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Av Ica - 15 juni 2008 08:55

People camping:

* Ich Brech Aus
* Der Letzte Tag
* 1.000 Meere
* Leb' Die Sekunde
* Totgeliebt
* Wir sterben niemals aus
* Schrei
* Schwarz
* Stich ins Glück
* Übers Ende der Welt
* Reden
* Geh
* Spring nicht
* Wo sind eure Hände
* Durch den monsun

* An deiner seite


Signing outside Hotel
Reden (from far)
1000 meere
Wir Sterben Niemals Aus
Übers Ende Der Welt
Leb Die Sekunde
Durch den Monsun

* Ich Brech Aus
* Der Letzte Tag
* 1.000 Meere
* Leb' Die Sekunde
* Totgeliebt
* Wir sterben niemals aus
* Schrei
* Schwarz
* Stich ins Glück
* Übers Ende der Welt
* Reden
* Geh
* Spring nicht
* Wo sind eure Hände
* Durch den monsun

* An deiner seite


Credit RiixTHxF @THUS (no watermarks)

Credit Yaira@THA (no watermarks):

Sumary of the day(outtakes from

VSD is finally here. Its been hell the last hours, total chaos.

There is no organization, no proper line, just fans lying all over each other.

TOTAL DISASTER. People are crying and fainting and we are not even in the venue. I rather go home now instead of staying. Worst security ever.

I'm in the lining up wavebreakers now and it's better here. But everyone should know that security f***ed up big time.

Awww, thank you guys. Im still here. Started raining now. We are tired, dirty and hurt, but its starting to get fun again.

Soundcheck in German, WOOT!

Im very close to the stage. In front of where hagen will be. Stage is very little. Not their regular one.

We're in line now. Very many people, as usual there's a lot of screaming. Line's moving pretty smooth and fast now. Fanboy spotting, YAY.

A lot of people inside. Screaming. We stand far in the back on a little hill.
The foreband have just stopped playing. Stage is similar to yesterday.

Second foreband playing now. They're okay.
I have really tall people in the way right now :(

Soooo many people here, OMG.

All ages. Less amount of sleazy looking and goth fans than yesterday. Many fanboys in their late teens, early 20s, 10,000 ahead of us in line still.

Opening act SAT2D is doing well with thf crwod. Fans are nice. But it will be mayhem when the boys appear. I'd say there are more fans here than for any previous th gig, beating gelsenkirchen open air 2006.

Shorter people are having a hard time seeing.

Stage looks different. No balcony over gustav. no monitors as backdrop. two screens at each side of stage as usual. Also a catwalk, but that one is so low we won't see when they stand on it.

Tension is building. Fans start screaming so loud as soon as they suspect TH might come out.

So cool to see so many fanboys wearing TH shirts.

Saki was on stage before. Everyone started screaming! TH hasn't started yet. I think it will start raining.


Bill wears white jacket and dark blue jeans.

Der Letzte tag, Sound is perfect. Bill sounds fantastic. He's god on stage.

Bill looks so cocky on stage... in a good way. I don't think I have ever seen him like this and this is my 8 concert.

Billions of soap bubbles in the air. Don't know where they come from.

Bill is f***ing amazing. Unbelievable.

oh my god, georg!

All German set so far. Tom all in brown like chocolate. Awesome fanaction with bubbles. Georg does naughty smiling with me

Bill has a new red tshirt with a massive amount of bling on.

bill just said he cannot believe how many people are here, that he wish we could stand on stage and see what he sees.

I think there are 40,000 here.

I wish they could put this on DVD. I never seen them better than this. Bill is on fire. I am on heaven if Paris is just a fraction of this.

My BF said he never seen anything like it. And he's seen 7 TH concert and 300 other concerts.

From rain i´ts now a lovely sun on us, this is just a perfekt moment. I´ve never seenthe band this happy and Bill is loving every moment. Gusti at his very best. Love!

UEDW now. Bill has the crowd in his hands. Total control.

