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Av Ica - 29 juni 2008 23:11

Av Ica - 27 juni 2008 22:59

Thanks to .B.A.

CZ Šťastná13 (translate: Happy thirteen - poster special) 

Av Ica - 27 juni 2008 15:52

Just checking through my 2 new magazines.

OKAY and FRIDA summerspecial..

In the magazine OKAY I found this:

Someone is compaining and then right underneth there is a picture of them and a number that u can send some text to get Durch Den Monsun for free.. Just a bit odd. Dont u think??

In FRIDA I found this:

There is a memory game with hot guys and Bill Kaulitz is one of them!! (He is even the forth one on the front, you cant see all the guys on the front =D )

Then they also had, what famous people would write in their postcard from their vaccation!

So here is what they think TH would write:

Hallo fans!

Wir sind jetzt på ett hotell i Tokyo. Alles ist gut med oss. Ikväll är det konsert und wir hoppas att det nicht regnet på oss, som det gjorde under MTV Music Awards. Bills haar blev en katastrof! Men wirwünschen i alla fall alla våra svenska fans en wunderbar sommar!

Liebe/Tokio Hotel

(Just to let you know that that is Swedish and German mixed!!)


Hello fans!

We are at a hotel in Tokyo. Everything is good with us. Tonight we are having a concert and hope is wont rain on us again, like it did during MTV Music Awards. Bill's hair was a total disaster! But we wish alla our fans a wonderful summer!

Love/Tokio Hotel

Translated by me, Ica :p

Av Ica - 26 juni 2008 21:51

thanks to Lucky @


Uh, so they accompanied two dogs to some special dogs' saloon/barber where the dogs were styled to look like stars...
What you see in the scan is "Baxter" styled as Bill.

Uh... I don't really know what to think about this... poor dogs."

Av Ica - 26 juni 2008 19:04

Av Ica - 25 juni 2008 09:57

From jenn xo @

It's the Summer 2008 issue with the Jonas Brothers on the cover.
(yeah, yeah. i know, i know.)

(i'm sorry for the bad quality of photos)

Pg: 31
Spin This.
Refuel your music collection with some old favorites and a few up n' comers.

Tokio Hotel: These multi-platinum German rockers are poised to take over the US music scene. Give a listen to their disc, Scream, already in stores.

Pg: 112
Did you pay attention? (quiz)

#2: Where is the band Tokio hotel from?
A) Japan
B) Germany.

Av Ica - 24 juni 2008 21:15

Translation done by calexia19

 The 25 secrets of the tour

And if you could know what this gorgeous do before their concerts?! And backstage?! We found out everything and are going to tell you know. Let’s go?

1. Big sleepers.
The 2 Kaulitz brothers are very big sleepers! Bill even confessed that he wakes up with pillow marks. The only one that likes to get up early is Gustav. What does he do by himself?

2. Setting the stage
They are so competent that they like to oversee all the stages of setting the stage! (that sounds weird?!) they walk around the place to know everything before the concerts. They are unique.

3. Airplanes with names~
The guys always take their airplanes with them and play in the concert all before the show? Every boy has his one. And Bill’s is named Jumbie! Naw sweet!!!!!

4. Games and more game in their free time
There is only one thing that they have to have during the long tour and that is the playstation!! They love to play in their free time

5. Warm up the voice
Bill never goes on stage with out warming up is voice, he does a couple of exercises before. He’s very professional

6. Coats and scarves
Our four fantastic are very good friends… they are always worried about Bill and his voice! Tom is always telling is brother to wear warm cloths and put on a jacket. Haw not to love them

7. A personalized mike
It’s the coolest mike we have seen. Bill’s mike is fantastic! Had you noticed? He can’t sing with out it! It’s full of small sparkles! The shiniest mike for our brightest star! Perfect. Bill and his fantastic style

8. Três gatos pingados (typical Portuguese expression for… ah… three guys… I really don’t know sorry)
Did you know they singed once during a bus trip? That their 1º concert was in a small bar! There was only Bill, Tom and 5 people watching… who new? Now that seems impossible.

9. Time to eat
The gays are not very difficult to please. The foods they like before concerts are pizza and pasta with tomato sauce. But if you offer broccolis and cauliflower they run away. So you know what not to give them

10. In what does Bill think?

Bill says that when he is on stage he forgets the world and for that time the only thing it matters is to give the fans a good experience

11. A look that takes forever and an giant bag
Bill that 2 hours to get ready for itch show? The hair, the nails, the matching cloths… that is why his bag is the biggest of them all

12. Tons of material
For every TH concert there are need 6 trucks with equipment

13. Talk about…
After so much time together they say they share every secret

14. The mysteries bag
There is a bag that Tom never forgets. Do you know what is in it? Lots of hats and underwear

15. Fans of those tables with the football plays and the ball for you to play with (sorry don’t know the word in English)
They love playing that game and it’s perfect because they are four. We only don’t know if it’s always the same times our not

16. Nerves
Before every concert the four are always very nervous! Only Gustav can stay calm

17. Very talented
Sometimes we don’t even notice Georg, but he wasn’t there you would noticed immediately. Georg is a great musician and the twins never forget to say haw important he and Gustav are for the band

18. And doesn’t jump
Did you know that Gustav does is warm up by jumping around? He loses tree to four liters of water during a concert! It’s a lot of power behind the drums

19. Fear
Bill is very afraid to fall from the stairs! From the bus our the stage… basically every thing with a lot of stairs. It’s paranoiac but it’s better to be careful

20. The isn’t anything missing from the tour bus
There is every division of a house in their bus, from a W.C to bedrooms

21. The cutest secret
In the list of things the band can ask concert organizers they ask for gummy bears

22. A mysteries boy
In what does Tom think when he is playing in his littler corner?

23. A secret meting
30 minutes before the show Tom, Georg and Bill get together in the green room to concert for the concert. Gustav prefers to stay in is on corner

24. The deciding time
After all the arrangements it’s finally time for the concert

25. Always together
They travel together because that way they say the band works better



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 Doesn't matter, both were good

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