have not planned ahead, because we are not interested, we are four people with four different styles different music. ”

“Scream”, the compilation contains a selection of songs from her first two albums, was his first recording in English. Since we have achieved tremendous success in the United States and their own fans sing songs in German, have you thought about how it will be their next release? You recorded in both languages?
“In reality we will continue as before, recording the album in two languages, German course because it is our native language and because I write the songs in German … my English, the truth is not very good. But anyway try to do what we have done so far, record the items and then translate them as was the case of “Scream.” And in the end, as has happened in the United States, all the fans end up singing in German. ”
We know roughly that the American public is very good. What is the deal every day with the fans? How have you reacted against this warm welcome?
“Dealing with the fans has been very good and so far we have not suffered any disappointment. In the United States have been there at the foot of the canyon, giving us strength and we have made some great shows. We love it, our connection with them is excellent. ”

In addition, Tokio Hotel has a channel on YouTube and MySpace on its own site, creating a much more direct relationship with the music and life of the band. Do you read the comments posted by fans or try not to get influenced by the views of the people?
“Yes, it is true, we are very Internet, check our e-mails, always from side to side, but we can read what fans write us, what interests them, is a useful tool to be as close as possible our supporters. We try to be updated so that all our supporters in all countries know what is happening with the band. We are very interested in what they think and what they want. We try wherever possible to fulfill their wishes, because it is true that everything we do is mainly due to them. ”
In Chile there is a growing body of fans of Tokio Hotel. How do you feel that in places as remote as it has people who listen to your music and your fans are declared?
“For us it is amazing to know that there are fans all over the world who listen to our music. Just three years we had our first hit in Germany and we seemed utterly incredible to reach this success. Now, to other countries and other continents is something that never would have counted. ”

Did you know?
The favorite activity of all members of the group, except Gustav is resting. Bill confesses that when you have days off all you trying to do is sleep late, like Tom and Georg. For their part, prefer to leave the drummer to ride and get together with friends.


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