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Av Ica - 30 juli 2008 21:06

On the cover: The exotic style of Tokio Hotel

This German band is all the hype in Europe and its four members have already started breaking hearts in our country. Are you ready to fall in love with them? You’ll surely do- By Diana Matozo

The leaders of Tokio Hotel are twin brothers Bill (lead singer) and Tom (guitar) Kaulitz. Despite the fact that they are identical twins, they have very different and distinctive personalities. They talked to our magazine (TU) about their music and they also shared some secrets of their love life with us. Find out everything about it!

TU: How do you feel now that your music is known in our country?
Tom: Once we dreamt about international success but we never really thought that it would happen. People in our country know about us but crossing borders is not only amazing, it’s also weird! We’ve never been in Mexico but our music is being played there…it’s a great satisfaction. We would love to visit your country.

TU: Do you have girlfriends? How’s your ideal girl?
Tom: I don’t have a girlfriend and I can’t really say that I have an ‘ideal’ girl. I can’t say that I prefer blond girls over brunettes or redheads, all I can say is that there are a lot of beautiful girls everywhere.

(Pic: ‘Georg and Gustav are a little behind on the girl topic’- Bill)

TU: Is dating easier when you’re in this career?

Tom: Of course music helps. In school, it’s the kids that are musicians the ones that tend to be very popular and have great success! That’s why I decided early on that I’d play guitar (laughs). No, honestly, I have never had ‘girl trouble’ and I have never used my fame to get with a girl.
Bill: In my case, music has definitely helped, I had my first girlfriend when I started singing but in this business, there’s little time for a serious relationship.

TU: Who’s your favorite (female) singer or actress?
Tom: I love Jessica Alba, she’s my favorite!
Bill: For me, it has to be Nena, the German singer, I was very influenced by her. I saw one of her concerts on TV and it was a moment that left a mark on me. I was very young and right after that, I started writing my own songs. It was clear to me that I had to be on a stage one day.

TU: Being twins, have you ever tried making a move on the same girl?

Tom: I had a girlfriend and when we broke up, I tried to talk her into giving my brother his first kiss. I wanted him to live that experience because (until then) Bill had never had a girlfriend. It was a way of showing how much I cared.

TU: Is there a message behind your look?
Tom: We have never wanted to create a fake image. This is part of our personality, this is what we feel, this is who we are. If you see pictures of us before being a band, you would see that the change hasn’t really been a drastic one.

TU: Would you get a girlfriend’s name tattooed?
Tom: If the relationship isn’t serious, I don’t think I would, I don’t think it’s worth it (laughs); if it were something a little more serious…I don’t think I’d do it either! I am not a big fan of tattoos.
Bill: I love tattoos! And if I were really in love, why not? I think I would do it.

TU: Are you guys faithful (when in a relationship)?
Tom: When you are in love, it’s important to be faithful and feel that the other person is being faithful too, it’s basic.
Bill: For me, this is something fundamental. Besides, if I am in love, I don’t really feel like accepting any other ‘offers’. With me, you don’t have to worry about cheating, I believe in being faithful and that’s what I practice but… I haven’t really been with a girl for quite some time now.

TU: How do you feel about your fans getting so crazy sometimes?
Bill: We’re really proud of the fans that we have, they support us so much, they are always waiting for our concerts, they sing our songs, they have an amazing level of energy and that’s contagious. They make us feel the need to continue doing what we are doing.

(We love to see all the fan signs and banners at our concerts!)

What every fan should know:

*They were born in Magdeburg, Germany. There they are listed as part of the ‘Town’s Most Beloved Sons’.
*Tom is older than Bill…10 minutes older only!
*When they were little kids, the twins would wear t-shirts with their names on them so that people wouldn’t get confused.
*These brothers have a philosophy in life: ‘Follow your dreams’
*Gustav started playing drums when he was only 4 years old!
*Georg is a Fall Out Boy and Green Day fan
*When they recorded their first album, two of them were just 13 (Bill and Tom)

For more information about the band:

Av Ica - 30 juli 2008 15:33

-The motto of Rock in Rio is 'For a better world'.What would you do to make the world a better place?
-Bill:That is a really difficult question and it can´t be answered with only one sentence.There´s always a lot of things that can be done to make the world better.A festival like this is a good first step and participating in it as musicians too.