Bill has two zippers on the sides of the tshirt. No function. can you say fetish? LOL

Geh now. Bill looks much manlier than usual today.

Bill has three big chains around his neck, a black glove on left hand. Tom brown shirt with bling. Gustav white wife-beater.

All in German and no clothing changes, just the way I like it.

They went offstage but haven't played monsoon, vg, rm, ads, idn, heilig. We're gonna get many encores.

Over now, this is by far the best concert i've been too. Everything was perfect. They didn't do Vergessene Kinder, Rette Mich, In die Nacht, Heilig. One encore.

Review from yeahfieke

Hi girls.
I'm back, tired and depressed.

I arrived in Nijmegen at 12 and the busses were driving from 1pm so I had to walk.
And then I ended up there in a really long lining up.
But I found Yaira 2 meters away from me so we had a fun time.
*climbing on things to see the soundcheck*
Fivee hours of f&cking waiting and still last row.
We gave up and we sat there and talked and had a fun time together [me, Yaira, Délisa and Britt]. So the first supportact came up and they were totally lame .____.
They weren't even worth mentioning.
Then TH came, as usual it was good.
That's what bothers me, I love them to death but their concerts become usual.
And I had to stand on my toes to see everything, very annoying.
I'm kinda pissed off because I know I will never get to see them close O_O
My friend showed me great pictures of hers, of moments I missed because i can't see their expression on their face.

The good thing was that EVERYTHING was german, thank you guys <3
And it started to rain and Bill said that we would make it thorugh the cold, lol.
And the fanaction was good too, actually it was beautiful. I have a video of it.

I'll leave my pc on tonight, so it will upload all video's while i'm goin to sleep,
so I can show you tomorrow.

And you might have noticed my english sucks, but i'm really tired and frustrated

Review from Yaira

I arrived at 12.00, which was later than I expected, because we couldn’t drive the way we wanted. There were already lots of fences and I couldn’t get to my friend anymore, so I stood in the line. I thought it was pretty damn long already. My father didn’t want to leave before I saw someone I know. And then (after some weird conversation XD) Fieke suddently stood next to me, so my father could leave. We (and her mother) waited in line. And there was this amaaazingly cute Tom-look-a-like, called Thijs. Fieke and another friend are still fighting who can marry him. X’D
We waited and waited and suddently we heard drums, so we thought the soundcheck would start (and next to us all the other girls, who started screaming) but after that it was silent again. And 15 minutes it started again (again lots of screaming) but stopped after some drums again. Then like a half hour after that some drums started (loots of screaming) and then a guitar started playing (even more screaming) and we thought the soundcheck had started. So we started walking and figured out the line was so weird. I can’t even explain in English XD. But then it started raining again and it stopped. We were lucky, because we were under trees and didn’t feel any of the rain. After the rain stopped, they started playing again and we recognized it, so we searched for some fence where you could see something and we climbed on a fence. Fieke saw Tom (if I’m right XD) and I didn’t, but you could hear it all and it was soo great! When we walked back we realized it was all german !
So we waited some longer and all the girls around us were playing English tokio hotel songs ( I believe I heard scream like a thousand times +_+) so Fieke putted on Bushido & jimi blue. Nobody even recognized it. LOSERS. XD
So we were standing in line and the line got longer and longer and 2 of our friends still didn’t arrive, because they had trouble with the trains. When they finally arrived, we pulled them in the line with us and we had a nice time . x’D
Until they started to let people in and we were pushed together. I’m sure if I’d be a banana, I wouldn’t have survived that.
But since I ain’t a banana, I did!
So, well, they let people in very slowly. The organisation of the goffertpark sucked really. Because first we walked through this amazingly dirty place, with stuff everywhere (my friend told me later they had to SIT there ) and when we were FINALLY in, it turned out there were 2 blocks, and the others just should stand somewhere else. It was big, but there was this .. building in the middle of the field. And I heard there were 40.000 fans, but I’m not sure.
So at first there were the Jeremy’s , I didn’t like them at all. At least not live.
We decided to go to the merchandising First and get some food &drinks, because were already kinda last line and it didn’t bother anymore. So we were just sitting on the grass and the supportacts passed. I liked Sat2d better than the Jeremy’s but actually they both sucked.
We had kind of fun, and after all we found other friends too (who had bracelets to get in and out of the first block) and it was just nice.
But we wanted to search a place where we could see it before tokio hotel started, so we parted again. So we found a place behind everything. And we could see the stage, and we had all fun. But when tokio hotel started, all these parents put their stupid children on their neck so we couldn’t see anything anymore. I still feel like killing a kid. =____________=
And then it started raining (which I liked by the way (for a little while) ) and everybody put up an umbrella. =____________________________________=
We walked the whole concert around to find a good spot, but we couldn’t see anything anywhere!
Oh, except when I climbed on a fence, I could see everything perfectly. But after a couple of seconds some assistend sended me away.
So it all sucked.
Although the sound was great, it’s nothing to see not even a little bit of them. ( I could see a little bit of them sometimes if I stood on my tows)

