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Av Ica - 14 maj 2008 16:53

Sorry for getting the setlist a bit late..

Here is their setlist:

o1. Ready Set Go
o2. Final Day
o3. Scream
o4. Don’t Jump
o5. Totgeliebt
o6. Monsoon
o7. Break Away
o8. Black
o9. On The Edge
1o. Raise Your Hands Together
11. By Your Side


12. Rescue Me
13. Durch Den Monsun

Av Ica - 12 maj 2008 20:15

PLUS a chance to meet Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg!!!

This is YOUR chance to meet the band in person and WIN two tickets to the Montreal show (Stade Uniprix) or Toronto show (Sound Academy). This is how YOU can make it happen: fill out the form below and you’ll automatically be entered into the raffle.

There are three prize packs given away, each includes 2 concert tickets plus 2 Meet&Greet credentials. Winners will be notified via phone on Wednesday, May 14th @ 6pm (EST)…so make sure you’re close to your phone at that time!

This contest is only open to fans in Canada or the U.S Please enter the contest only if you can attend the Toronto or Montreal concert.
Good luck and thanks for your help in spreading the word about Tokio Hotel in Canada!


Av Ica - 11 maj 2008 20:35

In the end you can see all the countries they are  going to visit this summer.

Av Ica - 7 maj 2008 06:55

Here you have an update with everything thats happening in the USA.

May 6 - They are going back to MTV for TRL at 1:15 then at 6pm they will be performing and doing a signing at VIRGIN Megastore in Times Square.
May 8 - They are going to z100 radio show at 1:30 (32 ave of the americas) and then music choice at 2pm 328 west 34th.
May 9 - US weekly at noon at 1290 ave of americas then at 1:30 they are going to Conan O’Brien (30 rockafeler plaza).
May 10 - They will be at Main Street Muisc in Philly at 3pm to sign CD’s!
May 12 - They will be at Hot Topic (Hollywood & Highland) to sign CD’s (you have to get a wristband by buying the CD or TH merch at that store, but there’s limited numbers)

Av Ica - 5 maj 2008 20:35

The concert dates I posted before are official.

Here are the dates again:

May 16 @ Sound Academy, Toronto

May 19 @ Stade Uniprix, Montreal

Av Ica - 5 maj 2008 16:52

I don't know if this is true..

(from )

Canadian dates have been rescheduled!

May 16 @ Sound Academy, Toronto
May 19 @ Stade Uniprix, Montreal

Av Ica - 3 maj 2008 23:19

Latest info about the festival...

14.31: They saw David Jost.

17:24: Drum sound check.

17:27: Bass sound check.

17:37: On stage!!! Playing RSG!!

17:39: Bill's hair is fluffy and he's got black and white leather jacket.

17:41: Second song Break Away.

17:45: Bill talks to the audience.

17:50: Short video.

17:52: Tokio Hotel's part is over. They played 3 songs, Ready Set Go, Break Away and Monsoon

That's all folks. More videos will be up tomorrow!! ;);)

Av Ica - 8 april 2008 21:25

This JennyTH from wrote!

Two shows at this time will not be rescheduled this summer

Oslo, Norway and Ljubljana, Slovenia. Both have been contacted about ticket refunds as follows:

via eventim:

We are asking all customers who bought tickets through our pages to return them to our address Ekopool, Krekov trg 3, 3000 Celje, and add your information and TRR for return of funds, as per ‘Splošnimi Pogoji Nakupa’ (conditions for buying/returning).

Unfortunately replacement date was not set and it is not certain if there will be one, so together with organizers we announced this call to return tickets.

Thank you for understanding.

(I am sorry I lost the name of the person who gave this information)

I just got an e-mail from LiveNation, the company responsible for the concert in Oslo Spektrum: there will be no new date as Bill won’t be able to do the whole tour. I suspect that means a lot of places won’t get new dates, but for now this is the only one I’ve heard of.

So, for anyone who has tickets for the concert there, here’s what you gotta do to get a refund:

Tickets bought and picked up at Posten, Narvesen or 7-Eleven will be refundable where they were bought. (This means within each chain/distributor. For instance, if you bought/picked up your ticket in a post office, you can get the refund in any and all post offices in the country).

Tickets bought at other distributors will be refunded where they were bought.

Tickets paid with a credit card and sent directly to your home from Billettservice AS can be refunded in 2 ways:

1. Call 815 33 133 and give them your reference-number. They cancel the tickets and the money will be credited(?) to the credit card that was used to buy the tickets.

2. You can send the tickets to Billettservice AS, 8607 Mo i Rana, mark the envelope “avlyst konsert”.

NB! Fees will not be refunded!


canceled in Sweden to;

links to Norwegian sites, where it says it's canceled (norwegian sitesxD)



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