-How was yesterday´s concert in Barcelona?
-Bill:We are verey pleased with our spanish fans.Last night we played there and it was a beautiful concert.We have a very good feeling with our spanish fans.

-Have you ever been afraid of reaching success at such a young age?
-Tom:There are things that happen to us that we still can´t believe,like been able to perform at Rock in Rio.It´s true that we´re having success,we know we´ve had a lot of luck and sometimes we´ve needed time to assume all this.

-Are you always dressed up like that?

-Tom:We´d love to be able to always dress like this,but what happens is that we can´t anymore.When we went to school we did dress like this because it´s our style,but now it would be a little uncomfortable to go outside like this because everybody would recognise us.

-Bill,how are you feeling after the operation?Have you noticed any change in your voice?
-Bill:No,and i´m really happy.Now finally i can say that everything is like before,which was the aim of the operation.It is true that it was a specially low time in our career and also personally i was deeply touched.The worst was that we we´re very sorry for all our fans for all the concerts we had to cancell.A vocalist is always afraid of being operated(?) on the voice,but fortunately,now i can say i´m fully recovered.

-Yesterday a concert in Barcelona,today in Madrid,tomorrow in Lisboa...How do you keep up with such an intense pace?
-Bill:Good,cause we are addicted to work,we´ve been nearly 3 years,almost without stopping.
We only rest for two weeks a year,but it´s what we wanted,what we like.
-Tom:We arrange our agenda,we decide when and where we one decides it for us.Obviously,there´s times when you think you can´t take it anymore,there´s days when we are in 3 different citys and sometimes you don´t even know where you get up...but it´s something that fills us.

-What do you think of the fan phenomena that follows you?Are you aware that one day this may be over?
-Bill:Yes,of course,but you have to know that we also started as a small group and only 4 or 5 persons would go to watch us perform,so we know what is like not having success,that´s why we appreciate what we have.Bad times can always arrive,like in every job,but we hope this lasts for a long time.

-Do you know the Jonas Brothers?
-Tom:Yes,we´ve heard of them,specially when we went to the US,were they are very famous.
-Bill:Now they´re starting to be famous in Europe.And that is something that we have in common with them,cause we are starting in the US.Musically we don´t know them very well.

-You guys are rich,single,famous...Do you have any whises left?
-Bill:(I can´t see what is written there)...a lot because success hooks you,it´s like a drug,you always want more,more concerts,more tours...and you want to do better each time.And about being single,it has to be clear,that we are all single.(laughs)

-So,is it not true then that Bill is with a spanish girl?
-Bill:No,it´s no true,i´ve been 3 years alone now.There are so many things said about us which aren´t that we are 'little multimillionaires'.

translating: EdurneTH@thus

Av Ica - 28 juli 2008 11:22

Goethe-Institut, a German culture website, has posted an article about Tokio Hotel and how they became so successful. The article talks about the band’s success in Europe and America, the styles of the members, and the impact they’ve had on the world so far. It’s a very good article, which you can read at their site in English or German, or below the break.

Bill instead of Brecht: Tokio Hotel conquer the world

In February 2008 the city of New York was once again invaded by hordes of screaming girls and it could mean only one thing – another boy band was in town. This time however there was something different about the whole thing – all the slogans and declarations of love on the T-shirts and posters were not in English, but in German. “Bill, ess briiingt miiiisch oummm,” for example, (“Bill, it’s gonna kill me”) as the line from one of the band’s hits goes. This was also the refrain sung by most of the female fans at the Tokio Hotel gig at the Fillmore NY club – New York’s legendary concert venue that in the past has seen fans reeling in the aisles to such musical greats as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

After taking Europe by storm the band went stateside and – to everybody’s amazement – managed to conquer America, too. At first the media back home in Germany were in some cases more amused than impressed, they did try however to find an explanation for the phenomenon. How could it be that four young guys – in fact, barely-of-age guys – from the town of Magdeburg in eastern Germany had now become icons of global youth culture, or even sex symbols?