I think this will be my last concert, because I made this agreement with my parents and blablabla. -.-‘ The conclusion is that I won’t be allowed to go to TH anymore.

Although I did accomplished what I wanted; I heard DDM live and it was nice.
But I didn’t even see anything.
And now I'm not sure If I'm happy to be there today.

And on our way back home, My friend & I realized Bill was wearing red-white-blue
(colors of the dutch flag) I’m uploading my vids & pics now (they suck but I’ll upload them anyway XD 


Av Ica - 14 juni 2008 21:44

17.45 - Första förbandet har spelat färdigt
19.00 - "Stage looks different. No balcony over gustav. no monitors as backdrop. two screens at each side of stage as usual. Also a catwalk, but that one is so low we won't see when they stand on it."
19.59 - Spelningen borde starta när som helst snart . .
20.02 - WOHO, KONSERTEN HAR BÖRJAT ! Ich Brech aus
20.02 - Bill har på sig en vit jacka & mörkblåa jeans, Tom har brunt :-)
20.06 - Der letze tag
20.09 - 1000 meere
20.11 - "Billions of soap bubbles in the air. Don't know where they come from. "
( Haha, spåbubblor vad sött :* )
20.12 - Leb die sekunde ( Bill ska tydligen vara något sjukt otroligt bra ikväll! )
20.15 - Bill har tagit av sig jackan, har en ny röd t-shirt med bling bling tryck på .
20.22 - Wir sterben niemals aus
20.28 - 40.000 fans är det där ! otroligt , Bill säger till publiken att han önskar att dom
också kunde stå på scenen och se vad han ser.
20.30 - "I wish they could put this on DVD. I never seen them better than this. Bill is on fire."
20.32 - Schwarz
20.35 - "My BF said he never seen anything like it. And he's seen 7 TH concert and 300 other concerts."
( jag vill vara där ._. alla säger att konserter är superfantastisk, det bästa som TH någonsin gjort )
20.40 - Stich ins glück
20.44 - "UEDW now. Bill has the crowd in his hands. Total control."
20.56 - Geh
21.00 - "Bill has three big chains around his neck, a black glove on left hand. Tom brown shirt with bling. Gustav white wife-beater."
21.08 - Durch den monsun
21.20 - An deiner seite
Konserten är slut

Autografer utanför hotellet


Just nu sägs det vara ca 8000 personer som köar.
Soundcheck, bara tyska låtar har hört hittils!


sorry for it being in Swedish but I gotta go and will tell you all about it tomorrow if I get some time over, got a lot of other things to do right now!!

