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Av Ica - 24 juni 2008 19:21

Sorry for the news coming in late, me, ica is sick and only one home, sorry.

Thanks to Tokio hotel America - the forum!

Tokio Hotel à Genève- 7800 billets remboursés

Les 8000 billets du concert de Tokio Hotel à Genève ont quasiment tous été remboursés, a indiqué l'organisateur Live Music Production. Le groupe allemand jouera néanmoins devant 10'000 fans le 12 juillet à l'Arena.

Il reste 200 billets à rembourser. Seuls les tickets mentionnant la date du 12 juillet sont valables pour le concert qui se déroulera à guichets fermés.

Tokio Hotel devait se produire le 21 mars à l'Arena et 10'000 billets avaient rapidement trouvé preneur. Après l'annulation de ce concert et son report au 12 juillet, l'organisateur a programmé le groupe au Stade de Genève qui peut accueillir plus de 25'000 personnes. Il a fait ensuite marche arrière car 8000 détenteurs de billets ne s'étaient pas fait rembourser.

Translation from Babelfish:

Tokio Hotel in Geneva: 7800 refunded tickets

The 8000 tickets in the concert of Tokio Hotel in Geneva were almost all  refunded, the organiser Live Music Production indicated. The German group will play nevertheless in front of 10' 000 fans on July 12 at the Arena.
200 tickets remain to be refunded. Only the tickets mentioning that are dated for the 12th of July are valid for the concert which will proceed with closed counters. Tokio Hotel was to perform on March 21 at the Arena and 10' 000 tickets had quickly been sold. After the cancellation of this concert and its carryforward at July 12, lthe organiser booked the group at the Stadium of Geneva which can accomodate more than 25' 000 people. He went into reverse then because 8000 holders of tickets were not made refund.

Av Ica - 23 juni 2008 19:49

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Tokio Hotel from Germany!" A deafening cheer breaks out in the TV studio. The girls scream, wave banners and some even have tears in their eyes. US talk-show host Conan O’Brian has never experienced so much enthusiasm for a German band in his late night show before. He mumbles "Incredible," and shakes his head. Fans had already camped outside the studio building three days before the show. For the record, the queue grew until it was two house blocks long. But only 120 fans were lucky and managed to get tickets for the show.

America in TH fever! Whether it's entrances, signings or radio interviews, the scene is similar – hysterical teenagers, clogged streets, a state of emergency! Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav have really done something none of them imagined – Tokio Hotel has taken America by storm! They even decorate front pages of newspapers, have a load of celebrity fans (e.g. Jay-Z and Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls) and are going on tour together with the Jonas Brothers in autumn – an ideal start in the land of endless possibilities! As a child, singer Bill Kaulitz (18) couldn’t imagine all this in his wildest dreams. "Before, I sat in my room in front of my Nena posters and imagined what it would be like to be a popstar. The fact that we’ve come so far is unbelievable!"

However, international success has downsides too – in their homeland Germany, Tokio Hotel is increasingly losing popularity. The critics are increasing, many supporters are disappointed about them moving away and the first fanclubs have dissolved. And Tokio Hotel is doing little to win their old followers back. A new single or album isn't in sight whatsoever. Instead, making it abroad has priority; above all in America. A new Tokio Hotel album won't appear until the beginning of 2009 – too late for many fans!


My operation changed a lot in my thoughts. Till then it was totally normal for me to sing. Now I know what kind of a gift it is. For this gift I am extremely thankful.

Bill (Tokio Hotel) – "As children my twin brother Tom and I looked more or less similar. Now if I look at photos from that time, I myself don't know which one I am from us both."

Translated by Narin @


Do you actually know Tokio Hotel?

Nick: “Of course, the boys are cool and have loads of fans in America too! We even have their CDs!”

Meaning, you’ll soon appear in Europe as TH’s opening act, and then they’ll return the favour for you in the USA?

Joe: “We don’t know anything about that. But the idea’s not bad. Who knows…”

Kevin: “It’s cool that there are also brothers there as well. People don’t often believe us that we’re really related!”

This is claiming that the Bravo rumour about Tokio Hotel touring with the Jonas Brothers is simply just a rumour!

Source same source for all of them

Av Ica - 17 juni 2008 17:48

Dortmund’s amazing fan action! Trying something new…. alternating the German with the google translation.