Hair like a porcupine

Without doubt their look most definitely played a crucial role. The lead singer, Bill, has spiky hair like a porcupine, eyes lined with kohl and he is dressed like a punk, which makes him look like one of those Japanese manga figures. The guitarist, Tom, Bill’s identical twin brother, goes more for shaggy Rasta dreadlocks and the baggy hip-hop look. Fan forums are equally as obsessed with the way the brothers look as they are with the music.Of course, there is never success without money. Tokio Hotel’s label, Universal, is one of the biggest on the music scene and has spared neither effort nor expense to market the quartet to a young audience via websites, publicity campaigns and magazines. This however is not enough to explain their success, especially when you think that only one tenth of all performing artists manage to bring home a profit for their recording companies. Promoting a new act, as we see, can quite definitely involve quite a few risks, as one of the business’s top dogs found out to its dismay – SonyBMG had signed on Tokio Hotel, but terminated their contract just before their breakthrough in 2005.

By word of mouth on new grapevines

Another vital publicity factor these days is the effect of internet platforms like YouTube and MySpace that enable new trends to spread like wildfire. It is a form of the classic word-of-mouth advertising that uses different channels to not only overcome international barriers, but also linguistic ones. This is in fact what makes the success of Tokio Hotel so surprising – most of the lyrics they sing are in German.

Before Tokio Hotel there were of course other German success stories. Kraftwerk, for example, who, with their song Autobahn, pioneered the myth of fast-lane freedom for fast-lane individuals. Nina Hagen is still a well-known face in the USA, famous for her outrageous performances; the same with Nena who managed get to number two in the US charts in 1983 with her song 99 Red Balloons. Since the end of the 1990s Rammstein has been the most successful musical export in German. With their explosive stage show, brute-force arrangements and their sometimes controversial lyrics the group promotes the cliché of the remorseless, sinister Teuton.

German graffiti in Rome

Tokio Hotel have also pulled off another great feat – they have triggered a huge, new surge of interest in the German language. “German is sexy,” as two female fans at the concert in New York told the German magazine, Focus. “Young Americans and Canadians have started learning German so that they can understand the lyrics better,” says Wolfram Hermann of the Goethe-Institut in Boston. “There has been a huge response,” confirms his colleague in Rome, Elisa Costa. In Italy ten per cent more teenagers between the ages of 11 and 16 have enrolled in German courses. In France, according to information published in the German news magazine, Spiegel, it as many as 25 per cent. On the institute’s website in Italy there was a competition in which you could win 100 Tokio Hotel concert tickets – in two weeks 5,000 people took part in it. They had to answer the questions in German. On the Rome underground graffiti has now appeared exalting the names of the band members and proclaiming in German messages like “ich liebe dich” (I love you) or “du bist mein Engel” (You are my angel).

Another clear sign of the group’s potential is the fact that T-shirts, posters and biographies are available all over the place, whether you are in Palermo or Istanbul, New York or Paris. Tokio Hotel has furthermore paved the way for other young German bands to make it in a big way, for example, Cinema Bizarre or Nevada Tan. This is the reason why branches of the Goethe-Institut in Europe and in North America are planning further online campaigns and cooperation projects with both schools and the press to enhance the spread of the German language.

Young, surprising and sexy

The aim here is to achieve what Hesse, Goethe and Grass, etc, did not quite manage to do. The fans at the Fillmore NY concert all sang in unison “Wir häm unns toadgeliiebt” (We’ve loved ourselves to death) from the Tokio Hotel song, Loved To Death. It might not sound quite as elegant as Goethe’s Wayfarer’s Night Song, “In allen Wipfeln spürest du kaum einen Hauch” (In all the treetops you feel hardly a breath of air) – maybe that is the reason why the quality press and state institutions were initially so reluctant to jump on the Tokio Hotel bandwagon. Can a band with such bizarre hairstyles and lyrics oozing with the Weltschmerz of youth represent a country that is respected as the world’s top exporting nation?

The answer lies with the fans. Not just in Germany, but everywhere the fans camp out for days in all kinds of weather in the hope of getting the best concert tickets – be it in Geneva, Tel Aviv or Moscow. It is hard to put into a nutshell why there is so much enthusiasm for Tokio Hotel. One thing is for sure – they have certainly managed to introduce the world to a new image of Germany – one that is young, surprising and sexy.

Av Ica - 27 juli 2008 00:18

How hard is it for a German rock band to break it big in the U.S.? For most, even conquering Europe is still no guarantee that label executives here will see and hear anything original, groundbreaking, or just plain good enough to warrant a contract.

