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Av Ica - 14 maj 2008 16:54

Here are some pictures from their concert in Hollywood yesterday:

Av Ica - 13 maj 2008 07:03

@6:03 pm - Halucy
Just got here, Line is broken up into four sections, I'm in the last section on the street. 

@6:04 pm - stephanie
DAVID IS HERE. LIKE ALONE. he's cuter in person.

@6:17 pm - Halucy
Tobi just passed by!

@6:29 pm - Stephanie
A girl with cat ears just passed by to get in the end of the line. She brought a friend with rabbit ears.

@6:55 pm - Stephanie
Alright, im here at hollywood and the line is longggg but I can't tell if everyone has wristbands, but there are some boy fans and older ladies representing you

@7:01 - Stephanie
Sorry, nothing new to report. How about a joke? What is a skeleton in the closet? A 1983s Blonde Hide and Seek champion. Yes, I'm blonde. It's 7!!!!!!!!!

@7:13 pm - Stephanie
Ooops, missed your text. Screaming started a couple of minutes ago but has died down. Girl came running down the stairs screaming Bill is here!

@7:19 - Halucy
I would text you to tell I've fainted on Bill. Since I can't text unconscious, I'll tell you now. Crowd is mostly quiet but it starts up again every few minutes.

@7:20 - Stephanie
So, they're in the store now. They come out of the back of the store. tom's wearing brown, thats all I saw. More later.

@7:21 pm - Halucy
Yes, the signing in on the second floor. I am on the first floor.

@7:40 pm - Stephanie
Ahhh, they are soooo adorable. Bill was in a gold jacket, tom in brown, so polite. I told them welcome to america and they got huugggggggeeeeeeeee smiles and said thank you. She got a video on her friend's camera and will get it to us tomorrow.

@7:40 pm - Halucy
OMG!!!! Bill smiled at me and took my letter and said thank you. To me!

@ ???? - Halucy
Tom smiled at me. I said nothing to him. I said thank you Georg to Georg. He smiled. I said thank you Gustav to Gustav, he just looked up at me. Love you too Muffin.

@ 8:01 pm - Halucy
They just drove by the restaurant I am at! I saw girls running after them!

A summery of what happened written by Stefanie from

Ahhh! You guys! It was amazing.
The boys are so polite and have such charm.
But yes its so much less intimidating when they're at a table infront of you then at a concert.
Normal people. haha
They signed in SILVERRR! woot. its loverly.
And toms hat was brown but his jacket was like a deep navy blue.
Its visible on the video, but its sucha blur to me now I cant remember.
They all look at you before signing it, its kinda cute
Georg makes the most eye contact or atleast with me he did.
Gustav just sits there and signs everything that is passed to him.
I wanted to shake him and yell WAKE UP! but saki/tobi would chop my arms off.
Tom makes second most eyecontact. He like sidlganced at me after, my stomach dropped. and then he did like a lip lick.
Bill looked at me before signing it and smiled. awww.
and I said hi welcome to america, I wanna crawl into a hole and die.
that was embarrassing but worth it!! I got the cutest smile from Tomi.
I'm so proud I had the nerve,
most of the people just like looked at them like monkey's ina cage.
I felt bad for the BBs.

Over all it was an amazing night. The fans (most) were very friendly.
But some I was just so embarrassed for.

My friend is bringing me her camara-cord tomorrow at school so I can upload the video later tomorrow. Im sorry you all have to wait, bbut she has no internet access. I sorry.

A summery of what happened written by Halucy from

I did it! I still feel sick to my stomach. Maybe it wasn't the nerves making me feel sick. I'm such a dork. I didn't take any pictures. They told us we couldn't take pictures, so I didn't even take out my camera at all. Bill was the first one you come to at the table and was taking all the presents from people and having to turn around and put them in a box, so he was a little flustered. Why do they make him do all the work? I said hi to Saki, but he either ignored me or didn't hear me. Bill is such a sweetie. He looked at me like, "What are you doing here old lady?" LOL But only for a split second. :) Tom was grinning so big. He has no idea I don't give a damn about him. Georg was smiling & lookin sexeh. Gustav was like a factory worker doin' his job. It's such a chore being a rock star. I was standing in line thinking of what I could say in German to them, and once I was in front of them I didn't even think of saying anything to them except "thank you". You'd think I could at least say "danke", but it didn't even occur to me once I was staring them in the face.

They are so normal and human-like when you are standing over them sitting down, not intimidating at all. But you are rushed through there so fast and have yourself all worked up for how exciting it will be, there's no time to think about it. At the Roxy I was in awe of Bill for at least the first two songs. It will be interesting to see how I react tomorrow.

Sorry I'm a loser and didn't take any pictures to share. :(

Av Ica - 12 maj 2008 21:56

Det er nå blitt bekreftet at guttene skal retunere til Amerika i sommer etter alle sommer festivalene i Europa. Ingen konsert datoer har blitt satt for det nye Amerika besøket.

It's been confirmed that the boys are going BACK to America AFTER all the concerts this summer in Europe. America hasn't gotten the new dates yet.

No hope for us it seems like then =/.

Av Ica - 12 maj 2008 21:07

Here are some gifs from backstage : )

Twins.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Tom3.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Tom2.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Tom1.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Tom.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Gustav2.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Gustav1.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Gustav.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Groupe1.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Groupe.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Georg1.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Georg.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Bill7.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Bill6.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Bill5.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Bill4.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Bill2.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Bill.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26Bill1.gif picture by EvelynKaulitz26
Av Ica - 12 maj 2008 21:05

The booklet for the album Scream!!

HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink HyperLink

Av Ica - 12 maj 2008 21:03




Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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