Av Ica - 14 juni 2008 21:16

Hi, this is my first comment here, but I thought you'd like to have a quick summary of the concert. And I wont only tell you about the good parts...
So first off, the screaming: this is a sound that you cant, I repeat, you simply cant describe to someone who has not been to a TH concert. (It was my first one) I have never ever heard anything like it my whole life. They were screaming so loud that I though my eardrums would start bleeding any minute. I'm not joking here. You could barely hear the music or Bill's singing. It was an amazing concert and Bill was in top form, his voice is totally back, and I was so relieved to hear him singing the high notes perfectly, so the guys were doing an amazing job. It's just that this screaming drowned out everything. They had to put on the volume to the max and it almost made it impossible to enjoy.
The cutest moment undoubtedly was when Bill introduced the others. I hope there will be videos of the big screens where you can see his facial expressions, bc he simply was adorable.
And yes, they f***ed up Vergessene Kinder. I think there was some problem with the bass, it was so loud that the whole arena was literally shaking plus I'm sure Tom f***ed it up with his intro and for a moment Bill and Tom and the Georg were completely out of sync, people noticed too, they stopped screaming and singing, but then they sort of found each other again, but really this song was terrible, all you could hear was this booming sound. And it was not playback. Neither was ADS, there was just some additional vocal which they added to the song.
Gustav's solo and the way he riled the audience up was just great.
And now for the really really bad part. I know a lot of people wont agree with me, but despite the teasing between BIll and the others there was just something off here. I missed the interaction during In die Nacht, Tom barely acknowledged Bill, after ADS the boys didnt come forward and bowed together,Bill simply dashed off stage, he was gone in like 5 seconds, Tom didnt come forward to ADS when the glitter was blown in the air only like half a minute later which was very strange...These are small things, but they made the whole experience really strange for me. Plus, I missed Bill's bringing a fan up to the stage and generally he didnt speak too much with the audience. It was a quick succession of songs after one another. Oh, and you couldnt hear the first two lines of Ich brech aus bc Bill's mic wasnt switched on.
I hope you dont mind that this summary is not all like 'How amazing! Perfect!' I tried to be realistic here. I will never forget this night and it was great, and Bill was great, but these things happened. I travelled there from Hungary just to see them, so I was a bit pissed off with the screaming people. I could have enjoyed this a lot more if I had heard more of Bill and the music than of the audience.
Okay, now tear me into tiny little pieces...:)

from Chayenne7

Av Ica - 14 juni 2008 20:18

by .:empTy 'souL:. @ German forum

Av Ica - 14 juni 2008 20:03

I will put together everything she could tell me:

- Bill gave Georg a "hug: before Heilig [somehow put his arm around him, but I did not underestand because everybody screamed in the camera (phone?)] , I did not really understand why he did this but it had to do with the announcement

- Bill gave Georg a big Micky Maus stuffed animal, that had flown on stage,Gerog then put it in front of him and took it with him after the song ended. (this was probably Rette Mich?)

- Fanaction supposedly/apparantly worked amazingly- Bill also said thank you for it that we always have such creative ideas.

- The interior room (?) "only" had 3 barriers , behind the 3 behind them was apparantly very empty (?) but anyway the mood was still good

What the boys wore ....

Bill : "touroutfits" [Like in Brüssel etc].
Tom : Shes not exactly sure, but w/ purple Cap and a shirt could be right.
Georg: black Shirt w/ white stuff on it
Gustav: shorts ;; white sleevless shirt

Can't think of anything else will edit if I do
source: german forum


Just came back from concert into hotel and am totally happy! It was sooo geil and the boys were super!!! Also Playback it definately was not, nope all live!!!!

Bill hat again made his joke w/ Georg and introduced his"Guest Musician" While doing this he bounced so cutely!! huggable!! (lol) Gustav at the end again soat down to his drums and play some more, that was geil!!!!

But what am I was absolutely all geil!!!!!!

I made so many + 3 Videos. but my cam batteries are emptpy. mabye I put them up later though Videos are of "Geh", "Durch den Monsun" and the announcement where Bill makes fun of Georg 

from Elphaba

Av Ica - 14 juni 2008 18:46


videos are soon up too ;)

Av Ica - 14 juni 2008 12:20

more up later 



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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