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Av Ica - 29 maj 2008 19:24

Here is and article about Tom when he bought his car..

Tom Kaulitz Chooses Cadillac Escalade

· Tokio Hotel guitarist celebrates his 18th birthday with a Cadillac Escalade
· First kilometres under the supervision of former racing driver Klaus Niedzwiedz
· Kaulitz: "An ideal car for touring"

Tom Kaulitz Chooses Cadillac Escalade

Finding heaven in a Cadillac is part of the world of pop, certainly since Hot Chocolate's 1976 number "Heaven is in the back seat of my Cadillac". Tom Kaulitz also hopes to discover the heavenly qualities of a Cadillac. The guitarist with Tokio Hotel, one of Germany's most successful pop groups at the moment, received the keys to an Escalade Sport Luxury at Cadillac dealer Autohaus Dello in Hamburg. They were given to him by Ulrich Mehling, managing director of Cadillac, Corvette & HUMMER Deutschland GmbH, and Michael Babick, manager of the Hamburg dealership.

Tom and his twin brother Bill, leader and singer of the band, celebrated their 18th birthday on 1 September. To prepare for driving the luxury SUV, Tom was given lessons at an ADAC training ground by TV presenter and former racing driver Klaus Niedzwiedz. Tom Kaulitz said of his first car: "The Cadillac Escalade provides the highest levels of safety and comfort. It is the ideal vehicle for touring with the band. We can really relax in it, even over long distances."

Commercially speaking, Tokio Hotel is the most successful band in recent years. The group was founded by teenagers Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing (bass) and Gustav Schäfer (drums) in Magdeburg in 2001, and was called 'Develish' at the time. The band made its breakthrough under the name of Tokio Hotel in 2005 with its hit single 'Durch den Monsun'.

The Cadillac Escalade is also a top artist among the large SUVs in America. The all-aluminium V8 engine has a capacity of 6.2 litres. It has variable valve timing and delivers 301 kW (409 hp) and a maximum torque of 565 Nm to the road through a six-speed automatic gearbox and four-wheel drive.

The extensive standard equipment consists of items such as an electrically-operated lift gate, parking assistance with an LED display for the camera at the rear, three-zone controllable air conditioning, a DVD audio system, 6-CD changer, Discrete Surround™ sound system with ten loudspeakers, leather upholstery (electrically-heated in the first and second rows) and electrically-adjustable front seats with a memory function for two driver's seat configurations.

The Sport Luxury version chosen by Kaulitz also has a number of accessories that provide additional luxury and comfort, such as an electrically-operated sliding roof, heated and cooled front seats, and a heated steering wheel. Other features include a roof-mounted DVD entertainment console with an 8-inch widescreen and electrically-folding rear seats. Safety is guaranteed by the StabiliTrak traction control, the electronic suspension fitted as standard, side and head airbags on all rows of seats and the seat belt tensioners in the front seats connected to the vehicle's sensor system.

Av Ica - 29 maj 2008 19:19

Here are some links and pictures of when he bought his car =p

Av Ica - 23 maj 2008 18:23

Drug control

Tokio Hotel's Tom held in New York

Los Angeles - these locks attract - and not just girls, but also drug investigators.

Tom [18] of "Tokio Hotel" was held for about an hour during their US tour at the New York airport and was searched for drugs.

His brother Bill [18] and Gustav [19] and Georg [21] were always let through.

Tom: "I think they’re always out to get me because of my dreadlocks, which they probably immediately connect with drugs."

Instead of finding the forbidden in his luggage, the investigators found amongst other things 20 baseball caps and a whole bunch of condoms.

Despite the search through stress, the US trip was a big success for "Tokio Hotel".

Their album "Scream" crawled up to number 5 in the charts!

Today the boys can be seen at the "Comet Awards" in Oberhausen.

Bill: "We came back extra early for this."
Translated by Lenny


Av Ica - 23 maj 2008 17:42

Haha this is quite amusing xD

Tom got hold back in the US airport. NYPD suspected him of smuggling drugs so they had to go through his bags..None of the other guys were held back. All the police found in Tom's bags were around 20 caps and alot of condoms..! "I think they suspected me because of my dreadlocks", he said.

Haha xD

So tonight its the COMET Awards! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!

Av Ica - 17 maj 2008 15:35

All the pictures are hers!!!  But she has not put copyright  vbmenu_register("postmenu_92663", true); on all of them though...

Av Ica - 15 maj 2008 21:53

I saw this interview and thought it was good, even though it's a bit old...

translation by chupju of

Tom Kaulitz

Self confident, brilliant guitarist, insatiable seducer, Tom play the image of the rock star in all his splendor. Through Tokio Hotel’s adventure, the young artist blossoms fully in his exciting life and realises his bigger dream.

What summer holidays make you think about ?
Tom : I think straight away about a distant island, sun, beautiful beach, turquoise water, long time naps….That is a pretty lovely programm.

