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Av Ica - 15 juli 2008 16:10

200 security forces such as nurses and Samaritans were offered at the sold-out Tokio Hotel concert in Geneva – and they were needed, too.

The German rock band played for 90 minutes in front of 10,000 fans at the Geneva Arena and the medical staff had their hands full. They had to be called out up to 250 times in order to nurse the young girls who became unwell back to health.


The run-up to the concert caused some confusion due to the tickets. Originally, the Magdeburg band’s concert was announced for March. However, because the 18-year-old singer Bill Kaulitz had to be subjected to a vocal chord operation early on in the year, some concerts were cancelled, including the one in Geneva.

As a result, the organisers planned to let Tokio Hotel appear at the Stade de Genève this Saturday. But then this venue, with its 25,000 places, was out of the organisers’ league. The tickets for the Stade de Genève were valid for the Geneva Arena. The ones for the cancelled concert in March weren’t, though.

___________________________________________________________________ "We have seen little of Modena, but we felt the warmth from the public, it's a great emotion." These were the first words of Tokio Hotel, during their interview on TV by TRL (directly from Pescara, with live connection to Modena) last night, two hours before the concert at Park Novi Sad. The band showed itself really available and tuned with the 18 thousand fans who waited hours before for them, and greeted them screaming inside the venue.

Did you have the chance to visit Modena? "We haven't had a lot of time, today it was a hot day, we arrived by last and in this case, it's difficult to visit the city", each word from the band is\par received by the delirious crowd.

During the interview, Bill Kaulitz and his band have received the award won at the TRL Awards, for the Best Band category: "We're very happy", he said. "We found a lot of love and enthusiasm. How would we split the award? Well, we're four, we'll see how to do it, there's too much joy and the Italian public is fantastic."

Do you have already new songs? "We can't tell for sure when the new album will be out", they said, "we can only tell you that we're working on new songs and soon you'll know some news about it."

To delight of their fans, Tokio Hotel have time to talk about their connection with the audience: "We see a lot of people every time, it's difficult to distinguish just one amongst the crowd. However, we can tell that it has happened several times, noticing in some fans in particular when they're standing in the first row, by the way they get involved in the show and by the way they sing all our songs, those are truly intense moments."

"A life for music", this could be the right motto to identify the band Tokio Hotel: "Definitively, I can't imagine our life without music, it's part of us, a real symbiosis."


Av Ica - 15 juli 2008 16:04

Bill & Co. let down their fans

Tokio Hotel: Apathetic at Geneva

Yesterday Tokio Hotel played in front of 10,000 fans in Geneva. The cheering of the crowd was incredible, as was the self-restraining of the stars.

The first beats sound throughout Geneva Arena at 19:30. 10,000 fans scream as the biggest hits such as ‘Schrei’ or ‘Übers Ende der Welt’ ring out. Tokio Hotel delivers a professional show – and yet, the enthusiasm is missing.

The four Magdeburg boys keep some distance from the crowd. There’s no lack of the thousands of longing hands raised in the air. Above all, Bill, who girls are passionate about, seems as though he can’t keep enough distance between himself and the fans. He sings from a platform behind the drums for the most part of the concert.

The quartet has managed to do what hardly any German-singing bands have succeeded in doing: They’ve made it abroad. With ‘Schrei’ (2005), they found success as being the first German band to get into the French Top 20. The English version climbed to no.39 in the USA Billboard charts, and even to 6th place in Canada. Tokio Hotel has earned 60 million Swiss Francs since their debut. Long since they’ve been laughed at as one-hit wonders, they’ve become out-of-reach superstars.

At the same time, Tokio Hotel always stands for genuineness. They’re no artificial band; they got together by themselves and they’ve all played their instruments since early childhood. In the band’s (mostly self-written) lyrics, they deal with every teen problem – from lovesickness to suicidal thoughts to the separation of parents.

It arrives. Just like Bill’s look. Despite animosity and sneering remarks, he’s never been put off. It’s his style – he already had his first piercing at 12 years old, which was shortly followed by his first tattoos. With success, his appearance became more extreme, his hair longer (his styling recommendation: “Using a can of hairspray every day and never washing your hair”), his eyeliner thicker and his nail varnish more eccentric.


“Always more” seems to have become the band’s motto. But not in one aspect – Tokio Hotel isn’t the approachable band any more. They seal themselves off. “They don’t give any autographs anymore or pose with the fans for photos,” says Andrea (16), from Olden.

A good hundred teenagers were already camping on the sidewalk days before yesterday’s concert so that they would be admitted into the concert hall first. “I haven’t seen anything like it since Michael Jackson or Pink Floyd played here twenty years ago,” says Michael Drieberg, the concert organiser.

