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Av Ica - 6 juni 2008 09:55

Tokio Hotel stormed the Billboard album charts with SCREAM, the band’s first U.S full length to date. Landing at #5 and #6 on the Alternative Albums and Rock Albums charts respectively and in the top 40 of Billboards Top 200 it is safe to say – Tokio Hotel have more than arrived.

In their next step in U.S domination, Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav, will find themselves in millions of living rooms as their ballad, “Monsoon,” is released as downloadable content for Rock Band!

If Tokio Hotel have it their way, they’ll be back in the States this August rocking out live for fans old and new. Keep up-to-date on tour information and the latest news in the world of Tokio Hotel at!


Av Ica - 3 juni 2008 18:45

Check in with Tokio Hotel!
They've taken over Germany with their catchy pop/rock tunes and now Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav are spreading their universal sound to America!

What to expect!
"In general, I would say [our sound] is rock," Tom describes. "We always tried to create our own style. It's hard to describe, but at the beginning of all our songs you can tell that it is a Tokio Hotel song. It's something you hear in the first chords!"

Hopes and dreams!
"We are not really about goals," Tom tells Popstar! "All we really want is to play live as much as possible."

German fans vs American fans!
"Every fan is different, but what they all have in common is that they are very engaged, that they are very intense," Bill says. They live this life with us." Tom has other things in mind, saying, "I personally was very happy to see all the pretty girls in the audience!"


Av Ica - 3 juni 2008 18:40

It's a cold, rainy Saturday in New Jersey, and hundreds of hoodie-clad teenyboppers are scrunched shoulder to shoulder in the Meadlowlands parking lot, screaming for Tokio Hotel. "Bill, I want to comb your hair!" shrieks a teen girl in the front row as the band — fronted by glammed-out singer Bill Kaulitz, 18, and his dreadlocked twin, guitarist Tom — kick into "Ready Set Go." Bill doesn't answer — after all, if he complied with every hair-combing request, his trademark porcupine spikes would be defunct. Instead, he swivels his skinny hips, pumps his fist skyward and sings.

Since Tokio Hotels third album, Scream, was released in the U.S on April 29th, the German emo rockers — who blend lashing riffs and forceful wails into dark, snarling anthems — have become superstars, snagging a spot on MTV's TRL, sold-out shows in New York and LA and legions of admirers. "When we played [New York’s] Irving Plaza in February, the audience sang all the songs — even two German ones," says Bill. "In Europe we play big concerts, but in America it’s so cool to see all the people — and all the girls."

A few years ago, Bill and Tom were performing for tiny crowds in their hometown, the small salt-mining town of Madgeburg, part of former East Germany. "Every weekend we played to, like, 15 people in the same club," says Tom, who picked up his first guitar at age seven, around the same time that Bill decided he wanted to be a star. ("I saw a concert with Nena singing '99 Red Balloons' on TV and I said, 'I will also go onstage and sing,' " he recalls.) Tokio Hotel was born in 2001, when local teens Gustav Schafer (drums) and Georg Listing (bass) caught one of the duo's gigs. "We said, 'Oh my god, someone should help them!' " jokes Listing.

Scream — which is culled from tracks on the group's first two German discs (which both hit number one overseas, earning them their ten-times-platinum status) — is the band's English debut. "Every song has a strong connection to us," says Bill, who models his look after a vampire Halloween costume he wore as a kid.) " 'Ready, Set, Go' is kind of our story," he adds. "It’s about going for your dream and not being afraid to start a new life."

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Av Ica - 3 juni 2008 07:13

(I got hold of the translation =D )
Photo of Bill and next the words: young idols and emotions in family on the 3º day of music in Rock in Rio

Tokio Hotel: "we are hate fault with our fans"

The difficult times have past, guarantees the German band.
After the cancelation of the concert in Atlantic Pavilion, Tokio Hotel debut finally in Portugal. METRO has talked to then before their concert in Rock in Rio.

You are finally debut here. Haw do you fell?
Bill: yes, the last time it didn't went so well. It was bad luck. But this time everything is going well and we are very happy to sing to the Portuguese public.

Have you recovered?
Bill: yes, I was very sick. The tree fouling weeks to the operation were very difficult. It was my period of rehab (laughs making a allusion to Amy Winehouse). But now everything is ok. We have singed two times already after the operation and everything went well.