10 000 Sterne für Tokio Hotel
Überraschung für Bill & Co. bei ihrem einzigen Deutschland-Konzert in Dortmund
Petershagen/Dortmund (mt). 10 000 Sterne für Tokio Hotel: Für das einzige Deutschland-Konzert in Dortmund haben sich die etwa 12 000 Fans eine Überraschung für Bill & Co. ausgedacht.

10 000 stars for Tokyo Hotel
Surprise for Bill & Co. in its sole concert in Germany Dortmund
Petershagen / Dortmund (mt). 10 000 stars for Tokyo hotel: For Germany the only concert in Dortmund, the approximately 12 000 fans a surprise for Bill & Co. invented.

Bei dem Lied “1000 Meere” halten fast alle selbst gebastelte Sterne passend zu der Strophe “1000 Sterne ziehen vorbei” in die Höhe: Ein tolles Bild und schöne Atmosphäre in der Dortmunder Westfalenhalle. Extra für das Lied “Wo sind eure Hände” haben die Fans außerdem aufgeblasene Handschuhe dabei, mit denen sie Bill, Tom, Georg und Gustav zuwinken.

In the song “1000 Seas”, almost all handmade stars to match the verse “1000 Stars pull over,” in the air: A great image and beautiful atmosphere in Dortmund’s Westfalenhalle. Extra for the song “Where are your hands’ fans have also bloated the gloves with which they Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav wave.

Sänger Bill Kaulitz ist von dieser Idee so überrascht, dass er sich spontan selbst einen Handschuh von einem Fan ausleiht und überzieht. Nach seiner Stimmband-Entzündung vom Frühjahr ist er inzwischen wieder in Topform. Man sieht den vier Idolen an, dass sie sich freuen, mal wieder zu Hause in Deutschland ein Konzert geben zu können. Als besonderes Highlight spielt Tokio Hotel in Dortmund zum ersten Mal den Song “Geh” vor deutschen Fans. Am Ende der Show gaben Bill und Tom Kaulitz zusammen eine Zugabe und Drummer Gustav noch ein Schlagzeug-Solo.

Singer Bill Kaulitz of this idea is so surprised that he spontaneously even a glove of a fan ausleiht and covers. After his vocal chord and inflammation of the spring, he is now back in shape. You can see the four idols, that they are happy times back home in Germany to give a concert. A special highlight plays Tokyo hotel in Dortmund for the first time the song “Go” before German fans. At the end of the show were Bill and Tom Kaulitz together an encore and drummer Gustav a drum solo.

Schon Wochen vor dem Auftritt haben tausende Fans vor den Westfalenhallen gecampt, um sich einen Platz in den ersten Reihen zu ergattern und so nah wie möglich an ihre Idole heranzukommen. Auch kurz vor Beginn des Konzerts war Geduld angesagt: Wegen Sound-Problemen mussten die Fans eine Stunde länger warten als geplant. Obwohl es regnete, vertrieb das keinen echten Fan.

Die vier Jungs von Tokio Hotel fliegen jetzt weiter nach Frankreich, Spanien, Portugal und Italien. Tokio Hotel ist ein deutscher Exportschlager. Selbst in Israel und den USA lernen Jugendliche plötzlich Deutsch, um die Texte mitsingen zu können. Das schaffte bisher nur Rammstein.

Even weeks before the performance, thousands of fans at the Westfalen gecampt halls to get a place in the first series of wet and as close as possible to their idols them. Also shortly before the start of the concert was called for patience: Due to sound problems had the fans wait one hour longer than planned. Although it was raining, the distribution

The four boys from Tokyo hotel now fly on to France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Tokio Hotel is a German export hit. Even in Israel and the United States suddenly young people learn German in order to be able to sing along. The so far only managed to Rammstein.



Av Ica - 15 juni 2008 08:54

Translation by Artax

TH only makes it to Dortmund

TH only gives one single concert in Germany - from Loitsche to a world-wide mania, by Maike Steuer.

That's so typically German: Once you're world famous, you just go home any more to let yourself be celebrated at the "band's only concert in Germany". TH pays Dortmund a visit on Friday. But the TH-mania is happening in Loitsche.

For Martina and Julia it was "The best day ever", Blondine147 describes it as "hammageil" [~mega awesome] and alos julikoffg483 from the Czech Republic, PrinCeSsM from France and ClaudiaKaulitz90 from Italy gush about their visit in Loitsche.