German emo quartet Tokio Hotel is the first to do so in a long, long time and they’re breaking down barriers in a huge way, making new fans here as readily as U.K acts have done for ages.

A lot of their success can be chalked up to the androgynous charisma of their teenage frontman Bill Kaulitz, who appears on the album cover with his trademark giant hair, looking like an angry, punk-y, elf.

Their debut single, the angsty, tense-yet-rollicking “Ready, Set, Go!” is not only on the charts, it was incorporated in an episode of The Hills.

The band shows its depth (the degree of which is remarkable when you consider that these are very young men) on their second single, the non-sappy, shimmering ballad “Monsoon,” where stacks of processed guitar chords shimmer and throb on the chorus.

Tokio Hotel really writes to the song, allowing whatever they need to stylistically to carry it off. Sometimes they’re emo, sometimes more punk, sometimes more bubblegum pop, other times more glam-sounding or even Detroit-style garage. Maybe here or there a flourish of electronica would serve nicely, or a strain of somber cello… no problem. They add it.

But the common denominator is that their music is well written, melodic, and original. Three attributes that will get you noticed in the music world. And Scream has landed inside the Top 40 of the Billboard 200 album chart, and also made them household names across Europe and in Canada.

Kaulitz’ voice is fantastic, and adding charm to it is his slight accent. This is, after all, their first English-language album. But there is also no dead weight here. Guitars, drums and bass are handled with chops and maturity of music school grads.

Fans of guitar-based rock and hooky melodies, but who don’t want to rot their teeth on overly-sweet confections of many axe-wielding pop ensembles, will love Tokio Hotel: a band that can start an ultimately hummable tune with a blast of ferocity.

Tokio Hotel is surely a band to watch in the future, but more important, a band to hear right now.

By Todd Spencer

You can buy Scream online now at!

Av Ica - 24 juli 2008 10:16

Amongst Thailand-fans and backpack tourists it’s a legend: “Full Moon Parties” that will be celebrated to each full moon night with light balloons and psychedelic music on the beach of Haad Ron on the island of Koh Pha-Ngan. Up to 10 000 people come to then mass-dance together to the sound of the sea. We have water and full moon in Hamburg too, thought Tung Truong, the manager of the “Indochine”, and Dojan Jung of Young Creatives, which brought the party to the Elbe. Only 500 celebration jolly people could fit into the “Indochine”, but had to wait in a long line first, but it didn’t ruin the mood at all. Between lavish Asia decorations and light installation people danced if they found a little spot to: In the Ice-Bar and on the terrace in the lounge area. The Parisian DJane Joana de la Jungle took care of the music-mix, and the Londoner violinist Sophie Serafino headed on with handmade sounds to it. Surprise during the late hour: Germany’s most popular rocker twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel mixed amongst the audience and showed no fear of pushing and barging in. Previously the two teen idols were in the new Upper East celebrating, but were little amused: “Lots of weird people there,” said Bill.

translated by Lenny 

Av Ica - 22 juli 2008 16:43

For those who don't know you again, how have you four met?

Tom: Bill and I, we started making music when we were 7. We have always prefer that to video games! We have devote it all our free time, the evenings, the weekends. Bill played the keyboard, because we didn't have anyone else to be in charge of the drum and bass. I've met Gustav when we were at the Academy, we've become friends then.
Gustav: And then, one day, I attended one of their performances. When I saw Bill on stage playing the keyboard, I said to myself that we should really change that. (laughs.) We have therefore began to discuss it and I have propose them to play with them. It was at this time that we became a band.

What would you want to reply to the people that say that you are a marketing product?

Bill: Oh my God! To say such nonsense, they must be frustrated people! Still, it's the classic bullshit that we hear in the music business. Specially in Germany, because these last years, as in England in the 90's, there are many castings to form a boys bands and a girls bands. There are even TV shows whose aim is to find THE next band. Suddenly, it's very difficult for a real formation that didn't pass by the reality-tv circuit to impose themselves and to make a break out. Nowadays it's very difficult to convince people that we are a real band, that nobody told us to be friends with Gustav or Georg. In any case people don't believe us. Consequently, we do our thing without worrying with these rumours. Music, it's an emotion; if you're just a puppet, how can you put your soul in what you do? For my part, I believe that I put my soul to it, so I get angry when people think that what I do is plastic. But at one point you have to put some distance between those rumours and you otherwise you are "eaten".