The band stopped our did you practice?
Tom: I was with Bill during the time of the recovery. I went with him to the hospital and everything. Georg and Gustav had more free time. You can say they were doing whatever they wanted.

Is there any song that can appear from this difficult time?
Bill: they were difficult times and I don't want to remember them much. I don't want to have many memories. There were many nerves and pain. I just want to get over it, to be well and forget about it.

Coming to Portugal, with more time, did it aloud you to get the number of fans you have screaming for you?
Tom: Yes, it's a very good felling. We liked a lot and found out many fans here in Portugal. That is also one of the reasons we were very sorry to cancel the last concert here. We like to be in Portugal a lot and to know there is sow many people supporting us.

Did you get a notion of the disappointment of the fans?
Bill: Yes, but it wasn't just here. It was in very country we had to cancel. I was very surprised with all the letters and other things sent to me and with the all support people gave me. It was very nice to know that.

What do you expect for this tour?
Tom: we are not expecting anything from the fans. We are the ones ate fault, we are the ones that have to go and get back what they gave us. The cancelation was a big disappointment for them. In any case, we hope the fans are in good mood and with lots of energy for the shows.

After the tour, are you thinking in starting a new album? Have you started already?
Tom: now we are just playing festivals, in the weekend. During the week we get together to reerce and play. We have created same new music's this way. The plane is to do the new album during the summer, to write more and produce something new.

So when can we expect a new TH album?
Bill: we don't want to compromise our self's with any date, because we are still half way fro. We don't want to limit our time. When we are ready you will see.    Source

Av Ica - 2 juni 2008 21:50

Sorry guys, I dont know and portugese but here is an article from Metro today I think =p

(if anyone that reads here knows portugese can you please help us understand this article?!?!?


Av Ica - 2 juni 2008 16:37

German Rock Band Tokio Hotel Making “Scream” Music Buzz

Quote: German Rock Band Tokio Hotel Making "Scream" Music Buzz

Tokio Hotel makes a buzz in America.

Not too many music bands make the front pages of the New York Times; however, not every band is the Rock German quartet known as Tokio Hotel.

The Associated Press reports that the international famed boy band have started to create a frenzied teen buzz here in the States. Recently having completed a successful U.S promotional tour in support of their first American CD release, Scream, the band hopes to replicate their worldwide popularity and music sales which currently totals over two million.

Being the first German band to enter the U.S Billboard charts in over 20 years, the band's public awareness can be mostly attributed to the Internet, where, for example, they are currently the top searched music band signed to a label on YouTube. Besides having over 100,000 videos on the Internet, the band also features weekly filmed updates on the Web, are visually diverse in appearance, and are all under the age of 20.

Having formed in 2001, with over seven years in the music business, Tokio Hotel have now set their sites and hopes on becoming successful in America.

Av Ica - 1 juni 2008 18:10

For The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (AP) Move over Jonas Brothers, the Kaulitz twins are moving in.

The 18-year-old Kaulitz brothers comprise half of Tokio Hotel, a German glam-pop quartet that is creating Beatles-like hysteria among the teen set in their native land. They’ve sold close to 3 million CDs and DVDs in their native country, and are hoping to replicate that rabid fan base in the United States.

“They’re the stepping stone between the tween stuff and My Chemical Romance,” says Andrew Gyger, senior product manager for Virgin Entertainment Group, a few days after the foursome appeared at Virgin’s Times Square store in New York in May to promote its English-language album, “Scream.”

“The in-store was massive in terms of sales and the amount of girls that showed up,” Gyger says, relaying stories of at least one girl fainting and screaming teens lining up around the block for the event. “The band seems to have come out of nowhere.”

Actually, Tokio Hotel came out of the Internet. A YouTube search shows 123,000 video listings compared to 88,100 for the Jonas Bros. or 21,000 for a grizzled veteran like Bruce Springsteen. To further sate their young fans’ appetite, for the last six months the band has produced weekly episodes of Tokio Hotel TV for its U.S Web site.

For Tokio Hotel, the visual is as vital as the vocals and is propelled by lead singer Bill Kaulitz’s anime look: straightened, teased black hair; heavy eye makeup that accentuates his delicate, androgynous, doll-like features; chain necklaces and vintage rock and roll T-shirts. He’s so thin he appears almost one dimensional on stage, adding to the cartoon-like appeal. But to hear him tell it, his look comes by way of Transylvania, not Japan.