Yet, the times in which fans gathered outside the hotels the boys stayed in are over. “Now they stay as far away from the concert hall as possible; sometimes in other areas, so that they won’t get annoyed by us,” complains Manuela (14), from Berne. The distancing from the fans hasn’t been the only consequence of their success – Bill had to have an operation in March due to a cyst in his vocal chords, which interrupted the tour.

Polo Hofer (63) and Marc Dietrich (59) from the Swiss band Peter, Sue & Marc had to undergo this operation, after which their voices got worn thin through the decades. Bill is forty years younger.

Translated by Narin @ (CREDIT!)

Av Ica - 13 juli 2008 13:47

Tom Kaulitz has sex in every city! [Narin @]

Pay attention, girls – Tom has sex with a groupie after every concert appearance! Well, the boys are in Geneva on Saturday. Pack those suitcases quickly, then.

Now here comes the bang! Tom Kaulitz, the twin brother of Bill Kaulitz, gives a good long talk about his sex life in an interview.

And - hold tight, girls! – You’ve got a really good chance of having a hot affair with Tom. The guitarist boasts loudly to about his sexual adventures after every concert. He claims he has affairs in every city they appear in. Tom reveals himself as a downright womanizer. Groupies are apparently his favourite dessert! Whoever still hasn’t got tickets for the Tokio Hotel concert in Geneva on Saturday should really go all out now.

Tom babbles on about his sexual adventures like a macho and seems to be very proud of his effect on girls. He doesn’t mince his band members’ words, either. They’re allegedly much too shy: “Between ourselves, I can reveal that Georg is in fact still a virgin as before. Alright, Bill and Gustav have already had sex, but not much more than two or three times,” he talks of his friends’ and brother’s sex lives. “The girls seem to notice that and somehow they automatically stick onto me.”

We’ll soon see which girl in Geneva gets lucky with Tom! The first fans have been camping outside the concert arena since Monday. Let’s get stuck in, then!

Av Ica - 13 juli 2008 13:45

Prince Albert and Tokio Hotel?! [Samantha @]

This is not a joke and Prince Albert is not ashamed to say that he loves the german group Tokio Hotel.

This is totally exclusive news this year, and we can say it here on…the german group Tokio Hotel doesn’t only attract young teenage girls, the group attracts Princes aswell.

Yes! Prince Albert likes Tokio Hotel. And he is not ashamed to say so. The ruler of Monaco and his companion Charlène Wittstock were delighted to have attended the concert that the group gave in Monte-Carlo. Don't worry Albert maybe you will be entitled to your dedication when the band release their new album, when they find the inspiration.

Av Ica - 11 juli 2008 19:26

Love : Intense Feeling containing the tenderness and the physical love between two persons. It is the subject of preference of every artist and the oldest subject of all the story of the humanity. The TH is at the very beginning of their collection.

Bill : If I fall in love about a girl with whom I think of having no chance, I reveal nothing. On the other hand, when the feelings are mutual, I open my heart without held. To say " I love you " doesn't frighten me. I'm thoughtful, possessive, terribly romantic, also fascinated. When I love somebody, it's always in a way fusionnelle. (Bill and the girl must love each other). I need to be with the elected representative of my heart all the time, to share everything with her.

Tom : I don't believe in the big Love. I believe that a long story results in the routine. And I hate the routine! I break easily and often by telephone. But that doesn't prevent you from trying your luck, girls! I find that cool a girl who makes the first step.

Gustav : When the occasion appears, some flicker of this of there, but nothing very serious! I would like to meet a sexy, well done girl, but especially with beautiful eyes! And above all, she has to be affectionate. The group doesn't allow us to have a true relation. We are often absent and occupied by the music.

And : Georg not esprime not on the topic. He loves the girls sexy as Angelina Jolie but we don't know about it more. Tom says on his subject: " if you cross Georg, don't hesitate to jump him above, Georg will never dare him to jump on you!


Av Ica - 11 juli 2008 19:08

Are Tokio Hotel fans rabid? Do they come out to support the band?! Leave your comment here and prove them wrong!

Av Ica - 11 juli 2008 19:04

 Tokio Hotel fans camp for a week to see band up close

Thirty young girls have been camping for days outside Geneva's largest concert hall to get front row standing space at a gig by teen Indie rock group Tokio Hotel, a newspaper said Wednesday.

The group is set to play this Saturday in the hall which has a capacity of 10,000.

Braving the heat by day and cold by night, the fans aged 13 to 22 have been camping out in some 15 tents on concrete in front of the Arena, a hall located between the airport and a Geneva highway.

Some of these teenagers from Switzerland and France had arrived as early as last Saturday.

The concert organisers have had to hire a security guard to keep watch over the girls at night.

