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Av Ica - 2 augusti 2008 13:59

Several months ago, we heard that Tom had his license and bought a new Escalade. Now, Bill has his license and bought a BMW 650i Cabrio. Thanks to rhea of the THus forums, we also have a picture and video below the break.

Av Ica - 2 augusti 2008 13:26

AFP reports that a French youth was posing as Bill on online chatrooms convincing girls to send him nude pictures of themselves, which he went to publish on the internet. He’s been arrested and will soon have to face trial. 

Bogus Tokio Hotel star charged with Internet sex hoax

PERPIGNAN, France (AFP) — A French youth has been charged with posing online as the star of teen rock band Tokio Hotel to trick young girls into sending him nude photos, police said Friday.

The 18-year-old from southwestern France signed up to a string of online chatrooms mascarading as Tokio Hotel singer and teen heartthrob Bill Kaulitz, striking up relations with young girls aged from 11 to 17.

He convinced several to send him nude photographs, some sexually explicit, which he went on to publish on the Internet.

He was arrested on Tuesday and is to stand trial in the southwestern city of Perpignan, police said.

The German pop group Tokio Hotel released their first album in May 2006 and quickly became a major success in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland.

Av Ica - 2 augusti 2008 13:21

Idolator is suggesting that we may see Tokio Hotel and the Jonas Brothers together on the VMAs. They say that MTV is looking to bring in a lot of viewers, and they know such a feature would do that. To read the article, go here or look below the break.

 Inexplicably enigmatic German outfit Tokio Hotel has apparently snagged the first Video Music Awards nomination of its career, with the band’s clip for “Ready, Set, Go!” getting nominated in the Best Pop Video category. This victory-before-the-victory was no doubt assisted by the fact that Internet fan voting helped determine said division’s picks, what with Tokio Hotel fans rivaling only Jonas Brothers diehards in the current pantheon of “bands who have crazed, computer-equipped teen girl squads as their fanbases.” And hey, given that the Jonas Brothers have already been announced as a performer on the Sept. 7 broadcast, and that MTV—no stranger to the fans of those two bands waging war on behalf of their beloved musicians—wants the broadcast to make a Britney-sized ratings splash again this year, I suspect this is all going to lead up to some sort of wresting match. Or at least a hairdo-off of some kind. The “Ready, Set, Go!” clip is after the jump, just so you all know what we’ll be getting into a month from now.

Av Ica - 2 augusti 2008 12:48

Tokio Hotel made it this time into the Fall 2008 issue of Fashion Rocks (supplement to Teen Vogue Fall 2008). The twins have each a picture in the article Hearts of Darkness!!! Thanks so much to the backyardigan for this info and the scans!!!

This is the magazine.
Kaulitz twins, teen vogue

America meet Tokio Hotel. The gender-bending emo-pop rockers are headed up by eighteen-year-old German twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz, whose looks are identical but whose styles couldn't be more different. "We hate people telling us to wear this and that," says guitarist Tom, who favors dreads, baggy jeans, and a carefully skewed baseball cap. "Sometimes at a photo shoot they try to style this hair," singer Bill says, pointing to his hedgehog-like coiffure, "but no one knows how." His secret? "Hair spray. A lot." Between the hair and emotive vocals-not to mention the piercings, tattoos, and rock-chic clothes-it's easy to see how Bill has become the object of many a teenage crush. And despite their varied senses of style, the Kaulitzes say their twin telepathy provides a shared vision of their goals for the future. "Be successful in America!" Tom says. Adds Bill, with a grin: "And play in Tokyo."


Wonder Twins
Having already sold more than 5 million albums worldwide, Tokio Hotel is poised to conquer America with their grunge-inflected emo rock (and a whole lot of extra-hold product).

Av Ica - 2 augusti 2008 12:19

David, one of the producers of the band has given an interview to Yam about his definitions of success, how he feels about the band's success, what makes a star and MORE!

Der Starmacher

Talent, hart work or luck - what does it take to become really successful? Tokio-Hotel-Producer David Jost has the answer!