When he was 10, Bill Kaulitz dressed as a vampire for Halloween and adopted the styling year-round.

“After that, I started to color my hair and polish my nails. I started to wear makeup and stuff. I’d never heard of (anime),” Bill Kaulitz said in an interview at the Avalon Hollywood before to the group’s sold-out show in Los Angeles. He, his brother, bassist Georg Listing, 20, and drummer Gustav Schafer, 19, are squashed together in a leather booth in the lounge one floor above the Avalon stage. Both he and Tom speak very good, albeit heavily accented, English, although an interpreter stands by in case any translation is needed.

Tom Kaulitz, the older brother by 10 minutes (”A lot of people think Bill is the boss, but I am the boss,” he laughs), developed his hip-hop/dreads look when he was seven or eight, in part as a way to differentiate himself from his identical twin. “When we were six, we looked the same,” Tom Kaulitz said. “We had sweat shirts with (the names) Bill and Tom so that teachers had a chance to know who’s who.”

The Kaulitz brothers began playing guitar when they were seven — the instruments were gifts from their musician stepfather. By the time they were in their mid-teens, they were playing in clubs, often to less than five people, and Listing and Schafer had joined the band.

Their mother’s backing was not only desired, but vital: “We needed the support of our parents because we had no car, no money,” Bill Kaulitz says.

Mom has long since stopped driving the band to gigs; they have people who do that for them now as they have accumulated a team during their meteoric rise. The group’s first single, “Through the Monsoon,” went to No. 1 in Germany in 2005, a pair of No. 1 albums and sold-out European tours followed.

The fan frenzy in Germany has reached epic proportions, such as when a group of teen girls delivered a fan letter that was more than seven miles long. After seeing a young fan repeatedly at shows in different cities, the band later learned that she was a runaway who had left home to follow the group. “It’s still crazy to us,” Bill Kaulitz says of the distaff attention.

After witnessing the spectacle at the band’s February appearance at New York’s Gramercy Theatre, Amy Doyle, MTV’s senior VP of music and talent, became a convert. “I could not believe the line outside of screaming teen girls,” she said. “It reminded me of the audience of the late ’90s and 2000 for Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync.”

Following that performance, MTV added the video for “Ready, Set, Go” into heavy rotation, as well as highlighted the band online, on mtv2 and on “TRL.” Tokio Hotel writes a tour diary for, which, Doyle says, had elicited more reader comments than any previous tour diary.

But the band has a long way to go before they reach Backstreet or ‘N Sync like sales — since the group’s CD was released in April, it has sold just over 23,000 copies. Tokio Hotel’s U.S label, Cherrytree/Interscope, has yet to take the first single, “Monsoon,” to radio, but Doyle says the whole package is the band’s selling point.

“Radio always helps, but there’s a connection that clearly is made when the audience sees them that you can’t connect with just a song; fans are making an emotional connection.”

Indeed, at the Avalon show that evening, teenage girls packed up against the stage so tightly that security guards started a regular procession of lifting them over the railing as several teen become overcome by the nearness of their heroes and the pressure of those pushing behind them.

“It’s so cool that we have fans already here. But we are at the beginning,” Bill Kaulitz. “We really want to be successful in America, we really want to try it. There are not so many German bands who get the chance to come to America to play.”
Courtesy of lilcupcakeofdoom


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One, No. 51, April-Mai 2008 issue (France)

Tokio Hotel
From Los Angeles to Paris

From their first concerts in the United States to their return to France, One reports you the latest hectic adventures of Tokio Hotel.

Stuck in France
There are days when the job as journalist is really frustrating. Sure, I assure you. For instance, it's February 14th and I, Arnaud, would normally be in the United States to attend the first concert of Tokio Hotel on American soil. Lack of chance, I am hopelessly stuck in Paris. Nicolas and I are indeed very busy writing the new issue of ONE and we can not afford to take a few days off to make the journey. Disgusting. This is all the more annoying as the band has invited us to the concert! Okay, well, I stop rubbing salt into our wounds... Fortunately, I have an alternative. And the solution is Phil. Phil is a friend who lives in Los Angeles. He is not, strictly speaking, a journalist (in fact he works in a video store), but I think to take the temperature of the American welcome to the band he'll do the job. So I send him a message for him to attend the concert of TH in Los Angeles. A few hours later, I received his reply, "What? You want me to stay in a hotel in Tokyo to go listen to music? I don't get it." Ouch ... That evil strikeout. Obviously, Phil has never heard of Tokio Hotel. This is absolutely normal as they are still totally unknown to the general public there. Their English album comes out in April there and they have never performed on an American stage. In short, I dispel the misunderstanding with Phil and I tell him who is Tokio Hotel. That seems to appeal to him. Have to say that Phil loves rock. To be more precise, hard rock. In short, he is a fan of a lot of bands with names that begin with "death" or "blood". He has several tattoos and a ring in his nose like a "Laughing cow" (literally for "Vache que rit", a French cheese product). In short, he is a big metal fan. I wonder what he will think of the band ...