What relation do you have with your fans?

Tom: If we can, we talk to them, sign's the least we can do, because where you go, they are there! Sometimes they wait for hours or they even spend the night there, on the street. Whether it's cold, raining, snowing, they are there. And then, they offer us gifts that they made with their hearts and souls. So, give them a little of our time, it's the least we can do to show them how what they do counts to our eyes. We'd like to measure up to their love.

What's the most remarkable gift that a fan has offered you?

Bill: It's a difficult question, because we receive tons and tons of gifts. We are very touched by the letters of our fans. Some are very long. There is one that has 14 Km! It's almost a book of 1000 A4 sheets.
Georg: If not, we've received a car, a Mini Cooper equiped with our photos and names. But it's really impossible to choose a particular gift, because they all mean something to us.

Do you take the time to go to forums or your MySpace?
Bill: You have to be careful because in the forums, there are many people that pretend to be us, that chat with our fans and foul them. If we are on the Internet, is always as a group and is announced officially. Apart from that, we spend many time on the blogs dedicated to us or in our MySpace, because their opinions matters a lot to us.

The girls are crazy for you, but, you, what's your type of girl?
Tom: It's a difficult question, because I don't have a certain type of girl in mind. It must just be a good feeling from the start, a connection that starts the relation naturally. She can be blond, brunette, red-haired, it doesn't matter. But with the life we have, we don't have the time for a love relationship. At least, I mean a real love relationship. At the same time, that doesn't interess me to be faithful, commit myself...I mainly want to enjoy myself. I was mad for a lot of girls. Too many girls. (laughs). I really think we can fall in love several times in a lifetime and that, luckily, several people are made for us.
Georg: As far as I'm concerned, I'd love to find a girl that looks like Angelina Jolie, the Olsen twins and Eva Langoria.
Gustav: So, we will fight for the same girl Georg. (laughs)
Bill: I love that the girl has a great look, nice nails and a beautiful skin. And then, especially, that they are positive and playful. I don't like one night stands. I truly believe in true love, a love that you only find once in a lifetime...if you have the chance. Because I think that many people never find it, which is very sad... I've already met girls, I've already fall in love. I know what it is to have a flash for someone and the butterflies on your belly, but I still haven't found love with a big L.

Bill you have a unique look. Did you always like to wear make up, do you do your nails?

Bill: I do that since a long time ago. Gustav and Georg didn't even ever known me with a different look. I started to like to wear make up when I participated in a Halloween evening some years ago. I've disguise myself as a vampire. And then I kept that look. It's part of my personality.

How many time in the morning do you spend to make you beautiful?

Bill: Not much. About forty minutes.

Do you have any ritual before going on stage?

Bill: It's not really a ritual. Gustav likes to stay alone, concentrate himself, listen to music. As for Georg, Tom and I we like to meet together backstage before the show starts and stress the three.(laughs) We close ourselves in the green room for half an hour and nobody can came in. Even our manager! We imagine the worst things that can happen, we laugh about it and that relaxes us.

And when you are not on stage how do you spend your free time?

Georg: We play ping-pong and kicker!
Tom: And when we are not on tour, we like to sleep very late! Expect Gustav, who is an early bird. But Bill, Georg and I we like to eat, watch tv and sleep. And when we can really make a break, we like to go on vacations.

And what's your favourite destination?
Tom: All I can tell you is that we love the little isolated islands very, very, very far from here.(laughs)

By force of circumstance, you spend many time together. Do you keep friendships outside the band?

Tom: Yes, of course! Because it's important for us to be able to talk about other things besides Tokio Hotel. But because we share the same friends, we are always the four. And then, we go on vacations together.(laughs) Thus, yes, Tokio Hotel, is our most beautiful friendship story.

And you never fight?

Tom: Oh, we'd want to sometimes. Especially when Georg decides to remove his shoes. (laughs) But our friendship is stronger than the disputes!

Even if you are loved by your fans, is there always something about yourselves that you don't like?

