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Av Ica - 21 maj 2008 16:35

Here are all the covers of Joepie that Tokio Hotel have been with on!! Hope you'll enjoy it!!!


Nr. 05 - 31/01/08

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Av Ica - 21 maj 2008 16:34

Here are all the covers of Bravo that Tokio Hotel have been with on!! Hope you'll enjoy it!!!

(None from this year..)


Nr. 01 - 24/12/06

Nr. 07 - 07/02/07

Nr. 08 - 14/02/07

Nr. 15 - 04/04/07


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Av Ica - 19 maj 2008 20:58

An East German export hit conquers the USA

In their home village the four boys were outsiders, now they drive millions of European girls into hysteria and also record stores. Now Germany’s most successful popband is trying to make it in the most difficult music market in the world. It could really work.

The night was short for Magna and Marsha. Since early in the morning the 17 year old twins are standing in front of the Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. “Twelve hours in the rain,” they are screaming happily, as if they had spent all day in an amusement park. The both coloured Americans are shaking a little cause they are only wearing short tops. What they want to see are four strong boys from Loitsche next to Magdeburg. They are performing in a TV show tonight.

“T-O-K-I-O-H-O-T-E-L,” Marsha screams. From excitement her handbag is falling on the floor. Make-up, eye pencil and lip gloss are rolling over the floor towards the studio. “Getting up and moving on,” is told to the girls. The show is about to start, host Conan O’Brien announces the German band. “Tokio what?” an older audience member is whispering to his wife. She just raises her shoulders.

In Europe Tokio Hotel fill up the largest stadiums, now Germany’s most successful popband wants to conquer the most important music market, the USA. A bold move, since most European acts don’t make it on the US market. Even superstar Robbie Williams or Ronan Keating were ignored in the USA, the German Nena, Milli Vanilli, Scorpions and Rammstein made a few little successes in America. But that’s about it.

The manager from Universal, worlds largest record company, of course also knows this too well. They however want to try to expand Tokio Hotel worldwide. And how it is going now, it’s going well. Two weeks ago their first album in the USA “Scream” (Schrei) was released. This week it entered the Billboard Charts at number 39. Such an opening success has no German band ever had.

“The boys are awesome,” tells Frank Briegmann, who runs Universal Germany. “With them we can write pop history.” Nothing less as the conquering of the entire world is on his mind. If the move to America really works out, next year also Asia and South America will follow.

Tokio Hotel is at the moment the record company’s biggest insurance of success. In a time where you only hear about record company’s because they are making losses on record sales, this is worth gold. Originally the boys had a contract at SonyBMG. Cause the record label shorted the budget for new talent, the responsible manager let it go. Universal chief Briegmann insured himself of a band, the SonyBMG manager was fired. Foolish managing should also be punished.

The musicians between 18 and 21 years earn according to calculations around 3% from the 300 million euro year earning from Universal Germany. Since their discovery three years ago Tokio Hotel has sold more than five million records – which is good for about 30 to 40 million euro. On top of that comes a two digit million amount for fan merchandise such as sheets, shoes or doormats. No other German band sells so many articles of fan devotion.

Every eight weeks Briegmann meets up with all the other chiefs of Universal. Normally the 40 year old brings back a list with new international stars to Berlin, that will be sold in Germany. Though, in the winter of 2006 he had something amazing in his suitcase. His collegues were just as enthusiastic about Tokio Hotel as the German girls. Tokio Hotel became the first German band with a “Priority status”; meaning, every Universal country has to sell the record of the Magdeburgers and market it. “That”, tells Briegmann, “was such a punch.”

A punch, that especially was profitable for Universal Germany. Without doing anything or financing anything, the record company got month after month a two percent piece of the US-sales earnings sent to their bank account. That kind of thing normally only happens the other way around.

Even in countries where Universal isn’t doing any marketing for Tokio Hotel, thanks to the internet fan communities are building. In Israel, teens collected last year 5000 autographs to get the band to play a concert in Tel Aviv.

Tokio Hotel opened a window that was being kept close by the industry for so long. The starting age for fans lies around nine years of age, there isn’t much competition in this ago group. A financial good side effect, because most of the music is being bought by the parents. And those don’t quickly go on the internet to download the songs illegally. They buy real CD’s in the store, it still does exist.

After the Teen band has caused thousands of girls to faint and millions have been driven into hysteria, now it’s the Americans turn. Since the beginning of May the Teen heroes are on promo tour through the USA and are giving interviews like crazy. The first time in English, to be said “we only speak school English,” tells singer Bill. He tells it a little painful but event that is fallen into good place. The music magazine “Rolling Stone” praised Bill’s “Extraordinary pronunciation,” because it is kind of charming.

When Bill started singing the first note of the single “Ready, Set, Go!” in a New York TV studio, the twins Marshe and Magda are screaming, falling into each others’ arms. Around the girls the little more older studio guests are just taking the way to load Rock sounds. Some of them are holding their hands over their ears. The twins however look with tears in their eyes, just like in love teens.