Provincial backwater preferred to Manhattan

Positioned in Northern Sachsen-Anhalt, the girls rather pilgrimage to the backwater than to NY city, pose exaltedly in front of the touristic highlight: the bus stop that's adorned over and over with writings; and they nearly faint in view of a simple bell button that probably only could be trumped by the inhabitant of the attached house himself.

But Bill Kaulitz can rather be met on Times Square than in his home village, where he's cheered by masses that Loitsche could never master. In all that, the story of TH's front man began with a defeat. Among the last sixteen at "Star Search", he lost in 2003 as a 13 year old. A fragile little boy with short black spikey hair, who presented "It's raining men" with a shaky voiy.

A mixture of goth-hedgehog and power outlet

Who'd have thought that just this guy would few years later be responsible for countless cases of laryngitis and croakiness with girls and young women world-wide? With his twin brother Tom at the guitar, bassist Georg Listing and drummer Gustav Schäfer he ventured "Through the Monsoon" in 2005 and casually left the big guys of the music business standing in the rain. With thick black eyeliner, a hair style that's in between goth-hedgehog and an accomplished reach into the power outlet, and clothes that in fact could be the result of a manga artist's pen, he bedazzles his fans. [talk about German endless nested sentences...]
Long ago, the "TH-virus" has spread over all borders to all of Europe and over the great pond. On "Tokio Hotel America The Blog" the fans collect every tidbit worth mentioning from his biography. Likewise the They adore their idol, although he "sometimes forgets, to brush his teeth at night", hates crying fans and his feet and "sleeps with only his shorts on", as the website tells.

Australian Petition for TH

The TH-crazy Australians even go a step further. Insted of only following the life Magnificent Four around their charismatic front man, and to document it for the next generation of the untaught, they have started a petition to bring the regular owners of the Nr 1 single and album charts and prize collectors to Down Under. 2053 votes has the "Official Australian TH Street Team" collected so far - tendency increasing.

"Bill, because of you I am what I am today. Thanks, baby!" a fan has written volubly on the bus stop in Loitsche. The "welcome"-sign at the entrance of the village has long become a wooden guest book for the TH pilgrims. The first one was shortly after "Star Search" the producer Peter Hoffmann. He liked the young boy band's mix of rock in German, who capitalized on being edgy instead of smooth - and the fans did likewise. The albums "Schrei!" and "Zimmer 483" hit the mark like a master bowler.

"Unsexiest Women Alive"

Whether it be Comet, Bambi or the Italian TRL Awards: the four Magdeburgers have had them all. Bill even made it to spot 27 of the magazine FHM's list of "Unsexiest Woman Alive", as only man.

When the nearly 19-year-old had to undergo surgery on his vocal cords at the begin of this year, the fans were shivering with fear, and the cancelled concerts hurt. "Is this the end of TH?", the pessimists darkly asked. The band countered with mega-successes in the USA and elastic as ever vocal cords. This evening, the West Phalia Hall changes into a XXL Tokio Hotel. Whoever had not the luck to get a ticket for the quickly sold-out concert, can always buy a train ticket and go - to Loitsche.

In German:

Tokio Hotel kommt nur bis Dortmund
Tokio Hotel gibt einziges Deutschland-Konzert -
Von Loitsche zur weltweiten Manie

von Maike Steuer

Wieder mal typisch deutsch: Kaum ist man weltberühmt, lässt man sich in der Heimat nur noch beim "einzigen Deutschlandkonzert der Band" feiern. Tokio Hotel gibt am Freitag ein Gastspiel in Dortmund. Die TH-Manie aber spielt in Loitsche.

Für Martina und Julia war es "The best day ever", Blondine147 beschreibt es als "hammageil" und auch julikoffg483 aus Tschechien, PrinCeSs3M aus Frankreich und ClaudiaKaulitz90 aus Italien schwärmen in ihren Muttersprachen in den höchsten Tönen von ihrem Besuch in Loitsche.

Lieber Provinz als Manhattan

Gelegen im nördlichen Sachsen-Anhalt pilgern die Mädels lieber in die Provinz statt nach New York City, posieren selig im über und über mit Graffitti geschmückten Bushäuschen als touristisches Highlight und fallen fast in Ohnmacht beim Anblick eines schlichten Klingelknopfes, dem wohl nur der Bewohner des dazu gehörigen Hauses höchst persönlich die Schau stehlen könnte.