A flirtless summer, is that possible ?
Tom : As far as I can think about, I can’t remember a summer without going out with one or several chicks ! [Smile] With Bill, we were used to spend our holidays in some giant touristic places, on the spanish coast for example. There are so much pretty young ladies in that kind of place that it wasn’t difficult to seduce some…[Wink]

Could a summer love last beyond holidays ?
Tom : To my point of view, summer is made for having fun and take everything with thoughtlessness, above all love ! In a hot atmosphere, far from home, we are relaxed, open to others, we feel free because we know that at the end of the holidays, each of us will get back home. So, I don’t believe a summer love could last. In any case, it has never happened for me.

Do you believe in girl-boy friendship ?
Tom : In theory, nothing prevent a girl and a boy to have only friend relations. But, I admit that those kind of relation can easily get broken….In general, on of the 2 friends falls in love with the other one and hope their friendship will move into a love story. That’s why girl-boy friendship is always ambiguous.

Have you ever comfort a good female friend in order to seduce her?
Tom ; No, Never ! In any case, not deliberatly.. I hate manipulating people, all the more if it is a friend in distress…

Could you forgive a betrayal ?
Tom : It depends on who did the betrayal… I think I would be able to forgive the 3 people I love the most : Bill, my brother, Simone, my mother, and Andreas my bestfriend. To other people, I would not have any compassion and would not give a second chance.

Are you resentful ?
Tom : Yes, clearly ! I always avenge when I think I have to…

Could you give an example ?
Tom : In junior High, I have more than once settle up with some guys. I was a very unruly student, always there for bad blows… Some scrapleless students didn’t mind to report me to the head teacher. I’ve got my revenge for that on them… I don’t like sneaks !

In what kind of bad blows have you been involved ?
Tom : Oh, nothing very mean.. I was just a unruly student, not a criminal. I did make some small stupidities to provoke my teachers, for example, pour out some ink on teacher’s chairs, put some glue on door’s handles, or draw some graffiti on tables…

What is to do to make you feel hurt ?
Tom : Usually, I accept critisism pretty well, except when it is told behing my back. I prefer to be said those critics in front of me. I don’t think I’m particularly touchy. I need a lot of critics to get hurt. But Bill is an expert for that. [Laughs] As he knows where my weakness is, he knows what to say to hurt me and get me out of my nerves…

Which situation makes you feel really cross ?
Tom : I don’t stand being interrupted during a discussion without expressing myself. When, for example, we’re talking about Tokio Hotel’s stuff, if one of us get ouf of the room before the end of our discussion, I often get mad and cross! [Laughs]

What character flaw don’t you bear in the band ?
Tom : The energieless of Georg is really driving me crazy ! And it’s a lazy guy talking ! [Laughs] It’s true that I like sometimes to wake up very late, and to drag myself around…But Georg, he is just like always hibernating ! Wherever we are, even if there are many stuff to do, and to discover, Georg prefer to sleep…

What is your best quality ?
Tom : My self confidence, I think. It let me make progress in my life without asking myself thousands questions. That is also reassuring for the others. Rub shoulders with a self confident guy is comfortable… That’s why, my family and friends don’t hesitate to ask me for their problems. I like to play that adviser role. [Smile]

Are you comfortable with success ?
Tom : As soon as the first hours a bit unnerving of public life past, I have quicly find my marks. Contact with crowd, close connection with fans, relation with journalists…just some exciting moments. I love excitement, stress and all the excess of a rock star’s life !

What other profession could you have choose ?
Tom : Music is my bigger passion, my big kid dream… Today, I have the chance to realise that dream in the best conditions. I’m waking up with music and going to sleep with music. I’m playing in front of a great audience everywhere in Europe. I just can’t imagine to do something else now…

Do you have star’s whims ?
Tom : No, that’s neither my style, nor the style of Bill, G & G. None of us have weird demands. Some sodas, crisps, pizzas on a table is enough to satisfy us. We let those eccentric whims and limo processions for american stars !

What is your relaxation fantasy ?
Tom : I like to imagine myself with my family and friends, lying on a lawn in a park of the city, drinking beer, looking at the sky…simply that. I don’t need a lot to feel happy : friends, a piece of nature, something to drink, and that’s it.

Quiz Express
Have you ever pretend to me sick in order to miss school ?

a. Never
b. Sometimes
c. Often [X]

What do you nibble with pleasure ?

Have you ever cheated to win a game ?
a. Yes, I hate losing [X]
b. No

Do you think you’re smarter than your mates ?
a. Yes [X]
b. No

Your sexual activity is :
a. Nothingness
b. Once a month
c. Once a week
d. Once a day
=> Once an hour !!!

Would you like to wear glasses to watch through clothes ?
a. Yes [X]
b. No

Do you sometimes envy that boy with the pretty chick ?
a. Sometimes
b. Never
=> No, it is always me who have the pretty chick with me !

Have you ever fighted with a stranger ?
a. Yes
b. No [X]

What kind of movie do you like ?
a. Action [X]
b. Horror
c. Love

To what sin would you be unable to say no ?
Luxury, laziness

What sin get on your nerves ?

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