Nevertheless, Bill rocks the kind of small audience as if he were standing in front of thousands of fans. Record boss Breigmann knew how to recognise this talent, and in 2005 it was already there. Before the first CD was released the boys had to play in front of 300 Universal managers in Berlin: “That is the most unheard of audience that you can imagine, but the boys went for it like real pros.”

There are two things that make the pop miracle Tokio Hotel: The lyrics and the personalities. In their songs they tell about every teen trouble like love, suicide or divorce of the parents. Just as extraordinary are the band members themselves, starting with the androgynous singer Bill with his hedgehog hair and black eye pencil around the eyes. His hair tip: “a lot of hairspray and no brushing.”

Even though he looks kind of made, he is not a fabrication of the record company. At nine he already started to colour his hair. It’s no wonder that Bill and his twin brother Tom (with dreadlocks) felt like “Aliens” in their 700 inhabitant village. Together with their noticeable quieter friends Georg and Gustav one of the best pop exports of the country has grown. Something that Bill from the start was convinced that would happen. He has gotten the Tokio Hotel symbol tattooed on his neck, even before the first record was sold in Germany. It was also Bill’s idea to give interview from his sick bed after his vocal cord surgery in March: “It was just boring to me without anything to do.”

Even during the first test performances in February the clubs of Los Angeles and New York were sold out within hours. Up to 2000 dollars were paid by fans on eBay for tickets, while the original price was $18.50 dollars. The “New York Times” made history for the boys with putting them on the cover. It even moved the old rock star with a woman’s history, Tom: “I think I bought about 100 copies of the paper and brought them back home.”

During a signing session at Times Square a few stores had to close because of the turn out of more than 500 girls. Magna and Marsha were also there – they camped outside for two days. The two girls discovered the boys on the internet about four months ago. To also understand the lyrics they are learning themselves German with a dictionary. “They are so cute,” they are screaming after the TV performance and burst into singing “Durch den Monsun”.

While their parents were driving the girls home again, record boss Briegmann and his guest are a few blocks away. To celebrate this “historical moment”, he has invited a group of German TV managers to the USA. In a hotel the record company has set up a meeting to see the band. Like polite little boys the boys shake the old mans’ hands and thank them for coming.

Also here they are doing splendid: “Yes, we were really tired,” “We are happy about how it all went,” “No, no party for us, when we are on tour we go to bed early,” “Of course we can sign an autograph for your niece,” one of the managers is very happy that he finally has a picture of him and the boys. “Now my ex-wife has no more chance with my son.”

Then the band meeting is coming to an end; the guests are leaving again. Only thing what they have remembered this night is that the boys aren’t 21 yet.

source: // Translated by beertje_86 at

Av Ica - 18 maj 2008 10:46

News from Tokio-Bill: A photo made in Beverly Hills showed up, that could make Bill Kaulitz pass for a Michael Jackson double.

There are many similarities between the “king of pop” and Bill Kaulitz (18) from Tokio Hotel: big succes in the young years, a very outgoing style, long black hair, make-up….

Michael Jackson (49) got his first record deal when he was eleven, was really succesful with his brothers as the “Jackson 5″ around the world. Bill experienced the talent show “Star Search” at 13 year old in 2003, got a record deal together with his twin brother Tom and band members Gustav and Georg in the same year. Since 2005 the tokio Hotel madness in Germany and Europe is unstoppable.

Jackson has been operated countless of times, bleached his skin, changed his nose, uses lots of make-up and always wears his hair dark black and long. Also Bill uses make-up, always has darkened eyes, his black hair he lately wears straight down instead of up high.

The succesful tour in the USA is going well for Bill - since a few weeks Tokio Hotel are succesfully touring throught the USA.
Translated by beertje_86


Av Ica - 18 maj 2008 10:42

Growing in popularity, German rock band Tokio Hotel is new to North American fans but all the rage back home.

So when the foursome decided to break into the difficult North American market with its English debut album Scream, the group translated and then performed all of its German songs in English, something that took some time but was worth the work.

“The biggest challenge was to sing for the first time in English because as you can tell my English is not so good,” singer Bill Kaulitz says inside a Toronto restaurant. “This is really the first trip that we’ve spoken English in interviews because we just know some words.”

Tokio Hotel, playing the Sound Academy tonight, says translating each song “word by word” was trying.

“I’m a perfectionist, I really wanted to sound natural like I was a native speaker,” he says. “That was really, really hard but I hope the fans like it.”

“And then they (the words) have to rhyme and still have the same meaning,” twin brother and guitarist Tom Kaulitz adds. “We wanted everyone to have a chance to understand what we are saying which was really important.”

The band, rounded out by drummer Gustav Schafer and bassist Georg Listing, has made a lot of inroads in a short period of time with singles such as Monsoon and Don’t Jump, which deals with suicide, a topic mentioned in some of the fan letters the band received from teens.

But both brothers say the single Ready Set Go! describes how the band members, who got together in 2001, found success at the mere age of 15.