Doch Bill Kaulitz ist eher auf dem Times Square anzutreffen als auf dem heimischen Dorfplatz, wo ihm Massen zujubeln, denen Loitsche niemals Herr werden könnte. Dabei begann die Geschichte des Frontmanns von Tokio Hotel mit einer Niederlage. Im Achtelfinale von "Star Search" flog der damals 13-Jährige 2003 raus. Ein zierliches Kerlchen mit kurzer, schwarzer Stachelfrisur, das mit wackliger Stimme "It's raining men" zum besten gab.

Zwischen Gothic-Igel und Steckdose

Wer hätte gedacht, dass genau dieser Typ wenige Jahre später für massenhaft Stimmbandentzündungen und Heiserkeit bei Mädchen und jungen Frauen auf der ganzen Welt sorgen würde? Mit seinem Zwillingsbruder Tom an der Gitarre, Bassist Georg Listing und Schlagzeuger Gustav Schäfer wagte er sich 2005 "Durch den Monsun" und machte damit die Großen der Musikbranche lässig nass. Mit dicken Kajalstiftbalken um die Augen, ein Haarstyling, das zwischen Gothic-Igel und einem gekonnten Griff in die Steckdose schwankt, und Klamotten, die durchaus aus der Feder eines Mangazeichners stammen könnten, verzaubert er seine Fans.

Längst ist das "TH-Virus" über die Grenzen hinweg nach ganz Europa bis über den großen Teich geschwappt. Im "Tokio Hotel America The Blog" tragen die Fans jedes nennenswerte Fitzelchen aus seiner Biographie zusammen. Dem stehen die in Nichts nach. Sie vergöttern ihr Idol, obwohl "er manchmal vergisst, abends seine Zähne zu putzen", weinende Fans ebenso wie sein Füße hasst und "nur in Unterhosen schläft", verrät die Website.

Australische Petition für Tokio Hotel

Die TH-verrückten Australier gehen sogar noch einen Schritt weiter. Statt nur virtuell das Leben der glorreichen Vier um ihren charismatischen Frontmann nachzuverfolgen und für die nächste Generation Unwissender zu dokumentieren, haben sie eine Petition verfasst, die die Dauerabonnenten der Nummer eins der Single- und Albumcharts und Preisehamster nach Down Under bringen soll. 2053 Stimmen hat das "Official Australian Tokio Hotel Street Team" bislang zusammen getragen - Tendenz steigend.

"Bill, durch dich bin ich das, was ich heute bin. Danke, Baby!", hat ein Fan schwunghaft auf das Bushäuschen in Loitsche geschrieben. Das "Willkommen"-Schild am Ortseingang ist längst zu einem hölzernen Gästebuch der TH-Pilger geworden. Deren Anführer war kurz nach "Star Search" der Produzent Peter Hoffmann. Ihm gefiel die Mischung aus Rock in deutscher Sprache der jugendlichen Boyband, die statt auf aalglatt auf Kanten setzte - den Fans auch. Die Alben "Schrei!" und "Zimmer 483" räumten ab wie Profi-Bowler.

"Unsexiest Women Alive"

Egal ob Comet, Bambi oder die italienischen TRL-Awards: die vier Magdeburger hatten sie alle. Selbst auf die Liste der "Unsexiest Woman Alive" der Zeitschrift FHM hat es Bill auf Platz 27 als Hahn im Korb geschafft.

Als der fast 19-Jährige Anfang des Jahres an den Stimmbändern operiert werden musste, stand den Fans der Angstschweiß auf der Stirn, die abgesagten Konzerte schmerzten. "Ist das das Aus für Tokio Hotel?", unkten Pessimisten. Die Band konterte mit Mega-Erfolgen in den USA und wieder geschmeidigen Stimmbändern. Heute Abend verwandelt sich die Westfalenhalle in ein XXL Tokio Hotel. Wer nicht das Glück hatte, ein Ticket für das ratzfatz ausverkaufte Konzert zu ergattern, kann immer noch ein Zugticket buchen und verreisen - nach Loitsche.


Av Ica - 10 juni 2008 21:41

Magazine: Bill you had been left with problems in your vocal cords. Have you found all your capabilities?
I'm very well, thank you. The operation went very well, but the most difficult was the recuperation period. I had to spend 10 days without speaking, singing or laughing. I couldn't even listen to music to be sure not to hum something. Then I spent three weeks calm, making reabilitation, then we went to the United States for the release of our English Album and to perform some concerts. I'm in good shape. We all are.

