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Av Ica - 2 augusti 2008 13:21

Idolator is suggesting that we may see Tokio Hotel and the Jonas Brothers together on the VMAs. They say that MTV is looking to bring in a lot of viewers, and they know such a feature would do that. To read the article, go here or look below the break.

 Inexplicably enigmatic German outfit Tokio Hotel has apparently snagged the first Video Music Awards nomination of its career, with the band’s clip for “Ready, Set, Go!” getting nominated in the Best Pop Video category. This victory-before-the-victory was no doubt assisted by the fact that Internet fan voting helped determine said division’s picks, what with Tokio Hotel fans rivaling only Jonas Brothers diehards in the current pantheon of “bands who have crazed, computer-equipped teen girl squads as their fanbases.” And hey, given that the Jonas Brothers have already been announced as a performer on the Sept. 7 broadcast, and that MTV—no stranger to the fans of those two bands waging war on behalf of their beloved musicians—wants the broadcast to make a Britney-sized ratings splash again this year, I suspect this is all going to lead up to some sort of wresting match. Or at least a hairdo-off of some kind. The “Ready, Set, Go!” clip is after the jump, just so you all know what we’ll be getting into a month from now.

Av Ica - 2 augusti 2008 12:16
VMA_2008_Best_New_Artist_Voting!Uploaded by Evule

MTV VMA 08: Tokio Hotel for BEST NEW ARTIST

Starting today, the MTV VMA poll is open for the category "BEST NEW ARTIST"! Click HERE to support Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg by casting your vote for MONSOON right now!!! Please keep in mind that this poll closes on Wednesday morning and you need to have a MTV account to be able to participate in this voting – if you don’t have one yet simply click HERE to sign up for your own free MTV account.

After you supported the guys at the VMAs make sure to also drop by at the MTV TRL voting to help the Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg get in the countdown and for the finish - lean back, relax and watch the full Tokio Hotel Monsoon video!

Take care & rock on!!!!

Av Ica - 2 augusti 2008 12:14

Is there anything you always wanted to ask Bill, Tom, Gustav or Georg? Well, over at you have the chance to get your questions answered directly by Tokio Hotel. Simply head over there right now and submit all your questions for the guys!!! Link


Av Ica - 28 juli 2008 10:46

Tokio Hotels tredje album sägs komma i November 2008.
Första singlen från nya skivan släpps i oktober
och kommer finnas både på radio och på TV, tack vare en ny video.

Denna skiva kommer att spelas in både på tyska och på engelska,
för att sedan kunna släppas i hela världen.
I Frankrike kommer gruppens fans enbart kunna köpa den tyska versionen.
Det finns inga tvivel om att detta album är början på en ny del i bandets historia,
som Tom Kaulitz berättar i
Episode 35 av TokioHotelTV:

Översättning av min (Mirre's) vän Celine som även vet att sidan är officiell!

Source : THTV Episode 35

New album in November 2008

Tokio Hotel's third album will be released in November 2008.
The first single will be released in October and you'll hear it on the radio and on TV. Thank god for a new video.

This CD will be recorded in German and English, so it can be released all over the whole world.
But, in France they only get the German version of the CD.
It's no doubt that his will be a new beginning for the bands history, like Tom Kaulitz says on TH TV episode 35:

translated by Celine who knows the site is official.

look here:
Source : THTV Episode 35

English part, translated my me, (JennyTH @ so sorry for any mistakes ect

(AND: haven't found out if this is confirmed by universal or not, so.. It may be fake, it may be true. not sure yet, so just check this blog for more news about this!)

any comments ?

Av Ica - 27 juli 2008 00:24

Bill Kaulitz sings playback!
Scandal Tokio Hotel: Bill Kaulitz sings playback
The German fans group Tokio Hotel to present their concert last Friday in Dortmund did not believe their ears: Bill Kaulitz was allowed to sing a song playback on Vergessene Kinder!

Bill Kaulitz it still suffers from its operations to the vocal cords and attempting to hide its fans? But what happens really Tokio Hotel a few days of their concert in Paris at the Parc des Princes? The young Bill, self-confident, "says the concerts as cigarettes. Alcohol, Tobacco and songs do not mix.

The video is cruel to Bill and his cronies group TH: at the beginning when Bill arrives on stage (far from the public) his microphone is not connected and we heard a little voice. Next, the band's set started badly with the refrain ahead of the couplet. A serious mistake production cache without doubt a big scam!

It's really a shame for Tokio Hotel to reach this point, especially since Bill Kaulitz has still not explained to his fans… It looks really know what will make the Tokio Hotel on Saturday for the public french . One thing is sure: the fans should be very careful and not too idolize!

Av Ica - 27 juli 2008 00:06

"See a special message from the boys about this great opportunity below:


Av Ica - 27 juli 2008 00:04

August 5th: Tokio Hotel’s “Schrei LIVE” DVD release in Canada!!!
It’s time for Tokio Hotel’s first LIVE DVD in Canada! On August 5th, Tokio Hotel’s “Schrei LIVE” DVD will hit the shelves all across Canada! This DVD includes 17 awesome LIVE performances, exclusive behind the scenes footage and a cool Tokio Hotel picture gallery!!! Make sure to get your personal copy right away and check back with Tokio Hotel’s official Canadian homepage on the release date to see the cool contest we have in store for YOU!

DVD features

…performances of 17 incredible songs LIVE in concert incl. Tokio Hotel’s MEGA hit “Durch den Monsun”!

…exclusive behind the scenes footage from Tokio Hotel’s 2005/2006 tour! (subtitles available in English, French, Spanish, Polish & Russian)!

…hot Tokio Hotel picture gallery!

source: TH newsletter

Av Ica - 24 juli 2008 10:12

On Viva, there was a contest called “Eure Top 100 schönsten Bodies!” aka the Europ Top 100 Hottest Bodies. Well guess who won? No, no, not Jimi Blue… so please don’t start crying, he did come in #10. Here is the list:

Platz 10:jimi blue
Platz 9: bushido
Platz 8: anastacia
Platz 7: nevio
Platz 6: nicole scherzinger
Platz 5: Cinema Bizarre
Platz 4: Mark Medlock
Platz 3: Us5
Platz 2: Alexander Klaws

And the winner is? These dudes.
Platz 1: Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel




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