“It was our first single in Germany and it was during our vacation in the summer holidays,” Bill says. “It went directly to Number One and after that our whole life changed completely. It was a new life and that was our dream, our dream come true.”

The resulting success caused a frenzy that some concert promoters in Germany weren’t quite prepared for.

“We were playing a village party, a small festival and there were only 100 or 200 people expected,” Tom Kaulitz says. “It was booked six months in advance and we released our first single Monsoon in Germany and we came to that festival.”

“There were so many fans and thousands of people, the security was absolutely not ready for that,” Bill says. “It was then we knew we had fans. Before it was always five or 10 people in a club just drinking beer and not looking at us.”

The toughest thing a new band often has to do is learn how to say no to growing demands. A grueling touring schedule earlier this year left Bill Kaulitz unable to speak for 10 days following surgery to remove a cyst from a vocal chord.

“I was really afraid,” he says. “We only played 10 concerts and had to cancel 16 (including a Toronto gig). I was in my hotel room and I looked (at the clock) and I was thinking at this time normally I’m on stage so it was really, really hard.”

However, like so many identical twins, Bill had Tom nearby to act as his almost telepathic speaker.

“It’s a very cool connection and a very special connection,” Bill says of being a twin. “I think nobody else has a connection like that. I had a book and wrote things down (after surgery) but there were some things where I just looked at Tom.”

“I always know what Bill is thinking in different situations because I think the same,” Tom says without missing a beat. “I had to speak for him for 10 days, it wasn’t a great time.”


Av Ica - 18 maj 2008 10:42

Having an affinity for the cosmopolitan Japanese city, German quartet Tokio Hotel would love to find itself in a Tokyo hotel sometime in the near future.

"We've never been there," guitarist Tom Kaulitz says. "They have a Jacuzzi in the room and you can just lie there."

"And they have the flat screen televisions over your head," bassist Georg Listing adds. "We really want to go but haven't yet."

"I have heard so much about the hotels in Tokyo and how nice they are," Bill Kaulitz says. "So I think that town is really, really crazy and we would love to go there."

While a Japanese tour is still in the works, Tokio Hotel is surprised by their North American fans.


"What we saw the last time is that our fans are so energetic, they are screaming and waiting for us," Bill says.


Av Ica - 18 maj 2008 10:32

Now they've interview a fan again and this time it's a BOY!! =D

Read it HERE!!!

He is basiclly the same as a girl XD

Sooo this is the guy..:


Av Ica - 17 maj 2008 16:02

A lesson in Dutch for Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel already has been to the Netherlands so many times, that they should already know something about our language. Do the boys know the meaning of these Dutch words?


Tom: What do you do with that?
Hitkrant: You all coincidently all wear one today
Georg: Shoes
Hitkrant: No
Tom: jeans?
Hitkrant: Yes!
Tom: So I have go to a store and ask for a "spijkerbroek" it will all be fine? Nice, I could use another one.

Bill & Georg: t-shirt
Tom: Something for on your head?
Gustav: Can we get a clue?
Hitkrant: You can eat it during new years evening. It's some kind of fried dough balls.
Bill: Something like a Berliner ball? I would like to try those!


Georg; Schraatsen?
Hitkrant: It's a sport
Tom: Soccer
Georg: No, that's almost the same as with us. Fußball, voetbal.
Bill: Basketbal maybe..
Gustav: Tennis
Hitkrant: Most people only do it in the winter
Gustav: Snowboarding
Tom: Ice skating
Georg: Why are you right again?
Tom: Oh well, I am just so clever.


Tom & Georg: Bobsleigh
Bill: potatoes!
Hitkrant: No, it has got nothing to do with food
Georg; No food?
Bill: O, your making it difficult for us!
Tom: Toilet of something? Defecating then?
Hitkrant: Shall we then just tell? It a kind of bike with a big bucket on it where you can put some stuff in.
Bill: Never heard about that before


Tom: hair loss
Gustav: Can you say that again?
Hitkrant: Hagelslag
Bill & Tom together: skin eruption!
Tom: No? It could have been, right?
Georg: I know something, if you say whole sentence with the word then we can guess better.
Hitkrant: Oke, ik eet brood met hagelslag
Tom: butter
Gustav: Marmelade
Tom: cheese
Bill: oat flakes
Georg: Ugh, who eats bread with oat flakes?
Hitkrant: they are chocolate flakes
Bill: It sounds delicious. To bad we don't have that in Germany

Tom: drop?
Georg: Are you drunk?
Tom: Bist du dropp? (all the boys are hysterically laughing)
Tom: That's something they only say in Köln when someone is really drunk
Georg: Or did something else.....
Bill: If someone asks you that in Köln you know something is really wrong!
Tom: What the Dutch word means we don't know
Hitkrant: You can eat it
Georg: Is it candy?
Hitkrant: yes

The boys will have to get back to The Netherland more often cause with the words they know now they never will make it.

Översättning - Beertje_86 @ Thus



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