Magazine: Besides the concert at Parcs des Princess, which other concerts do you have scheduled?
We are going to tour a good part of July through Europe. Particularly in Italy, Spain, Scandinavia (!!!!) and in the East countries. We wont to came back to those countries before the summer, because many concerts were cancelled for the reason you all know. It's most likely that we return after to the United States. And meanwhile we will record a album that will be released at the end of the year.

Magazine: What can we expect from the concert at Parc des Princess?
Oh, that. It will be a surprise! Meet us on 21st June, it will be a unique event. There's still some tickets left, but I'm sure it will be sold out at the day of the concert.

Magazine: It's said that in Germany the new groups emerge such as Nevada Tan. To the point that Universal may left you to sign for others
That's completely false, every group has its own way. Nevada Tan are going very well, but not to the point of replace us. Not only Universal support us, but it is also the record company that allow us to make it outside our country. Lately we haven't been much in Germany, because we are very concentrated in Europe and The United States. But we can't be everywhere at the same time

Bottom text

Why is the group always on top?
Before the concert at Parc des Princess, Fun TV will broadcast a documentary about the quartet's climbing. In France the "youth" media accounts to always support the group. Tokio Hotel isn't a fire of straw nor a commercial operation, explains Nicolas Toutain from magazine One. Unknow two years ago, they will full the park. They talk less of them because their new album was released a year ago, but they are pro, they invested in writing songs, doing interviews, photoshootings, ... The end of hysterism it's not for tomorrow. Even the chief editor of Star Ac' Mag Ludovic Jéróme Gombauff says the same: "They are here to stay and they deserve it. They are real musicians."

Källa - Översättning : Stern - THA

Av Ica - 8 juni 2008 11:48

It was supposed to have been one of the mega-festival’s highest points but when troubled singer Amy Winehouse shakily stepped onto the stage, intoxicated, unsteady, hoarse and over an hour late, not everyone was impressed with the singer’s first live performance in Portugal.

More than ninety thousand people packed out the Parque da Bela Vista on Rock in Rio’s opening night last Friday, most having waited all day to see Amy. Accompanied by six musicians and two back-up singers, the singer cut a worrying figure on stage, drinking, eating, fidgeting with her dress, unstable on her perilously thin legs, forgetting her lyrics, and, on several occasions, almost falling over.

With her hand in a bandage and a bruise on her neck, more than once her on-stage entourage intervened to save the show, taking over at critical moments during the 50 minute-long performance, which consisted of little more than ten songs from Amy Winehouse’s two albums, including the performer’s mass hits, ‘Back to Black’, ‘Tears Dry on Their Own’ and ‘Rehab’.

On stage she admitted she should have cancelled her performance, but thanked fans for being there and at one point, during the song ‘Love is a Losing Game’, broke down in tears as she told the audience her husband Blake, who is currently in prison, would soon be coming home.

Alanis Morissette, Bon Jovi, Lenny Kravitz, Joss Stone and Rod Stewart were other big names that graced the stage last weekend, to equally huge crowds, but it was teenage German boy-band Tokio Hotel that provided a talking point to rival that of Amy Winehouse.

Following the cancellation of their first concert in Portugal in March, due to lead singer Bill Kaulitz’s bout of laryngitis, thousands of Portuguese teenage fans were famously left in hysterics.

Many of these flocked to Rock in Rio despite another concert being scheduled for 29th June in Lisbon’s Atlantic Pavilion, to see one of Germany’s hottest exports at the moment, and were again left in hysterics.

Hundreds of young girls cried as the band’s line up of songs came to an end, a repertoire of vocal talent that older music fans may have described as somewhat lacklustre.

Making up for it was the singer’s extravagant hair-style, heavy make-up and superstar poses, all of which comprised a visually striking performance that will surely see the young crowds once again queue for hours and in their hundreds at The Pavilion later this month.

This weekend’s agreeable weather meant many concert-goers made their way to Bela Vista Park in the early afternoon, relaxing in the countryside, beer in hand, making the most of the sunshine before the first of the evening’s line up kicked off.

With so much to do inside the venue, including a radical sports area, a tent dedicated to fashion and a children’s play area, there is no shortage of pastimes or activities to keep people entertained, though stretching out in the sun and refreshing themselves with a beer seemed to be the occupation of choice for the audience.

This weekend more big names will take to the stage, including Metallica, Muse, Linkin Park and Offspring.

Those wanting to watch from the comfort of their living rooms can see Rock in Rio on Portuguese cable channels SIC Radical or SIC Mulher, or listen to live coverage on radio station RFM.




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