Bill: (laughs) We didn't change, we are the same. We have the same flaws than before. And we have the same relation with each other than before we've known success. So, even if it's crazy to be 18 years old and see so many girls mad about you, there are always things I don't like about myself. I don't walk in the streets telling myself that I'm the greatest guy in the world. Tom does, always.(laughs)
Tom: There's always something that we don't like about ourselves. But it's normal; we are 18, we seek. And for our age, we have a strong confidance in ourselves. When I say I'm the best, I don't take the lead.

What souvenirs do you keep from your childhood? How you describe yourselves at that time?

Bill: We always had confidence in ourselves and in our future. We had a lot of character. We have started very early making music, because we have since young known what was good for us. That wasn't always easy to live. At school, we didn't want to fit in a mold, that's what created clashes between us and the teachers and the other students. But apart from the fact of hating highschool, we had truly great fun.
Tom: Me, I'm always crazy. I've always in me the child I was. Fourtunately, he isn't in the people.(laughs) He guides me everyday.
Bill: But contrary to what our fans may think, we are far from being perfect. We recognize the success that we have, but we don't want to be an example to people!

Av Ica - 17 juli 2008 14:29

WELT ONLINE has led to the style icons choice - and fierce debates among readers triggered. Every 50 German women and men were the elections, the displeasure of many commentators Tokio hotel. Their critics must now brave. And hopefully, with the women's choice not a problem.

Who does it in style? Who makes the world beautiful, cool, modern? The ONLINE WORLD wanted by the readers know, thousands have joined. Men and women of all ages, we had to vote in the Lords about as serious celebrities like Roger Cicero and Wolfgang Joop. Tokyo hotel we had with the recommendation "because hundreds of thousands of teenagers can not be wrong" on the list. And lo and behold: The youth has triumphed, with an enormous distance Kaulitz the brothers landed in 1st place Kajalstift, Stinktiermähne, dreadlocks - as is now so stylistically.
(Sorry, it's Google Translated :/ But it's the 'important' Part of the whole article, the rest is boring XD~)

the article in German

Av Ica - 16 juli 2008 16:57

Ten thousand fans wild with applause for Tokio Hotel Saturday in Geneva. No injuries but many fainting.The singer Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz, is the favorite of young audiences who invaded Arena.

Icon of rock juvenile, the German group Tokio Hotel occurred Saturday evening in Geneva. The quartet has played 90 minutes before 10 000 delirious fans, mostly teenage girls. There were no injuries but 375 fainting.

"Some 90 people have vanished even before the doors open Saturday," said the organizer of the concert Michael Drieberg. "They felt such pressure ... the emotional health staff took care of all these people, handing them up. Many have returned to the room then. I am pleased that there were no injuries and no evacuation. We had a clinic with 60 beds and three ambulances. "
Suffocating heat

Some fans have camped for several days before the Arena to be safe to be at the forefront. From 15 hours, almost all the public was already at the gates of the building. In the courtroom, the air quickly becomes suffocating. While the parterre, 6000 people hurrying to the scene, the balcony much trépignent children, accompanied by their parents.

From a sudden, the lights go out and a rising clamour. The hall is more enlightened than the glow of thousands of mobile phones. The screams intensified since the emergence of young Germans.
Smile disarming

Shortly after, the singer Bill Kaulitz removes his jacket and trousers with a t-shirt and red. Behind him, on a screen, scroll including images of clouds. After three songs, it apostrophe the public: "Wie geht's euch?" (How are you?). In response, teddy bears are raining on the scene. The entire evening, the group has visibly taken pleasure to play. Their well-functioning performance left little room for improvisation. The contrast was quite surprising between the dark and look very makeup studied Bill Kaulitz and his smile disarming naturalness. He still seemed surprised at the success of his group. "This is what we could get better," said Bill in substance. "Travel and be in all cities. Thank you. "
Faces lit

The fans have regularly intoned the words with the singer. Towards the end of the concert, Tokio Hotel has issued "Durch den Monsun" (Through the monsoon) title with which he drilled in 2005. The group took leave of his fans with "An deiner Seite" (In your side).

At the end of the room, the faces were illuminated. Several spectators already visionnaient photos taken during which they will long for an event.

The concert was going to sell out. Originally scheduled for March 21, he had to be postponed because of a vocal cord singer Bill Kaulitz.




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