Tokio in L.A
It's now in the afternoon of February 16th, and a few hours earlier, Tokio Hotel performed at the Roxy Theater, a prestigious venue where artists as diverse as, sorry, U2, Coldplay or Depeche Mode ... That's impressive, right? While I struggle with finishing an article on "The Scott brothers", I check my mailbox in anticipation of Phil's report. But it is slow to arrive. While waiting I begin to make the rounds of American news sites, on the research for articles about the concert. The LA Times, the leading newspaper in the city, has just published one. In my opinion, the guy who wrote the article must have got up on the wrong side of the bed. It's simple, Tokio Hotel are downright tied into the knots... The journalist writes that Bill looks like a porcupine with a wig and considerably lacks of charisma. Punch with the left-hand! Moreover, the public would have made a cold welcome and have remained completely marmoreal during the concert. Punch with the left-hand! The respectable news agency Reuters adds another layer in a statement: "The concert lacked brilliance, bassist Georg Listing having both feet in cement." Final knockout... "One underlines the strong vocal performance of the singer Bill Kaulitz, whose hair is the most original aspect of the band." Damned! If I am to believe those articles, the Los Angeles concert was a real fiasco. The love story between Tokio Hotel and the USA seems to have a bad start ... Fortunately I finally received an e-mail from Phil. And he seems to have attended a concert completely different from that described by the journalist from the LA Times ... "Man, it was great, writes good old Phil. Should have been 500 exited fans there. Apparently, the tickets were sold in only 50 minutes. Just before entering the hall, I even crossed a guy who sold tickets on the black market for 2000 euros. That's crazy! The concert was outstanding. They sang all their songs in English and the fans knew all of them by heart! One fan told me that the album was not released yet but that everyone already knew their music through the internet ... In short, the atmosphere was really hot during the concert and the singer talked a lot between songs. The fans loved it ... and me too, this time! PS: there was the rapper Jay-Z in the audience. He seemed to love it. Some fans have told me that he started talking with the guitarist with the dreadlocks after the concert. Apparently, they all chatted for several minutes and then everyone went to have dinner in a fancy restaurant in the city. That's all I know. Anyway thanks for the ticket, it was cool!" I'm happy for you, Phil! Well, now I am reassured. Critics have apparently cracked on the band, but the welcome of the public was there. What is ultimately the most important...

New York, New York
Three days later the band plays at Irving Plaza this time, a small venue in New York. As I do not know any Phil there, I content myself with the articles in the press. Apparently, journalists from the East Coast have reserved a much warmer welcome to the band than their colleagues from the West Coast. Indeed, the day after the concert, several laudatory articles appear in the press. The famous New York Times described the concert as "wonderful time from start to finish, especially thanks to the presence of singer Bill Kaulitz. By contrast, the other three musicians are anything but glamorous..." That will give pleasure to Tom, Georg and Gustav! Like in Los Angeles, a big crowd of fans were present, delighted to see their idols on stage for the first time. But that is just a foretaste of what awaits the American public in the oncoming months. The Tokio Hotel provided already to make an extensive tour across the Atlantic as soon as they have finished their European dates. In advance, I wish them good luck. Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg clearly have everything to prove to the United States, but the challenge seems to their height. If they have conquered Europe, there is no reason why a vulgar Ocean should stop them. Right, guys?