He is producer, songwriter and manager of Tokio Hotel. David Jost discovered the band from Magdeburg, built them up and led them to international success. The creative Hamburger is a workaholic always on a tight schedule. Nevertheless the 35-year-old found time for an exclusive yam!-interview and revealed what it takes to be successful as a star over the long run and why will can be more important than talent ...

What does it take to become a star?
DAVID: Potential! Most of all a person has to have emotional potential and also enormous will power. If an artist has to offer a lot of both it is very likely that he will succeed.

Does one also succeed having only one of those two?
DAVID: Yes, if this one is highly developed. If one has only talent but not will power he needs to be lucky and find the right people to push him to success. It also works the other way round. Someone with moderate talent but enournous will power and intelligence can be successful as well.

Any examples for that?
DAVID: Madonna! She is not really an extraordinary singer, but she is intelligent. For over 20 years now, she has been one of the top artists worldwide. This is not luck, nobody can be lucky for such a long period. She does not leave anything to chance. Although she performs on stage, she is one of the big players in the music business, one of those people who pull the strings.

What else does it take to become successful and to stay it?
DAVID: One attribute which is also closely connected to willl power is the readiness to make sacrifices to reach one's goals. For big and long-term success you almost always have to make sacrifices. This does not only apply for the music business. One has to be very lucky and talented to be successful without sacrifieces.

How do you spot a talent?
DAVID: There is no overall rule to this. Most of the time you can feel talent. I generally trust my gut instinct.

And what did your gut feeling tell you, when you saw Tokio Hotel for the first time?
DAVID: I totally went nuts (laughs). It hit me unexpected. At that time I was willing to do anything but work exclusively with one single band. But all my other plans were forgotten when I heard and saw the boys for the first time. Bill was 13 and showed me and my partners the Band-demos, which they had recorded in their tiny studio in Magdeburg. After the boys left I could not stop screaming „Yes" and „strike" (grins)

Did you already know, that TH would be internationally successful?
DAVID: No, of course not. I was 100 percent sure, that they would be mega-successful in Germany. I bet the whole music business everything on that. But it would have been very arrogant to assume that there was such an international hype.

What is Tokio Hotel's recipe for success?
DAVID: The whole music business is full of artists who only succeed because somebody constantly tells them what to do and how to avoid mistakes. One of the reasons why TH are so successful is that they are exactly the contrary.

In how far?
DAVID: To tell Bill what to do against his will - which would be impossible by the way - would make him lose large parts of himself. Bill has to be totally convinced of what he does - to be able to be as good as he can be. Already at very young age he knew exactly what he wants, and even more what he does not want. People can feel this. Bill comprises very large emotional extremes. You rarely find a frontman like this in germany. The star potential of the band is huge. Even if I had no brain, it would have been impossible to blow it (laughs)

Songwriter or Manager - which is more fun?
DAVID: Writing songs is of course more fun. But managing is also a creative and diverse job. I am very lucky that I am able to work for a band I believe in and who blows my mind every day anew. I could not do the job without this.

Are you and Tokio Hotel already working on the third album?
DAVID: We already begun with the songwriting. Bill is very creative at the moment and constantly comes up with new song ideas.

What is the best song that you ever wrote?
DAVID: I have not written that one yet. My best song is still to come (laughs)!

Av Ica - 2 augusti 2008 12:16
VMA_2008_Best_New_Artist_Voting!Uploaded by Evule

MTV VMA 08: Tokio Hotel for BEST NEW ARTIST

Starting today, the MTV VMA poll is open for the category "BEST NEW ARTIST"! Click HERE to support Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg by casting your vote for MONSOON right now!!! Please keep in mind that this poll closes on Wednesday morning and you need to have a MTV account to be able to participate in this voting – if you don’t have one yet simply click HERE to sign up for your own free MTV account.

After you supported the guys at the VMAs make sure to also drop by at the MTV TRL voting to help the Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg get in the countdown and for the finish - lean back, relax and watch the full Tokio Hotel Monsoon video!

Take care & rock on!!!!

Av Ica - 2 augusti 2008 12:14

Is there anything you always wanted to ask Bill, Tom, Gustav or Georg? Well, over at you have the chance to get your questions answered directly by Tokio Hotel. Simply head over there right now and submit all your questions for the guys!!! Link




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