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Av Ica - 27 juli 2008 00:51

looking hot! 

Av Ica - 22 juli 2008 16:29

MTV have picked up on the JB - TH battle for awards.

"It looks like the final category is going to play host to a bloody, yet well-coiffed, showdown between the Jonas Brothers and Tokio Hotel."

Av Ica - 22 juli 2008 16:27

Also, the problems with the videos is simply coming from youtube. The TV episodes are not being limited from country to country:

Send Tokio Hotel E-Cards from the Official American site here.

Hi everyone,
we've seen that a lot of you Tokio Hotel fans out there can't watch some of the TH TV Videos. We don't really know why that is happening so we reached out to YouTube so this problem gets fixed ASAP.
Thanks for your patience!
Your TH WebTeam

Av Ica - 20 juli 2008 18:20

Do you think Tokio Hotel's frontman, Bill, looks like a girl?

vote here

Av Ica - 15 juli 2008 16:16

Hi everyone! We really had tons of fun performing on Sunday at the Werchter Boutique Festival in Belgium. It was terrific to see how many of you Tokio Hotel fans came out to watch us LIVE! Unfortunately there was an incident that soured the whole experience – at the end of our performance we were not allowed to play an encore and we were forced by the officials to leave the stage! You can´t imagine how sad and angry it made us not being able to say a proper goodbye to you guys.
We are very much looking forward to return to Belgium and to do a much longer show.
See you guys soon and all the best to you! Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg

Av Ica - 13 juli 2008 13:40


Tokio Hotel will be stopping by the MTV studios in Times Square to co-host TRL and we want to hook up their biggest fans with tickets to the shows! The shows tape on August 4th and 5th.

To request tickets, email: \n This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it with "Tokio Hotel" in the subject.

To be considered for tickets, you must be 16-24 years old and available for both dates. If you are honoured a ticket, you will receive an email confirmation 5 days prior to the taping.

If you are one of the chosen ones make sure to show up with a fan shirt, poster and whatever else you can think of to show your love for Tokio Hotel!


Av Ica - 13 juli 2008 13:37

Italy and Press

here's the translation for the videos on this post: MTV TRL it (11.07.08)

* Q: Want to say 'hello' to the audience?
Bill: Hello to all who are watching! *

Q: Welcome to Modena. He wanted to know if you've already seen the city, how you're spending your tour-days.
Bill: Sadly not. We just arrived two or three hours before and came directly to the venue, so we didn't see anything of the city. And I regret to say that directly after this concert, we go on to the next town... right now, we're a bit in festival-stress. But what we see from here is that it's extremely hot and great weather and our fans are rocking, so we're happy to be here.
* Q: There's the rumor that 60,000 € were stolen from the concert in Rome?
Tom: When I look at my bank account, I'd say that's quite possible ;-)... But no, I've not heard of this, not really?!
* Q: He says you don't have to be afraid, he won't start asking questions about your hair.
Bill: That's very kind.
* Q: *Gives over the TRL award for best band*
Bill: We want to thank our fans, all those who voted for us. Thank you for this award, we're very proud and we look forward to our concert and our fans, so, thank you very much, we're extremely happy. Thanks.
* Q: So, who gets to keep these awards? Or do you just throw them away?
Bill: I just said it: Looks like we again only get one, but we're four, and we can't divide it up... and I just said: Tom and I definitely will take this one home, so it'll stand in our cupboard, among all the other nice awards, so that it won't be lonely. So, they always get a place of honor.
* Q: From the outside, you look very "compact", very friendly among each other. When you have time, do you go out to party together in the evening? Are you together outside of the band, also?
Bill: We definitely are always doing things together. I can hardly think of days in the year where we were apart, because we've known each other for 8 years now, I think we are, like, the closest friends. So, we really make every step together... it doesn't just look like it, that's really how it is...
Tom: However, I have to say: Private parties, there I rather go on my own, without the other guys, because, when I go out with Georg, it happens often that the girls only care about Georg...
Georg: ...for good reason...
Tom: I always go out alone now, then I now and then also have the chance to score.
* [Video Der letzte Tag]


* Q: It's so hot. Do you sweat?
Bill: You have to see us on stage! We're basically melting away...
Tom: Bill has extreme ass-water, one has to say... *Bill punches him*
* Q: *Something about the hair*
Bill: I thought you didn't want to ask me about my hair ;-) ?
* Q: True! Sorry.
* Q: All kinds of people are screaming after you, everybody wants to touch you. What would you do if you were invisible for half an hour?
Bill: Good question. I definitely would trip a thousand people in the streets and stuff, and would...
Tom: Well, I ...
Georg: I'd go to Jessica Alba!
Tom: Yeah! I'd do things that you'd have to beep out, and since we're live on air, I won't say it.
* Q: How are things with the new album?
Bill: Right now, we're in the studio like crazy. Tom and I are constantly writing songs, and we all are in the studio, always in between the festivals we definitely are there a lot, we shut ourselves in and write new material, and just play together, that also often leads to new things... yeah, we're really creative right now, but we cannot say yet when it will be out. We're working on it, and...
Tom: will be amazing! It will so blow you away!
* Q: When you sing one of your greatest hits on stage, do you ever look at one person, only one person in the eyes, at one girl and focus on here with your eyes?
Bill: Definitely! There certainly are moments, especially in the first rows, you have many girls that you sing to, that you watch closely during the whole concert...
Tom: There are certain tricks to get attention, ja?! And even today we talked about this *Georg laughs*, it hasn't happened for a long time now that a girl went topless, ja...
Georg: ...pity, actually...
Tom: It hasn't happened forever, and I really don't know what happened, but... maybe it will happen again, who knows.
* Q: Have you learned a new Italian word, besides your favorite "vaffanculo"?
Bill: Um... no...
* Q: Could you imagine a life without music? What would you have done if this hadn't happened?
Bill: Nothing... We'd have stood in small clubs, we'd still have made music, because we couldn't imagine a life without music. I always was convinced that some day we'd make it, that we'd play on big stages - though I wouldn't have dreamed that they would be so big. But I always hoped that I would at least be able to make a living with music, and I gave everything for that.
Tom: Maybe stripper, as a part-time job. But apart from that... definitely more focus on the music.

Av Ica - 12 juli 2008 13:16

pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5 pic6 pic7 pic8 pic9 pic10

 vid part 1:
vid part 2:



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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