Back in Europe
Since we talk about Europe, let's go back to it. It's March 10th and the TH have started their new European tour, the "1000 Meere Tour", a few days ago. The band is in Paris since yesterday, and, as always, the fans are there, notably in front of their hotel, where a small signing session is improvised. Regarding that, I have the smile of the good days. Indeed, I will finally see the band again live at their second concert at the Palais Omnisport de Bercy. Better than that yet: just before the concert, Nicolas and I will have the chance to talk face-to-face to Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav... Royal! At 15 o'clock, we are in front of the venue. It is cold, windy ... In short, real beastly weather. Apparently, it did not discourage the thousands of fans who are waiting patiently since the previous day to get the best seats. To cope with the cold weather, some are even wrapped up in survival blankets, a bit like those that climbers take with them when they leave to ascend the summit ... Attending a concert of Tokio Hotel becomes almost an extreme sport!

The interview
Nicolas and I are taking place in a large hall where the TH will soon join us. We are warned that it is going to be short. Time is running short for the band since they must soon do the sound check for their concert tonight. Basically, that means they will have to go on stage and play a few songs for the sound engineers to make adjustments. A few seconds later, Bill, Gustav, Georg and Tom enter the room. Frankly, they have small eyes. Kind of those you have when you have a hangover, if you see what I mean ... So guys, you had a night on the tile last night? "Not really, no" Bill replied in a small voice. He sat down on the arm of the sofa that is in front of us, leaving the seats to the other three. "We do not party when we are on tour. We are serious from this point of view. That means, we seldom go to bed before 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning. After a concert, it is impossible to go to bed ... The result, we get up very late. Here, for example, we've just got up, which is why we all have a bit the head in the ass (f***ed up)." [Laughter] While Bill speaks, Gustav yawns. Tom's eyes are watching his sneakers, like hypnotized. Mouais, it is clear, they are not well awake, the sly dogs! We then enter the heart of the matter and Nicolas asked how they experienced their first couple of concerts in the USA. "Really great, answers Tom, suddenly taking his eyes off his sneakers. We dreamed about the States since we were children. It gradually takes form there, and we had a pretty "cool" welcome from the fans. To tell the truth, it did us good to play in small venues. It reminded us of the atmosphere of our beginnings." And having to sing everything in English, did that bother you? "If it were up to me, we would have sung in German, replied Bill very seriously. But I know that if we want to gain fame in the United States, we have to sing in English. I understand it and I accept it. But what I prefer is obviously my mother tongue ..." In fact, what language are you going to sing in tonight? "In German, Tom responds quickly at repartee. No song is in English for our French concerts." The French fans are indeed known to not bear the songs in English that the band has recorded. And yeah, it's like that in France, we love what is true and authentic, like a good old camembert. But, to be more serious, what's new on this new tour? "We have a completely new stage, Bill entrusts me. This time, you can finally see Gustav, as he is on an elevated platform now [laughs]. We also have two runways on each side of the stage, which leads to another platform located 3 meters high. It's really cool because that allows me to walk during the songs, to move from one level to another." "Yeah, you will find that less cool the day when you fall from your post," Tom replies. Bill does not even answer. If he strikes back whenever he is teased by his brother, one would not emerge from this ... Indeed, immediately, Tom tries again to slash at Bill by pointing out that, in recent times, he has the tendency to forget lyrics regularly, which is a bit bad in front of 15000 people ... Even this time, Bill does not loose his countenance and responds quickly at repartee: "The day you stop playing the wrong chords during the songs, I promise to stop making mistakes with the lyrics..." Tom does not object and looks again down on his sneakers. Gustav and Georg content themselves with laughing as if they were counting the points between the two brothers ... We continue the chat well, but, alas, the manager of the band arrives to interrupt us. Bill and his gang are expected on the field for the sound check, they had to leave us. Till next time, guys!

To summarize the performance of Tokio Hotel on this evening of December 10th, one word comes to our mind: monumental! Since the last time I saw them in concert (that was in October 2007), the group has gained even more assurance and power. The rock songs are even rockier and more swinging than ever. The emotion was also there, especially on the acoustic set at the end of the concert, in which Tom accompanied Bill soberly to the acoustic guitar. Overwhelming/Mind-blowing! Even Gustav was entitled to his fifteen minutes of glory at the very end. The only one on stage, the great shy one of the band improvised a frantic drum solo and started a "la ola" with the public, history to finish with beauty the two magic hours. "See you soon at the Parc des Princes" Bill had shouted a few minutes ago to the public. The rendezvous is made, Bill, we will be there!

Translation by purplehaze at THA Forum!!!



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