Tokio Hotel released their first album "Schrei" (Scream) in May 2006 and sold some 600,000 copies in six days in Germany. It also quickly became a major success in France, Austria and Switzerland.


Av Ica - 6 juli 2008 15:11

Glam-pop German quartet a big teen hit
By the Chicago Tribune LOS ANGELES—Move over Jonas Brothers, the Kaulitz twins are moving in.

The 18-year-old Kaulitz brothers make up half of Tokio Hotel, a German glam-pop quartet that is creating Beatles-like hysteria among the teen set in their native land.

They’ve sold close to 3 million CDs and DVDs in their country, and are hoping to replicate that rabid fan base in the United States.

“They’re the steppingstone between the tween stuff and My Chemical Romance,” says Andrew Gyger, senior product manager for Virgin Entertainment Group, a few days after the foursome appeared at Virgin’s Times Square store in New York in May to promote its English-language album, “Scream.”

“The in-store was massive in terms of sales and the amount of girls that showed up,” Gyger says, relaying stories of at least one girl fainting and screaming teens lining up around the block for the event. “The band seems to have come out of nowhere.”

Actually, Tokio Hotel came out of the Internet. A YouTube search shows 123,000 video listings compared with 88,100 for the Jonas Bros. or 21,000 for grizzled veteran Bruce Springsteen. To further sate their young fans’ appetite, for the last six months the band has produced weekly episodes of Tokio Hotel TV for its U.S Web site.

The look
For Tokio Hotel, the visual is as vital as the vocals and is propelled by lead singer Bill Kaulitz’s anime look: straightened, teased black hair; heavy eye makeup that accentuates his delicate, androgynous, doll-like features; chain necklaces and vintage rock ‘n’ roll T-shirts. He’s so thin he appears almost one dimensional onstage, adding to the cartoonlike appeal. But to hear him tell it, his look comes by way of Transylvania, not Japan.

When he was 10, Bill Kaulitz dressed as a vampire for Halloween and adopted the styling year-round.

“After that, I started to color my hair and polish my nails. I started to wear makeup and stuff. I’d never heard of [anime],” Bill Kaulitz said in an interview at the Avalon Hollywood before the group’s sold-out show in Los Angeles.

He, his brother, bassist Georg Listing, 20, and drummer Gustav Schafer, 19, are squashed together in a leather booth in the lounge one floor above the Avalon stage. Both he and Tom speak very good, albeit heavily accented, English, although an interpreter stands by in case any translation is needed.

Tom Kaulitz, the older brother by 10 minutes (”A lot of people think Bill is the boss, but I am the boss,” he laughs), developed his hip-hop/dreads look when he was 7 or 8, in part as a way to differentiate himself from his identical twin. “When we were 6, we looked the same,” Tom Kaulitz said. “We had sweat shirts with [the names] Bill and Tom so that teachers had a chance to know who’s who.”

The Kaulitz brothers began playing guitar when they were 7—the instruments were gifts from their musician stepfather. By the time they were in their midteens, they were playing in clubs, often to less than five people, and Listing and Schafer had joined the band.

Their mother’s backing was not only desired, but vital: “We needed the support of our parents because we had no car, no money,” Bill Kaulitz says.

Mom has long since stopped driving the band to gigs; they have people who do that for them now as they have accumulated a team during their meteoric rise. The group’s first single, “Through the Monsoon,” went to No. 1 in Germany in 2005, two No. 1 albums and sold-out European tours followed.

Fan on the run
The fan frenzy in Germany has reached epic proportions, such as when a group of teen girls delivered a fan letter that was more than 7 miles long. After seeing a young fan repeatedly at shows in different cities, the band later learned that she was a runaway who had left home to follow the group. “It’s still crazy to us,” Bill Kaulitz says of the distaff attention.

After witnessing the spectacle at the band’s February appearance at New York’s Gramercy Theatre, Amy Doyle, MTV’s senior VP of music and talent, became a convert. “I could not believe the line outside of screaming teen girls,” she said. “It reminded me of the audience of the late ’90s and 2000 for Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync.”

Following that performance, MTV added the video for “Ready, Set, Go” into heavy rotation, as well as highlighted the band online, on MTV2 and on “TRL.” Tokio Hotel writes a tour diary for, which, Doyle says, had elicited more reader comments than any previous tour diary.

But the band has a long way to go before they reach Backstreet or ‘N Sync like sales—since the group’s CD was released in May, it has sold just over 23,000 copies. Tokio Hotel’s U.S label, Cherrytree/Interscope, has yet to take the first single, “Monsoon,” to radio, but Doyle says the whole package is the band’s selling point.

“Radio always helps, but there’s a connection that clearly is made when the audience sees them that you can’t connect with just a song; fans are making an emotional connection.”




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